11 Gorgeous Walk-In Closet Ideas That Are Wardrobe Goals

Walk In Closet

A home’s cabinetry or wardrobe is not only used for its functionality but also is a part of home decor that can have strong aesthetic appeal. And walk-in closets are just the right example of functional and visually appealing pieces. They do not only help us organize our clothes properly but also are stylish enough to represent your unique choice and taste. Generally, walk-in wardrobes are a part of the master bedroom and they carry personal touch and style statement. A spacious custom-made walk-in wardrobe with well-organized pieces of cloth looks sheer gorgeous and you spend less time searching for your favorite pair of trousers. And with proper and practical lighting, accent handles, and finishes, your walk-in closet can end up being the epitome of glamour and luxury. Are you planning for such a beautiful and inviting closet in your bedroom? Then below are some of the best ideas you must check out that are sure wardrobe goals.

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Gorgeous Walk-In Closet Ideas That Are Wardrobe Goals:

An All-White Closet:


Impressively elegant, clean, and bright, an all-white walk-in closet just exudes calmness. It looks simple and more zen and also makes the space feel roomier. If your wardrobe area is lacking space and you do not want to suffocate the place even more by opting for flashy and dark colors, choose white over anything. Wooden floor or floor that is done in contrast colors like black or red helps add more character to an all-white closet.

Traditionally Luxurious:

This large walk-in clothes closet has everything that screams luxury. The first thing one will notice entering the space is the custom-built sitting island with a lot of storage. The dark wooden lamination of the floor rightly complements the glossy beige-cream color of the wardrobes. This closet has enough storage areas to organize your clothes, shoes, and accessories. And the wonderful chandelier and the vintage pull knobs of the drawers add that exact amount of traditional feel to the whole space. If you are lucky enough to have a big space for a closet, you can try this idea for sure. 

Closet With Attached Bath:

Visualizer: Pixel Folks

Nothing can be more convenient than being able to dance your way straight to the closet area right after taking a shower. And this en-suite bathroom with a walk-in clothesplace merged with it just allows you to do that. The space is well-lit with a separate vanity area and the glam grey velvet sitting island is adding the right amount of richness to the expensive-looking closet area. 

Small And Practical:

View Along the Way

A very skimpy area allotted for the wardrobe area can also be transformed into a stylish closet with practical storage options and separate corners for everything if you know the trick. This wardrobe has provisions for organizing shoes, hanging clothes, and shelves for sweaters and shoes too. The woven baskets on the top racks and the ottoman on the floor are adding rustic charm to the space whereas the floral wallpaper is making it bright and more inviting.  

A Walk-In Closet With A Show Gallery:


Have a fetish for shoes? You must be looking for a walk-in closet idea that looks exactly like this gorgeousness. It has a white plush vanity that is flanked by a gallery full of shoes. This will allow you to store your designer shoes clean and dry and as the shelves are open, your shoes can also lend hands in doubling up as nice decor objects.

Unexpected And Contemporary:

Visualizer: Nika Vorotyntseva

If going contemporary is the key for you, check out this unexpected and incredible warm pink space that has an island with lots of drawers and a huge modern chandelier above the head. The chandelier with clean linear designs not only adds subtle sophistication to the walk-in closet but also woos us with its simplicity. 

Add Mirrors To Your Closet Area:

By UNICA Luxury Lighted Mirrors
Visualizer: Spotless Agency

A mirrored vanity can make a narrow area look wider. Whether the layout features a large closet or a smaller one, mirrors when added strategically to the wardrobe area will enhance the overall look of the space in just no time. 

Maximum Space Utilization:

Photo:Emily Johnston Interiors

A walk-in wardrobe is your easy answer to closet clutter. And this small walk-in is filled with ideas that are worth stealing. This one allows you to beautifully display your clothes, shoes, and other accessories, and built-in wardrobes have been installed so that every square inch of the area can be utilized properly. The white theme, the cabinets with glass doors, and the transparent boxes kept on the top shelves are giving the space an elegant and sophisticated vibe.  

Warm And Brown:

The floor-to-ceiling shoe storage is the focal point of this gorgeous walk-in closet done in a warm brown hue. It has been thoughtfully designed to suit individual’s style and the white pull knob handles are are looking stunning on the background of the dark brown tone of the wardrobe. It lets you organize your shoes properly and the covered wardrobes allow you to keep your clothes and other stuff dust-free, all the time. The space is well lit up and tidied up. 

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