7 Best Vitamin A Rich Foods, You Need To Include In Your Diet

Are you experiencing frequent skin infections, recurring throat infections or dry hair with dandruff? Then this is the time you should check whether you are having enough vitamin A or not. Vitamin A rich foods are fantastic sources of antioxidants and build strong immunity system, healthy heart, bone, and kidney. They also help to prevent anemia and take care of pregnant mother and her baby. So, for women, it is one of the most important vitamins to include in the daily diet.

Generally we can intake vitamin A in two forms, either in the form of retinol or in the form of Provitamin A. the former one is squeezed directly from the animal proteins like animal liver, milk or eggs by our body and the later one needs to be converted into retinol by our body that we mainly get from numerous fruits and vegetables. Now that we have talked much about the chemistry part of the story, let’s get started with the best vitamin A rich foods which can do wonder to your overall health if you include them in your daily diet. Let’s have a look.

Best Vitamin A Rich Foods, You Need To Include In Your Diet:




Carrots are one of the best vitamin A rich foods in which you can find the vitamin in Beta-carotene form that needs to be converted to retinol in order to get used by your body. This vegetable is antioxidant rich and as it is full with all the goodness of vitamin A, you are sure to get a healthy vision and beautiful skin if you have portions of carrots every day. One cup of cooked carrot offers you more than 26,000 international units of vitamin A which is more than enough.




This leafy vegetable is a storehouse of vitamin A. 100 grams of spinach is the source of 9,377 IU of vitamin A. Being loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, this super healthy food is beneficial for your eye health, blood pressure level, heart-health and so on. High fiber content of this vegetable keeps your digestive system healthy and keeps constipation at bay. You can either prepare a healthy salad dish with sauteed spinach or can make spinach smoothie to eat it in style.  




Are you in love with your Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte? Then you will be happier to know that pumpkin is one of the best vitamin A rich foods with loads of dietary fiber and vitamin B, C, potassium, copper, iron, folate, and many more in it. Its bright orange color signifies that it has lots of Beta-carotene in it which is converted into vitamin A in our body. If you want a strong heart, glowing skin, shiny hair and champion immune system, you have to include this pretty vegetable in your diet.

Whole Milk:



100 grams of whole milk is filled with goodness of 47 IU vitamin A. Although we prefer skimmed milk to whole milk as it is low in fat and calories, but in that way we miss out the nutrients like vitamin A and E. you get dietary protein, carbs, essential minerals and vitamins from whole milk and eventually drinking at least one glass of this will make your bones and teeth stronger and moreover this is a much tastier option to stay fit.

Turkey Liver:



100 grams of Turkey liver will provide you with 75333 IU of vitamin A and that’s huge. One liver generally weighs around 100 grams and you can get protein, vitamins, lots of zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium from only one serving. Often healthy food options are not that much tasty but in contrary, turkey livers taste amazing. Make some delicious dishes with this nutrient-rich food and enjoy the robust taste. Definitely one of the best vitamin A rich foods to try.




This healthy food is easily available and is enriched with lots of vitamin A, C and K1. A medium sized tomato is enough to cover your 20% daily need of vitamin A. Its red skin is full of antioxidants and thus is very good for your skin. It has chlorogenic acid in it which is again a strong antioxidant, that helps in lowering blood pressure level. Have salads with tomatoes in it and say no to heart disease, cancer and skin problems.

Sweet Potato:



Plausibly, it is the best source of vitamin A. 100 grams of sweet potato will come with 14187 IU of vitamin A content which is way more than our daily need. We all love sweet potato chips but did we even know it has so much of vitamin A content? It is also high in fiber and potassium and it is believed to maintain a good heart health and even to protect against cancer. Vitamin A is very essential for your eye health, so consume sweet potato on a daily basis and be healthy.

So, these were some of the best vitamin A rich foods which can do wonder to your overall health if they are taken according to the proper need of your body. Depending on your age and reproductive stage, people of 14 years of age or above needs a daily dose of around 700 to 900 RAE (Retinol Activity Equivalents) and women who are breastfeeding may need up to 1200-1300 RAE per day. Over intake of vitamin A can cause headaches, diarrhea, bone pain, hair loss, blurred vision and many more actually. Unlike other vitamins, vitamin A is not flushed out in urine and is stored in liver and thus causes numerous health hazards. So, know the limit, intake vitamin A and stay healthy.



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