6 Best Workout For Lower Abs To Strengthen The Core

Workout For Lower Abs

Lower belly fat is one of the stubbornest fats to get rid of. You may work your abs on a regular basis but when it comes to workout for lower abs, they are usually the most painful in the first place. As you are vigorously working your core, your muscles are contracting and that is a painful experience. But then all these pains are for good. Workout for lower abs is the best way to tighten and tone your lower abs and you don’t really need to hit the gym or need any workout equipment to perform these. Warm-up a little bit and then work your whole core with these fabulous workouts. You will definitely see results.

These workouts are effective in toning all off your mid-section including the lower abs. They target different muscles all leading to deep activation of your core. Workout for lower abs does not only help in losing that fattiness but also increases abdominal strength, reduces back pain, improves your posture, and increases your overall strength. Want to work your core for the best? Check out the workout for lower abs and perform them to get better stability, flexibility, and strength.

Best Workout For Lower Abs To Strengthen The Core:

Reverse Crunch:

More effective than your average crunches, Reverse crunches are the best in targeting your lower abdomen muscles. Your upper body remains flat on the mat and you draw your legs towards your chest contracting your abs. Your full abdomen gets to exercise in this way and it also includes the external obliques on the sides of the abdomen. Aim for 10 repetitions of crunches for three sets for the best result.

Mountain Climber:

This is one of the popular exercises that we all have performed at least once in our lifetime. In this workout, your body weight remains on your hands and toes. So in addition to strengthening your core, this exercise also works on your arm and leg muscles. This specific workout for lower abs also builds up cardio endurance and is a total body workout. The difficulty level is not at all high and gives good exercise to your quads and core. It increases your agility, burns calories, and keeps your heart healthy at the same time.


An excellent workout for lower abs, scissors is one of the easiest workouts that anyone can start off with. It engages multiple muscles of your body apart from the core and strengthens the lower back and leg muscles. Find a comfortable mat to workout on and keep your core tight throughout. Don’t go very fast with your moves. And keep it rhythmic and balanced. There are different variations of this workout too. consider trying all of them out for the best result.

Straight Leg Raise:

This is as simple as it sounds. You just need to lie faceup on a mat and just lift your legs slowly off the ground toward your waist. Make sure that it does not cross more than 90 degrees. Your hands should be lying straight on the mat by the sides of your hips and try to feel your core working intensely while you lift up the legs. Lift up the legs and lower them back to the ground slowly. This is one of the easiest exercises for abs but leaves the maximum amount of effect. You will feel stretch at your lower back area. Ditch the exercise if you have lower back pain. Repeat the moves as long as you are comfortable doing. A minimum of 20 to 25 repetitions will be great to achieve the best result.

Bird Dog Crunch:

Apart from being a great workout for lower abs, this workout is great for your arms too. This is a nice recess from your usual crunches and will tighten and strengthen your tummy areas. It helps to burn some calories, improves your balances, and is easy to perform. Remember to inhale and exhale properly while you perform this workout. This exercise also works your glutes, erector spinae group of muscles, and rectus abdominis making sure that you get a good posture, bodily stability, and control.

Alternate Heel Touches:

This exercise targets the lower abs, oblique muscles, hip flexors, and also the rectus abdominis. This workout for lower abs is so effective in tightening the entire side abs wall. Don’t move too fast and control your movement according to your comfort level. It burns a lot of calories and increases your body flexibility. Do it for 2 to 3 sets with 12 to 15 repetitions to see a great result. Breathe in and breathe out properly. You need to breathe out when you do the crunches and keep your posture good. After performing each crunch, hold that position for some seconds and then return to the starting position.

Remember that working your core alone can’t help you enough if you are not taking a good diet or are not disciplining yourself. So include eggs, lean meat, broccoli, yogurt in your diet. And perform the workout for lower abs regularly to get perfect abs.

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