7 Healthy Yogurt Smoothie Recipes You Need To Try This Summer

Who does not know about the health benefits of yogurt and when you add goodness of fruits and other foods in it, your yogurt smoothie becomes an instant source of energy and utter deliciousness. And what else can be a better option to beat the scorching heat of summer rather than indulging in a long glass of cooling smoothie after your long hectic day, when you are totally drained out and dehydrated? If you want to show your love to your family and also to yourself midst of these summer days, go through these healthy yogurt smoothie recipes right now. They are power packed with the goodness of nutrients and tastier than your usual beverages.

Regular intake of yogurt boosts up your health like anything and while you drink one glass of healthy yogurt smoothie, you are actually filling up your tummy so that you do not crave for those unhealthy junk foods for some time. So, let’s not talk much and let’s jump into the cooling, refreshing yogurt smoothie recipes that are waiting right below.


Healthy Yogurt Smoothie Recipes You Need To Try This Summer:

Blueberry, Orange And Yogurt Smoothie:


Blueberries are loaded with flavonoids and orange gifts you the goodness of vitamin C. This tempting combination of the trio will be your most favorite beverage option once you try it. Choose some low-fat yogurt, orange juice, blueberries and some vanilla extract for added taste. Gift yourself a lovely glass of healthy smoothie while you chill with your family.

Get the recipe here. 

Apple Pie Protein Smoothie:


This quick and easy yogurt smoothie recipe is for them who swear by apples. This seasonal, creamy and delicious smoothie will keep you going for long hours as it is loaded with strong nutrients. It takes only about 5 minutes to get prepared so it can be your on the go morning breakfast option as well. Red apples, sliced and frozen bananas, yogurt and almond milk make the base and the exotic spices like cinnamon, cloves add that pinch of dramatic taste into the glass full of pleasure.


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Avocado-Kiwi-Yogurt Smoothie:


This green smoothie is healthy, rich in calories, vitamins and minerals and one glass of this smoothie can be a wonderful choice to kick start your long day. Avocados are sugar and cholesterol free whereas kiwis are the storehouse of vitamin C, A, K, and B. If we keep all these nutritional information aside, then also, this is one of those unusual yogurt smoothie recipes, that will be your next favorite once you try it.

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Strawberry, Mango And Banana Smoothie:


If you are looking for a healthy snacking option for your kids and family, then this is the one for you. This smoothie has that exact amount of rich creaminess that you want. It is easy to make and made with all the seasonal fruits and to top everything, it is mouthwateringly delicious. Your kids will love to repeat this snack every single day, we bet. Blend the fruits and yogurt together, add a slash of orange juice and some ice cubes and your summer cooler is ready.


Get the recipe here. 

Peach-Green Tea Smoothie:


The combination of peach and green tea is so striking but when you blend the frozen peaches, green tea, Greek yogurt and some honey together, you discover one of the most mouthwatering yogurt smoothie recipes you have ever tasted. Green teas are blessings in the warm summer months and this smoothie is gonna be kind of experimental and unique as you are using green tea instead of milk or juice. Try it and let us know in the comment section how did you like it.

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Pomegranate Yogurt Smoothie:


Pomegranates are rich in dietary fiber, protein, vitamin C, K, folate, and potassium. If you are suffering from anemia, try to consume pomegranates on a regular basis. Pomegranate – yogurt smoothie is equally delicious and healthy. You can add some honey to it to make it healthier and sweeter. This recipe is basically a Mediterranean one and you can easily make one glass of this smoothie and have it in your breakfast. Start your day healthy and add some pomegranate seeds on the top of it to garnish.


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Mango Yogurt Smoothie:


We will finish our delicious list of yogurt smoothie recipes with this most popular one. Mango is probably the most loved fruit of all time and this smoothie is super easy to make and super quick to get prepared. A ripe mango, a banana, and whole-milk yogurt-these are all you need and when you have blended all of them to make a smooth and bubbly textured smoothie, pour into the glass and serve with a pinch of cardamom and mint. Your best ever super quick nourishing summer smoothie is ready.

Get the recipe here. 

The best part about smoothies is that you actually do not need to do anything, you just need the fruits, the yogurt, milk and just blend them together. You are ready with your tall glass of heavenly drink. Hope you have liked our yogurt smoothie recipes. They are your healthy options in summer when you need something to quench your thirst. Will come up with more smoothie recipes real soon. Till then enjoy these sweet drinks and stay happy.

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