8 Yummy Vietnamese Recipes You need To Try Right Now

Every country in this world has its own kind of cuisines, own cooking way, and own choices of unique spices. And some of these cuisines have reached every part of the world and became somewhat like global food. If we talk about the Italian, the Mexican or the Chinese food – they are loved by all the food lovers across the world. But there are also some hidden gems in the treasure trove like the Vietnamese cuisines. It has unique usage of fish sauce, shrimp pest, soy rice etc. And the minimum use of oil and dairy makes it different from other cuisines. Today in our article, we will be talking about some of the very famous Vietnamese recipes that you can also try in your home. Celebrate the fragrant, tasty, and colorful food time in a Vietnamese style.

Yummy Vietnamese Recipes You need To Try Right Now:

Vietnamese Grilled Pork With Noodles:

The Vietnamese name of this dish is ‘Bun Thit Nuong’. ‘Bun’ means noodles, and ‘Thit Nuong’ means baked or barbecued meat. Generally, they use pork. This cold rice-vermicelli noodle dish is topped with grilled pork and has a colorful dressing of fresh herbs (mints or basil). It is always presented with some fish sauce to make it ultimate tasty. Let’s make it together. 


Summer Role With Vietnamese Steak Recipe:

This summer roll recipe is a healthy snack for your kids as it is stuffed with the goodness of peanut butter and loads of veggies. Add cucumber and red peppers to make your rolls more exciting. When the recipe is made, roll it tightly for a delicious eating experience.


Xoi Man:

This one of the delicious Vietnamese recipes is made with glutinous rice, that is mainly grown in Southeast Asia and East Asia and the speciality of this rice is that it becomes very sticky when cooked. ‘Xoi Man’ is that sticky rice recipe which has Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, and pork in it. Easy recipe to make and when done you can serve it with a bowl of soy sauce.


Vietnamese Pork Chops With Ginger Rice:

You will need pork, brown sugar, soy sauce, lemongrass, garlic, fish sauce to make the pork preparation and for making the rice you need jasmine rice. Serve the rice with salt and pepper seasoning. The fresh taste of mint and cucumber will make you fall in love with this Vietnamese preparation.  


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Grilled Pork With Vermicelli And Fresh Greens:

Our first recipe of this very list was ‘Bun Thit Nuong’ and that was a Central and Southern Vietnamese delicacy. But this very preparation is different from the previous one and is named as ‘Bun Cha’. The grilled pork tastes yummy when served with mouthwatering fish or oyster sauce and fresh rice vermicelli. A must try from our Vietnamese recipes list.


Che Chuoi:

Moving on to another kind of taste, straight from Vietnamese cuisines, we have this exotic Asian dessert recipe for you. ‘Che Chuoi’ is basically a banana coconut tapioca pudding which is yummiliciously tasty. This sweet recipe requires a special kind of banana which is called ‘chuoi xiem’ and is small in size and has very thin peels.


Vietnamese Sour Fish Soup:

Want some sour to satisfy your taste buds? Try out ‘Canh Chua Ca’, the sour fish soup. The sweet-n-sour taste comes from the brilliant inclusion of tamarind and pineapple and rice paddy adds a very citrusy punch to it. When done serve this one of the yummiest Vietnamese recipes hot with garnished cilantro and jazz up your dining table.


Vietnamese Iced Coffee:

We all love iced coffee, right? Especially in a summery sultry evening, sipping that cold caffeine drink is heavenly and when the recipe comes directly from the Vietnamese kitchen, there must be some different notes to it. Vietnamese coffee making has two different ways. In this case, we have ‘metal filter procedure’. The fantastic part is that you need to add condensed milk to the coffee for a sensational brewing coffee drinking experience.


Vietnamese recipes have some philosophical approaches to their usage of ingredients. They use five fundamental tastes namely spicy, sour, bitter, salty, and sweet which correspond to the five earth elements – metal, wood, fire, water, and earth. Their colorful and sweet-n-sour recipes are tasty as well as healthy to have. Lemongrass, pork, shrimps, some tangy, and bitter sauces being the mainstream ingredients of almost all the recipes, Vietnamese cuisines are unique in their own way. We hope you liked our list of Vietnamese recipes and we recommend you to try out them if you love playing with different tastes. Your effort and experiment won’t go in vein.

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