20 Most Elegant And Swoon-worthy Wedding Nail Ideas To Copy

Wedding Nail Ideas

Prepping up for the wedding day is not a simple task at all. Deciding on the wedding gown, getting booked the photographer, making sure that the skin remains flawless on the D-day, and also finalizing the guest list, the flower decorations, and the centerpieces – it is a heck of a job. But have you sat for a while and decided on your wedding nails? All eyes are gonna be on your hands on your wedding day. You know that right? So you really need some gorgeous wedding nail ideas to deck up your hands so that they look all pretty and flawless on that special day. 

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While the ideas are endless, here we have gathered below some of the most serene-looking wedding nail ideas that will buy you all the spotlights on the most precious day of your life. Match your mani with your bridal dress and look like a queen. Check out below the ideas before you settle for the best. 

Most Elegant And Swoon-worthy Wedding Nail Ideas To Copy:

Pink, Pearl, And Pretty:


If you are thinking to glam up your nails in the subtlest way, this is one of the prettiest wedding nail ideas to try. This unconventional muted pink and pearl nail art is unique and gorgeous. The pink polish is simply beautiful with a pearly finish and luxurious gleam. And the silver pearl balls and the frosted effect on the other nails are enough to take your nail art up to the next level. You really need to try this stunning design and it can prove to be a statement nail for anyone with a unique sense of style.

Pink And White Lace:


Intricate lace detailing is making this wedding nail art irresistibly pretty. The dusty pink base is superbly complementing the white lacework. For this nail art, you can also use transparent pre-designed lace stickers that are so easy to put on and are pocket-friendly too. When you do not have time to visit the salon and you are not confident enough to do the lace detailing all by yourself, resort to these pink and white nails that can be created with the help of nail stickers.

Nudes And Glitters:

This is one of the most perfect wedding nail ideas for those who love clean and crisp-looking nails. This is one of the no-drama nail designs for you that has the perfect balance between minimalism and glamour. Oval nails have been finely shaped and polished with creamy milkshake nude color. And to break the monotony and to add some glamour to it, ring fingers have been kept all glittered up and shiny.

White Roses:


Another fairy tale design, this nail idea has its own class. The ombre effect on all the nails and the white rose accent on a single nail on each of the hands, this design is creating so much visual interest. Keep the background clear to make your rose design stand out. Wear it on your wedding day and let your nails do all the talking.

Glitter Tips:


When you want all the attention to get concentrated on your nail tips, this is the best nail idea for you. The pinky nude base is keeping everything very minimal and is making way for the glitters to stand out. The glitters are not placed uniformly everywhere. It has a higher concentration at the tip area and is gradually getting thinner as it goes down. Such sassy and elegant. 

Classic White:


Nothing says bridal the way a crisp white wedding manicure does. Go for a good quality base coat so that the white polish can get a great hold. Pair your white nails with a lovely white gown with lace detailing and look your feminine best.

Red Wedding Nail Ideas:

Steal the color from nature and wear blazing red on your nails. Bold and beautiful, bright and fiery red nails never cease to allure us. And these glossy red nails with silver embellishment on the ring finger are just so incredibly gorgeous. A must-try for the ladies who love minimal embellishments and maximum impact. 

Embellished And Ornate:

Wedding nail ideas mean going for the most ornate and intricate designs. Festive-y ideas, shiny nail look and shimmers and glitters – wedding nails are dramatic and fabulous. Your desire to mix and match with embellishments, beads, and rhinestones gets fulfillment when you deck up your wedding nail with this design. Take inspiration from these edgy designs and make your nails steal glances.

Emerald Green With Golden Accents:

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This nail idea is so traditional and yet so special. The unique hue of emerald green, the golden polish with glitter, and rows of sequins at the base of the green nails – save this gorgeous nail idea for your special day. 

Ombre Nails With Rose Gold Glitters:


If flashy and bold nails are not your cup of tea, try this easy-to-get ombre nude manicure that has a sparkling rose gold glitter accent going on. It has all the potential to be a fresh yet playful wedding nail art. Classy and elegant, this is one of our most favorite wedding nail ideas of all.

Nude And French Tip:

Picture Source: @Nail_Sunny

Embrace the elegance with these gorgeous nude nails that combine white nearly-triangular French tips and silver dots at the base of each nail. This nude shade is a perfect nude for the ladies with dusky skin tones and will be a perfect nude-based pink for fair-skinned ladies. The idea is definitely unique and you can wear it to any event, birthday party, or wedding. If you have long almond or coffin nails, this design will suit you the best. 

Abstract Gold And Black:


When you do not want to go all over with gold and black for your wedding manicure and yet want to have the fun of wearing this deadly duo, try this abstract and contemporary nail design that is way different from being your regular black and gold nails. You create a nude base first. choose any finish between matte and glossy for the base. Let the base dry out completely and then go all experimental with the help of a regular piece of straight-edged tape. Create unusual patterns out of your own imagination and admire your pretty nails later on.

Check out below a few more wedding nail ideas that will prove to be showstopping mani. 


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