8 Best Outfit Ideas On What To Wear To A Concert


Grooving to the beats of the songs, banging heads rhythmically, enjoying music to the fullest – concerts are the events to let loose yourself. Although concerts are organized year-round, summertime probably sees the maximum number of events and concerts. To enjoy any concert to the fullest you need to dress up in comfortable and stylish clothing. Deciding on what to wear to a concert can be confusing. Anything that is comfy and adds up to your style quotient is apt as a concert dress. Keep in mind two things. Dress up according to the genre of the concert and it should be a practical dressing. Anything too revealing or too glittery can make you feel awkward. Also, a high heel can buy you all the appreciation if worn to date night but for a concert outfit, it is a very bad choice.

Want some serious tips on what to wear to a concert to look your absolute best and dance without all worries? Here we have rounded up some serious concert outfit ideas. From looks that are all girly girl to outfits that are totally chic, these outfit ideas are practical, not too gaudy, and are just perfect for any concert.

Best Outfit Ideas On What To Wear To A Concert:

Fun With Floral:


Floral is one of the most universally flattering prints and gives you the feminine look that is subtle and soft. If you are attending a pop concert, what can be a better option than wearing a cool floral dress? It is fun, and so summer-friendly. If the idea of a floral dress does not attract you much, you can try a floral mid-length skirt with a neutral colored tee. A floral skirt looks absolutely cool with a cropped denim jacket. It adds a dash of attitude to your otherwise flirty attire. Ballerinas or pumps or wedges with mid-height heel will make your total outfit complete. Tie your hair up into a ponytail not to miss a single beat.



A hot favorite outfit during the 1990s, overalls never actually went out of fashion. Although the first overalls were mainly denim overalls, now they come in all fabrics, fits, and colors. Reach out for lighter fabrics like linen when the weather is too hot. If you are going to a Country concert, an overall outfit will be so genre-perfect. And there are times when you don’t really come to a decision on what to wear to a concert. Overalls will come to your rescue at those times. Team your denim overalls with a plain fitted black or white tee which is the classic option. Else, reach out for a cute pink ruffle top and pair that with your linen overall or short denim overall. Mix and match with distressed denim overalls, overall skirt dress, and even frayed overalls

Graphic Tee Outfit :


A graphic tee is always edgy and the best option to make an easy and cool look. A graphic tee is that one item that is the most versatile clothing piece you can always keep faith in. It is easy to stay in a t-shirt for an entire day and does not make you feel suffocated ever. There is an unending number of ways you can style your graphic tee for a concert. Tuck your t-shirt into denim and layer it up with a denim jacket for a total rockstar look. If you are feeling a bit experimental, wear an oversized graphic tee as a dress. You can double-cuff the sleeves or can let it stay the way it is. Go for any fit- boxy, structured; a graphic tee is the best bet for everyone when you can’t decide on what to wear to a concert. Accessorize your outfit with boots and a backpack.

White Dress:


A white dress is a wardrobe staple and is an awesome pick to wear to a concert. Choose flattering silhouettes and your dress may have floral or feminine prints too. Balance out the femininity of your dress by wearing a pair of sturdy boot. You can add a hat of the same color to your outfit too. An outfit that is easy to create and easy to carry. Beat the heat of an outdoor concert with a white dress and let your makeup be as minimal as it can get. A brownish nude lip stain and a little hint of mascara to open up your eyes, that’s it. Oh, do not forget to wear a considerate amount of waterproof sunscreen as you are gonna stay under the sun for a long time matching your steps to the beat of the music.



We can not get over the cuteness of a jumpsuit outfit. A jumpsuit can be dressed up or dressed down easily and provides the utmost comfort which you really need in a concert. A lightweight pair of sandals, a hat, a bunch of wrist bands, and a sling bag to carry your essentials – can’t you already see yourself all ready and enjoying the lively concert? A relaxed-fit jumpsuit with a little bit of waist-cinching looks absolutely flattering on every body type. There is the only factor you need to consider and that is whether it is convenient for you to go to loo wearing a jumpsuit or not. If you are not sure about the provisions of the washroom and you are attending a day-long concert, ditch the idea of wearing a jumpsuit and save it for another occasion.

Straight-leg Jeans And A Cropped Top:


Straight-leg jeans are the best lower option as it allows you to move your legs and booty just the way you want. It gives your look a more casual touch and is best to try all of the dance steps you know. To go with that, you can choose a fitted cropped top. Make sure that your jeans are high-waisted. A pair of high-waisted jeans are more comfortable and you don’t need to worry about any fashion faux pas while dancing your heart out. Finish up your look with a matching pair of sandals or a pair of sneakers. You are ready to move and groove as long as you want.

Plaid Or Gingham Outfit:


Attending a country music concert and wondering what to wear to a concert that requires wearing more of fun and casual elements? A plaid or gingham outfit never goes out of style. You can take our words for it. Doesn’t it add a very cow-girlish attitude to your personality? Wear a plaid shirt, roll up the sleeve, and go for a black skirt to wear with that. Gingham outfit is effortless and will make you stand out in the crowd. Want more inspirations? Wear a plaid co-ord set or reach out even for a plaid dress. Plaid shirts look so chilled out when teamed up with the relaxed-fit denim shorts.

You can wear plaids the other way too. By that, we mean to go for a plaid lower part and solid top part.  

Leather Outfit:


Have a rock concert to attend? What about the leather outfits? Think they are too winterish? You are really missing out on some real fashion trends. Now you have a short-sleeved leather top. Wear that with shorts and look like a unique doll. Or go for a sleeveless leather peplum top and wear a fitted pair of trousers with that. A pair of sunglasses and a huge bag to throw in all your necessary items – you will be looking gorgeous and so hawt, man.

Concerts give us enough opportunity to play up our style game. Mix and match for better combination and get ready with a fabulous and edgy outfit. There is no more thinking about what to wear to a concert as you have got some lovely inspirations, right? Dress up comfortably and dance all your worries away.

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