5 Creative Ways To Use Warm Colors In Your Interior Decor

Warm Colors

Thinking of giving your home a redesigning, a new makeover? Then the first thing that you need to consider is to uplift the mood of the rooms by using warm colors. Warm colors instantly add a cozy feel to any interior and make it look luxurious. Everyone chooses different colors when it comes to decorating homes but we never pay attention to the color wheel and the color palette and also we do not keep the warm and cool spectrum of colors into consideration which must be given immense importance.

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Just like our skin color has either a warm undertone or a cool undertone, exactly the same way, there can also be a cool blue and a warm blue. And while you may think that there will be a little or no difference at all in the appearance of these two colors, in reality, they can make a big difference. So do you love firey and cozy warm colors in your home? Then just check out these creative ways of using them in your interior. 

Understanding Warm Colors:


While it is easy to link yellows, reds, and oranges with the warm colors and drop the blues and greens into the cool colors category, most of these colors can have undertones of both these categories. A blue can be warm or cool-toned depending on the shade you choose. So first you need to understand the tone of the color you are choosing. A blue may not always be a cool-toned color and a yellow always not necessarily is warm-toned. 

If a color is giving you a more cool and crisp feeling when you look at it, it is a cool-toned color. It will have a bluish-grey undertone. And warm colors are those which are having a peachy or more red or taupe undertone. But we would love to conclude by saying that no color is warm or cool on its own until and unless you put a reference point. So the temperature of color is relative. 

So we can say that the colors that create a warm and cozy welcoming vibe can be considered as a warm color. Even a gorgeous shade of white that is not crisp and is having a yellow undertone will be considered a warm color. 

Now let us see some brilliant ideas of how to use warm colors in home decor. 

Creative Ways To Use Warm Colors In Your Interior Decor:

Use Warm-colored Walls In A Well Lit-up Room:

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If you have a big bedroom that gets enough natural light, you can go for warm-colored walls for that room. You can choose to go with a lighter hue like a rich cream shade or a taupe shade or a sophisticated warm-toned greyish green. Or choose a vibrant amber color which will also create an illusion of a bigger room. If your choice is moody and earthy, a cozy shade of green or a warm sunny yellow will also brighten up the entire room making it comfier and cozier. 

Add Accent Pieces In Warm Colors:


When your room lacks natural lights or when you are not blessed enough to have a bigger room, stick to warm colors accent pieces instead of going for full-on warm walls. Knowing where to limit the use of an element in an interior is extremely important in order to get a flawless home. If your room is small and lacks natural light, use warm colors accents. For the walls, there should be chosen a crisp and cool-toned color and hang some wall decor pieces that have pops of warm colors in them. For your sofas, go for covers in midnight blue or a pretty purple if you have painted the walls with a cool-toned gray color. Other warm accent pieces can be curtains in bright red color or a flower vase that has an inviting combination of orange, yellow, and other warm colors. The idea is to striking the perfect balance between warm and cool colors and creating an inviting place that is full of harmony.

Even a small piece of cherry-colored rug can be the accent piece that will elevate the mood of the space.

Choose Your Furniture Thoughtfully:


If you have a room that has warm-toned creamy white walls, vintage wooden furniture will add a luxurious vibe to the whole classy theme of your room. Play up with different wooden finishes and strike the contrast. In an all-white room, even a white sofa will add a streak of elegance. In a gray room, furniture in navy blue or taupe will look just perfect. If you are following an industrial designing or minimalistic designing theme, wrought iron furniture will also look great.

Do Not Overdo Warm colors:

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This is one of the best tips that you will ever get to hear. As we said earlier, overdoing warm colors can ruin the whole personality of your space. As warm colors add energy to your space, it is necessary to subdue it by complementing it with a softer shade. Balancing out is the key when it comes to home decor. Loud and in-the-face colors make your room a suffocating space. Suppose you have used a warm yellow on the accent wall of your room. Then go for a cool-toned lavender or purple shade for the other three walls to tone down the vibe of your room. The excitement of the fiery orange color can be well complemented by using cool-toned upholstery in the room. 

Never choose two different shades of warm colors for two walls in a room. It will ruin your interior. Understand the color wheel and go for complementary colors that together will create a harmonious and dynamic space that is cozy and inviting.

Use Warmer Jewel Tones:

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And by that we mean use jewel tones that have a yellow undertone. To be more precise, go with gold or brass finish accent pieces when your interior has been done using warm colors. Jewel tones add more character to a room and create more drama. How to use them? You can use jewel tones in the light fixtures, you can get curtain rods in golden or brass finish, or can also hang wall art that has a jewel finish frame.

Go bold and experimental and welcome the joy of sun and sand into your interior by incorporating warm colors in your home decor. 

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