What To Eat Before Bed: 6 Foods And Drinks To Have For Better Sleep

What To Eat Before Bed

A good night’s sleep is mandatory not only for our health but also for our overall well-being. Sleep deprivation can lead to several diseases including kidney diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and even stroke. Poor sleeping pattern is also linked with gain in weight and sleep deprivation may even lead to low productivity and lack of concentration and motivation in work. There are many people who literally struggle to get a good night’s sleep. But do you know that there are some foods and drinks that are known for their sleep-inducing qualities and can really enhance the quality of sleep if taken before bedtime? If you want to know that, give this post a good read. Because if you have ever wanted to know about what to eat before bed to get a perfect night’s sleep then you will get to learn about a few of such foods and drinks that are guaranteed to support better sleep. Let’s dig in. 

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What To Eat Before Bed: Foods And Drinks To Have For Better Sleep:

Chamomile Tea:

One of the most popular herbal teas, chamomile tea improves your sleeping quality and also reduces your level of anxiety and depression. It is a great bedtime tea and is full of soothing properties to help you slow down and relax. All thanks to the apigenin content of the tea that helps in promoting sleepiness and also reduces insomnia. The tea is also effective in boosting your immune system and some studies have also suggested that chamomile tea can also be used in treating cold and flu. 


If you wanted to know what to eat before bed, then banana is your easy-peasy solution. Banana, being rich in magnesium helps in increasing melatonin in the body, and melatonin hormone is very important in regulating the night and day cycle of your body. So if you are into mindful eating and want to eat something that will help you to fall asleep faster then try bananas before bed. 


Being a good source of tryptophan which is an amino acid noted for making you fall asleep faster, walnuts may be one of the easiest solutions for your sleepless nights. Tryptophan present in walnuts helps the body produce more and more serotonin and melatonin which are noted as the body clock hormones and regulate our sleep-wake cycle. So just munch on a few pieces of walnuts before you sign off to bed and see the magic. 


Talking about what to eat before bed and not include milk on that list! That ain’t gonna happen. Milk is one of the most classic pre-bed drinks that has several health benefits. Again it is rich in tryptophan and helps our body produce more and more serotonin which creates a sense of pleasure in our body. Milk may promote a healthy sleep cycle as it contains melatonin. Turns out that our mothers were right during our childhood as they always made us drink a glass full of warm milk before bed saying that it must welcome sweet dreams. In a recent study, it has also been found that milk before bed may also reduce anxiety and increase the time of sleep.


Low in calories and high in dietary fiber and vitamin C, kiwi is another great food option that may initiate a great night’s sleep too. In addition to being a rich source of folate and potassium, kiwis are also found to have a positive impact on your sleep cycle. If you can’t settle on what to eat before bed, try kiwis. They are storehouses of serotonin and antioxidants and that is why are great in improving sleep quality as well as quantity when consumed before going to bed. 


We all love cherries. But little did we know about this amazing quality of this cute red fruit, right? Cherries, especially, tart cherries are an excellent promoter of sleep and will come to your rescue if you are struggling with sleep-related problems. Prepare a bowl with some oats, milk, nuts, and cherries and that will be an excellent snack or meal option before bed. Cherries are high in melatonin content and induce sleep like no one’s business. So to improve your quality of sleep, to increase your sleeping time, and to reduce the symptoms of insomnia, cherries can be your sweet remedy. 

So, folks, these were some of the best food and drink recommendations for those who were thinking about what to eat before bed that may help with their sleeping disorders. But remember one thing. If your insomnia condition persists for more than seven to ten days after consuming these above-mentioned foods, immediately consult a medical practitioner. Every human body is different from the other and not everybody’s bodily mechanism reacts to food in the same way. So before you embark on a food habit, it is always recommended that you consult with your doctor. 

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