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10 Winter Wellness Tips For Your Overall Winter Wellbeing

Winter has arrived in full swing and so has arrived the sluggish, dull winter days. As the temperature drops down, our body starts to react differently and often we feel more fatigued and sometimes even depressed. There are some people on the earth who even go through a specific seasonal disorder named seasonal affective disorder or (SAD). And the beauty hazards, dehydration, cold and flu are just like the icing on the cake. Today, we will be discussing some really easy winter wellness tips that will help you to combat ‘winter blues’ and you will enjoy winter like never before.


Winter months have shorter and colder days when our body gets more prone to cold and flu. We feel lethargic to work and often ditch the early morning jogging schedule. We tend to drink less water and just be inside the home doing nothing. Due to lack of work-out, our body feels more heavy and bloated and less water makes us itchy, dry and short tempered. Here are some very effective winter wellness tips for all of you lovely people, that will help you to win against the cold winter days and your body and mind will be supercharged as you feel in the summer. So, let’s dig in.

Winter Wellness Tips For Your Overall Winter Wellbeing:

Don’t Ditch Exercising:

Being motivated about health and fitness really becomes a struggle when it is freezing cold outside. But let us tell you all, winter exercising is more important than the summer exercising. Why? Because in summer we normally sweat more even when we are not exercising. But during winters, we don’t sweat and that is why it is very important to work out during this time. Our body has to work out overtime to sweat out and get warm. So find a good partner and make it a serious point not to miss your daily workout to stay all pumped up during the winter. 

Don’t Allow The Winter Weight Gain:

During the colder months of the year, we get more attracted toward food. We eat more as eating makes us warmer. When we intake calories, it adds energy to the system making our body warmer. That is why we feel like eating more in the winters. Have a keen monitoring on what you are eating and if you have excess calorie intake, sweat it out by working out. Don’t allow the weight gain. 


Vitamin C Is Your Best Friend:

Gather all the lemons, oranges, broccolis, cauliflowers in your kitchen and swear by them. Vitamin C will boost up your immunity system during winters and you will become less prone to cold and flu if this vitamin is taken regularly. Kick start your day with a glass full of lemon water and ensure that you enough vitamin C rich foods in your diet. 

Eat dark Leafy Greens:

Winter itself comes with the solutions to stay healthy during the season. One of the finest winter wellness tips is to consuming enough dark leafy vegetables during this time. Spinach, Chard, Kale – these superfoods are packed with calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants that will keep you protected and active during winter. 

Get Some Sun:

Winter sun is your best friend. Although it is very tempting to remain inside under the quilts when it is dry and cold outside, motivating yourself to go and soaking in some sun can really help you to stay healthy and happy. Your body will make more vitamin D, your mood will be boosted up and the daylight will ensure that your sleeping cycle is regulated. 


Stay Hydrated:

Being hydrated will take care of your mucous membranes making sure that you don’t get infected by bacteria. Eight to ten glasses of daily water intake will keep you well moisturized, your skin will feel supple and your system will flush out toxins efficiently. 

Sleep Like A Baby:

Lack of sleep makes your body more susceptible to cold and flu. Missing out a good seven to eight hours of sleep will make you more stressed, more attracted toward junk food, and more fatigued. Make sure that your bedroom’s temperature is comfortable and you are not feeling cold while sleeping. Hot water shower, before bedtime, might help you in this matter. 

Save Your Heart:

Have you ever wondered why the incidence of heart attacks increases during the winter? The cold weather restricts the blood flow and tightens the arteries, reducing the oxygen supply to the heart and the risk of getting a heart attack increases. Even your winter blues might be a cause behind a severe heart attack as the stress hormones get increased.

You need to follow some healthy winter wellness tips to save your heart during this time.

  • Wear warm Clothing like socks, gloves, woolen sweaters.
  • Cut down excess alcohol and smoking to make sure your blood pressure level is regulated.
  • Drink warm water to make sure your circulation of blood flow is well.
  • Have warm water bath as it will help to expand your veins and arteries so that it can carry enough blood and oxygen throughout your body.
  • Avoid strenuous works in the cold for a longer period of time.
  • Get enough sleep. 


Swear By Herbal Teas:

Herbal teas can actually do wonder to your health during winters. If you are having a problem in sleeping well, have a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime, licorice root tea will take care of your sore throat. A cupful of ginger tea will instantly make you warm and boost up your immune system and digestion. So just go for some powerful herbal teas in winter and you are all sorted. 

Meditate And Stay Happy:

Last but not the least, keeping your soul and mind happy is very essential to keep yourself on the go. While talking about winter wellness, we can’t help but emphasizing more on this point. Heal your mind with some meditation.  Indulging in some prayer and meditation during the morning will boost up your mental health, your stress level will be minimized, and you will feel positive from within. 


Winter months come with parties, events, festivities, foods, and what not. And to celebrate this season to the fullest you need to be healthy and strong from inside. Follow these simple winter wellness tips and moreover love yourself. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and good hygiene. Always try to dress up in warm-hued colors and keep your surroundings clean and tidy. These little things have an immense impact on your mind and body and will, in turn, make you happy and all winter ready.

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