8 Delicious Yogurt Parfait Recipes That Are Simply Irresistible


No one can deny the necessity of a healthy breakfast. Your breakfast needs to be protein-packed, full of nutrition and should make you feel full for at least 2 to 3 hours. And for those busiest mornings when you are running out of time which you do every day), what can be a better option than making an easy treat of yogurt parfait for breakfast. Those decadent layers of yogurt, the goodness of fruits, healthy granola, yummy sauce, a delightful glass of yogurt parfait is great to look at, and devour.

Parfaits get ready in just no time. Use seasonal fruits, use a lot of them, add layers of Greek yogurt or plain yogurt, repeat the layers, drizzle some sauce or honey on top of that. Your on-to-go quick breakfast treat is ready before you even noticed. Want to learn some really cool yogurt parfait recipes? Scroll down below and the yummy recipes are waiting for you.

Delicious Yogurt Parfait Recipes That Are Simply Irresistible:

Blackberry Vanilla Yogurt Parfait:

Accomplishing this recipe is a kid’s game. You need some fresh or frozen blackberries. Blackberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, E, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Secondly, you need some morning cereals. In this case, you can use granola. This is protein-rich and makes you feel fuller. 1 cup of granola will do. And now comes the vanilla yogurt. You can beat the yogurt a bit before scooping it into the glass. Make the first layer of your parfait a yogurt layer. Then add granola, then go for some blackberries. Repeat the layer once or twice depending on how tall or short your glass is. Your picturesque glass of yogurt parfait is ready to be eaten.

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Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Seed Yogurt Parfait:

Trying something unusual has never failed us. And if you already have tried all the traditional options of adding berries and mangoes to your parfait, this time try this unusual treat of butternut squash and pumpkin seed to go with your already healthy yogurt. Yogurt as we all know has protein, calcium, and also probiotics. When you layer your yogurt parfait with seasonal pumpkin seed and butternut squash, the dose of fiber gets added to your protein-packed breakfast parfait. Want to heighten up the taste quotient of the recipe, roast your seeds a bit before adding them to the glass. Enjoy a crispy, crunchy, and healthy breakfast menu as soon as you wish good morning to all.

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Healthy Yogurt Parfait:

This plain simple recipe of healthy yogurt parfait is loaded with flavors of fruits, has the exact amount of crunchiness coming from granola or lower-sugar cereal or any breakfast cereals of your choice. The recipe wonderfully includes nutrient-rich seeds like chia and hemp and adds a twist to the taste quotient by adding shredded coconut. For sauce and tastemakers, you can add applesauce and chia jam.

Take a cute glass jar. Place a layer of yogurt first. You can try whole milk yogurt or your regular yogurt. Mix and match with fruits, toppings, and cereals. The second layer should be the fruit layer. After that, go on with the second layer of yogurt before you add topping. At last, add your crunchy granola. Do not wait too long as the wetness of yogurt can turn your crunchy granola soggy.

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Healthy Apple Crisp Yogurt Parfait:

Have it for breakfast or grab a glass of this apple crisp yogurt parfait as your evening snack, this is one of the most delicious parfait recipes to go for. The flavorful yogurt parfait uses everything that is healthy. Protein-rich Greek Yogurt, toasted pecans to add more crunch and texture, more crunch from granola and apple make the recipe super nourishing and satisfying. Add cinnamon to the apple before you microwave the pieces. It whips up the taste. The smell of cooked apple will already make you crave for the parfait. Use Greek yogurt if you love the thickness in your parfait. And if you want strong taste and sweetness, vanilla yogurt will do. When the flavor of cinnamon-apple and vanilla yogurt get mixed up, we can bet, you cannot resist your desire to eat it up like that. But wait for some time.

Dress the layers in a glass. Yogurt – cooked apple – granola – pecans – repeat. You can replace apple with other fruits like plums and peaches and can exactly cook them in the same process to make your utterly delicious healthy and tasty yogurt parfait.

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Fruit Salad Yogurt Parfait:

If your kids make a thousand excuses not to eat fruits, prepare this savory looking summertime yogurt parfait for them. Rich in all the goodness of seasonal fruits, the tasty treat is utterly satisfying with all the natural sweetness coming from the fruits. Sweet treats are a real fun when you don’t have to worry about added calories and sugar, right?

A grab-and-go parfait that uses bite-sized oranges, cubed bananas, pears, mangoes, and blueberries is just overloaded with all the seasonal fruits. For the crunch, the recipe uses granola and walnut bits. And basil leaves, mint, and shredded coconut make the parfait glass look as if it has just landed on table from a chef’s kitchen. It is perhaps the best looking and most savory yogurt parfait recipe of all.

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Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Parfait:

We don’t miss a chance to use pumpkins in each of our recipes, right? We are obsessed with pumpkins. If you also love the orange pumpkins dearly, this recipe will intrigue you the most. Easy to make with all the ready ingredients just from your pantry, this parfait will also serve as a great dessert option on your Christmas or Halloween dinner table. It has a creamy smooth consistency that you get by mixing the pumpkin puree with plain yogurt. The slightly tangy taste comes from fruits like cranberries and pomegranates. Dried figs have also been added to the recipe to amp up the taste a bit.

The pumpkin pie spice tastes irresistible on its own. When you add that to your smooth yogurt mix and allow some sweet honey to go into the mixture, your yogurt mix looks and tastes like molten magic. Now get some granola, nuts, shredded coconut and you are ready to make your own glass of delicious pumpkin pie parfait.

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Persimmon Yogurt Parfaits:

Persimmons are orange-colored small fruits that taste rich and sweet like honey. These are loaded with vitamins A, C, E, K, B6, protein, carbs, fiber, potassium, copper, manganese and impart so many benefits to our health. So if you want to add some unusual fruits like these Persimmons to your daily diet what about making a healthy parfait that includes these cute fruits? The recipe uses Greek yogurt, 2 Persimmon fruits, honey, roasted salted pistachios, and pomegranate arils.

A fun way to start off your day with this lovely breakfast recipe that gives you nourishment and your taste buds gets awake with the tangy and sweet flavor of this delicious parfait. Enjoy your treat.

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Toasted Oats & Blueberry Yogurt Parfait:

Filled with the real goodness of whole oats and yogurt, this yogurt parfait recipe is a slight variation that uses oats and not granola. Rich in protein and fiber, the recipe uses blueberries and honey to lift up the taste quotient. Makes only with 6 healthy ingredients and bursts into flavor in your mouth, this is one of the easiest and quickest breakfast recipes to try when one is in a hurry.

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Parfait, this dessert dish originated in France. But they use cream, egg, sugar, syrup to make that custard-like sweet dessert. In the case of a yogurt parfait, the dish when served looks exactly like the parfait but actually uses yogurt in the place of cream and other stuff. So they are a nice addition to your breakfast menu and you can go extravagant in adding whatever fruit and toppings you desire at any point of time. Yogurt is healthy and has protein and probiotics. What it lacks in, is fiber. Compensate that with fruits and oats or granola and your balanced morning and evening snack is ready. Whether you are a health freak or taste freak, yogurt parfait will suit everybody’s bill.

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