8 White Wall Decorating Ideas To Make Your House Look Serene

White Wall

White is the color of solace and peace and it gives us the ultimate feeling of relaxation. And if you want to make your house a place of utmost relaxation and tranquility, going for white walls will be an ideal thing to do. Now for many people, a white-walled interior seems very tough to decorate. But if you know a few golden rules, you can make your white-walled house shine like a diamond. Today’s post will inspire you with some beautiful white wall decor ideas that are easy to pull off and will turn your house into a sanctuary. Over the past few years, so many new paint colors have come into trend and now there are so many colors to choose from but a white wall looks so crisp and clean and it has its own happy charm that is just unmatched. 

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If you have an all-white house or if you are thinking of redoing your dream house and want to paint your house with a quiet and bright white color, you will surely reap some benefits from our today’s post as it is gonna be all about some pathbreaking white wall decorating ideas. A white room does not need to be boring and blah. White walls give you an opportunity to play up with vibrant decor items and make your house a calm retreat. So let us just check out below some cool white wall decorating ideas that are blissful and will fit your aesthetics too. 

White Wall Decorating Ideas To Make Your House Look Serene:

Make Your Space Breath With White Walls:

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When you have a small space to work with, white walls can do magic. The subtler the better, yes this is the thumb rule when we are talking about coloring a small bedroom. And what can be a more humble color than a soft warm hue of white? White creates an illusion of a bigger space and lets your small space breathe deeply. Now the trick here is to break the monotony of white with other accent pieces and accent walls. And also be careful and do not use a stark white color in your bedroom. So if you have a small space, going for a soft and relaxing warm shade of white for the wall color will be the smartest choice.  

Add Other Accent Colors To Your White-wall Room:


A room that has a white wall can feel monotonous sometimes. To break that monotony, you need to add a strong color in your room that goes perfectly well with the white color. Some of the best accent colors that complement a white room are navy blue, crimson, emerald green, saffron yellow, shades of purple, teal, and even black.

Black accents add a contemporary feel to your white room. The idea is to use the accent color very strategically so that it does not kill the soft vibe of the white. Use the colors in the curtains, rugs, wall decors, bed sheets, and pillow covers. These accent colors will tone up the feel of your space but at the same time will maintain the perfect balance making it feel more livable.

Add A Lot Of Greenery:


A white wall can be a great background that will allow the greenery to take the center stage. Houseplants that have big leaves would look lovely as focus pieces in a white living area. Keep your plants in golden pots as the jewel tones of the pot combined with the splashes of greenery would look so lively and bright on the background of white.

Can You Go For A White Bathroom?:


Yes, you can. But here you need to pick the shade of white very carefully. A white, too bright, or too stark can be strenuous for your eyes. For a soothing and relaxing bathing experience, choose a white that is buttery or creamy. It will add depth to your space.

White that has a blue or green undertone is best for your most intimate space. If your bathroom gets abundant sunlight, then consider painting the walls in cooler hues of white. If your bathroom lacks natural light, paint it in warmer, slightly yellowish-white. A blue-toned white also rightly complements most of the marble colors. 

Again, in a bathroom having white walls, add greenery and go for storage wardrobes in contrasting colors to add more drama to the space. 

What About the Light Fixtures:


Unique and showstopping light fixtures look breathtaking against a white wall. Use jewel tones in your light fixtures and add interesting pendant lights or wall sconces that add visual interest. In a minimalist all-white bedroom. Black pendant lights look absolutely gorgeous. Or you can go for copper or golden orb lights that add a funky twist to your room. In a living area where there is a white wall, go experimental with colorful lampshades that can throw a pop of color to the canvas of white. 

Use Warm Light:


Artificial lights play a big role in any interior decoration and it is also very important in a house having a white wall too. If your room has a cool-toned white color on the wall, go for a warm light as it will create a sense of warmth and will make your room feel cozy and more relaxing.

…And The Floor:


In a room having lighter or white-colored walls, dark floors look really amazing. The white wall gives you the opportunity to go creative with yor house’s flooring and you can choose anything from dark wooden floors to grey-wood look floors according to your preference. The light wood floor does not add a stark contrast to a white room and maintains the openness and clean look of the room in an excellent manner. The combination of wooden floor and white wall is timeless and you can just never go wrong with this combination. Also to draw all the attention to the floor, go for amazing-looking rugs with interesting patterns, textures, and colors.

A Rustic White Wall Kitchen:


A white wall is very versatile and it perfectly goes very well with the rustic theme. If you have a kitchen area that has white walls and a white-tiled backsplash area, consider decorating that space taking inspiration from this above image. This kitchen is for those people who love that extra rustic feel to their home. The brick wall, dark cabinetries, wooden table, wooden floor, and hanging lights just add up to that feeling a little bit more.

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