8 Not To Miss Winter Hair Care Tips To Prevent Your Hair From Damage

Winter is already set and the soft, cozy sun is certainly inviting us to spend more time under the sunshine.  Winter sun is good for your body for many reasons but it is absolutely not a good idea if you want a frizz-free, shining, silky smooth hair during the winter. Winter hair care is surely different than the summer hair care routine and you need to know every trick and tip to take the right precautions for your hair.


Dry and damaged hair, brittleness, split ends, frizzy hair that is more susceptible to breakage – these are some of the major hair problems of winter but as long as you know how to combat these, harsh winter winds just can’t mess with your happy hair, trust us. So, today’s post is about some easy, useful, and effective winter hair care tips which will make sure that your hair remains problem free all winter long.

Winter Hair Care Tips To Prevent Your Hair From Damage:

Protect Your Hair:


We can’t stress enough on this point. Winter weather takes a heavy toll on your hair unless you keep your stresses all protected. Take a scarf or wear a hat so that your hair is not open in the unforgiving, harsh winter weather. Do not tighten the head-cover much as it can cause irritation in the scalp and this way your blood circulation also gets restricted. So, physical protection is your first key to winter hair care. 

Go Out In Braids:


Your hair will just thank you later if you go for some protective hairstyles during winter. Braids make sure that your hair is safe from the harsh winds and your hair’s smooth texture is maintained. In case you are looking out for some really cute winter hairstyles, check out here. 

Check The Dandruff:


To give that loving, tender care to your hair, you need to make sure that your scalp is dandruff free. As the scalp gets drier in winter due to less moisture, first of all, make it a point to drink loads of water. Proper hydration from within is one of the keys to get a moist scalp that is free from itchiness and dandruff. Secondly what you can do is to give it extra pampering by giving it a hot oil massage.

Add some lemon juice into hot olive or almond oil and massage your roots of hair with your tips of the fingers. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off with a mild shampoo and then condition. Your dandruff problem will get reduced. 

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Don’t Skip Hair Wash:


Although only once or twice a week, hair wash is needed during winter,  there are many of us who feel lazy to put on hair mask or even to shampoo the hair at least once in a week. This is very bad for your scalp health as dirty and oily scalp catches extra dirt and your pores get blocked welcoming more hair fall and dandruff. 

Combat Static With Leave-in Conditioner:


One of the most irritating problems of winter is the static problem. Whenever you wear a sweater, scarves or beanies, they rub against your hair strands and static electricity is produced. This does not happen in summers as there is plenty of moisture in the air. Dry air aggravates this incident. Much of the Physics talk,  let’s now come to the point. 

Combat static With these useful tips:

  • You need to keep your hair hydrated. Oil does wonder to your hair.
  •  Go for silk or satin lined hat in place of cotton, acrylic hats.   
  • Reach out for a metal comb or vented hairbrush that has a combination of plastic and boar bristles.
  • Always use hair serum before combing your hair through.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner to reduce fly-aways.


Avoid Heating Tools For Styling:


During winters your hair strands are already very dry and when you go on using heating tools like straighteners, curlers, blow dryers – the result is you get brittle hair that is more prone to split ends, frizziness, and breakage. So, one of the most important winter hair care tips is to ditching those heating tools for a while. Go for air drying your hair and in case you are just unable to avoid the heating styling tools, make sure to use a heat protectant onto your hair before you start using the tools. 

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Eat Hair-Healthy Super-food:


Nourishing your hair from inside is something best you can do to your hair. So, eating some hair-friendly foods that are easily available in winter is always a good option. It will gift you with beautiful luscious locks. Leafy greens are easily available in winter so make the right use of them. Sauté some kale, spinach or broccoli with some olive oil, sprinkle some pepper and have this as a green salad. They are full of irons and will promote to rich hair growth. Take an orange on a regular basis. Oranges have vitamin C and bio-flavonoids and this combination promote to healthy hair growth. So eat healthy foods to have smiling healthy hair. 

Use Satin Pillow-Covers During Night:


This can even be done during all months of the year. Satin pillow-covers do not suck out all your hair’s moisture, hence leaving it smooth and silky. The smooth texture of the pillow cover will make sure that your hair strands do not get tangled up during the long night. It also minimizes static so your hair remains frizz-free. So, it is obviously one of the most important winter hair care tips you just need to follow. 


With the harsh winter weather upon us, are you all armed with all the hair care tips and tricks? If not, hold our hands and swear by out today’s winter hair care tips. Drink water, moisturize your scalp, ditch the harsh chemical based products, and say, ‘no’ to heating tools. Foods rich in iron will take care of your hair from within and with the right hair accessories and winter accessories your hair will smile with joy and will stay all healthy and happy this winter.

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