9 Stunning Victorian House Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Victorian House

A royal house, a house that will shine bright exuberantly, and a house that matches the picture of a dollhouse – we all desire for a house like that. And a Victorian house or a house that embraces Victorian-style architecture certainly fits in all the above-mentioned categories. Here, let us clarify one thing, Victorian architecture does not mean any specific style of architecture unlike the Scandinavian architecture or the Neoclassical architecture or the modern one. Victorian style of architecture refers to a certain era’s (1837-1901) architectural style and not the style itself. And today we will be talking about some ideas about how you can incorporate the grand architectural style of a Victorian house in your own house or apartment. The main characteristics of Victorian architecture are large porches, bright colors, ornate decorations, and big houses.

Victorian decorations always think about how fancy and pretty a house or room can be and they do not give the functionality of a room the first priority. A Victorian house needs to be royal, gorgeous, and visually appealing. If you want to make your house in a way that it has all its inspiration from a Victorian Era house, you need to stick to our today’s article. Let’s jump into the article right now.

Stunning Victorian House Inspired Home Decor Ideas:

The Right Color Scheme:


For the exterior of your house, choose a light and the muted base color. A Victorian house is often painted in more natural colors like beige, taupe, brown or ochre. But again, you can find loud colors too in the exterior. So you can even go bolder and louder with bright hues of yellow, orange, red or even blue and black.

The interior of a Victorian house must look very sleek and it should have all the drama. Each room should carry a different personality and colors like amber, red, dark brown – these are very widely used for the lavish rooms. For the hallways, you can go subtle with more natural shades.



Use contrasting wallpapers that have floral or vintage elements. Damask pastel wallpapers are one of the most popular choices. What you need to keep in mind is that your walls should tell a story and it should look drop-dead gorgeous.



For achieving the true spirit of a Victorian house, you should be very careful while choosing the home linens. Linens like lace and velvet, brocades feel rich and those are exactly what a Victorian décor is all about. Go for embroidered pillow covers, upholsteries, and draperies. As Victorian houses have big windows, choose window curtains that look rich and have dramatic textures. Pleated floor-length curtains in satin material would just look gorgeous.

You can customize your linens according to the season. In winters go for curtains that are heavy and are of deep, vivid colors. Purples, reds, emeralds –these will automatically revamp the indoor. And for the summers and springs, incorporate laces everywhere. Tablecloths, curtains look wonderful that have lace fringes.

Bring In Ornate Details:


Ornate and intricate – these two adjectives completely define a Victorian interior. Your home should look all the way luxurious and cozy. Carved wooden frames and stained glasses are an integral part of this architecture. Jewel tones are also very common in a home having Victorian Era décor. You can hit the thrift stores or discount stores to find some bargain deals. A vintage ornate clock or a mirror frame that has wooden details would go perfectly well set against the backdrop of emerald or deep purple.

The Flooring:


For the flooring too, try to keep it rich and intricate. Victorian flooring resembles those patterns found in the Medieval cathedrals and churches. Parquetry is often practiced. Parquetry is a geometric arrangement or mosaic of wood pieces often used for decorative floors. Wooden floors with a detailed pattern or border would look so good. Besides, colored tiles, wooden finished tiles can also be used in a Victorian house.

Floor Rug:


Cozy, rich in color and texture, and intricate floor rugs will easily pull off that Victorian vibe. Persian rugs or Persian Sultanabad rugs were sole features of the Victorian Era decoration. Here, we won’t be using floor rugs for an only functional purpose, we will be using it for its beauty, and the grand personality it gives to the full interior.



Princely, antique, statement-y, and royal – these are the adjectives that describe Victorian themed furniture. A lavish canopy bed, an opulent Victorian armchair – use more of glass and wood when it comes to talking about cabinetry. You can recycle your antique furniture and place them in an all-new way. Four-poster bed, traditional wooden furniture are most welcome in an authentic Victorian interior. Sophistication with dreamy touch is what your furniture should be. Incorporate more of wooden and intricate stonework in your decoration. Mahogany, oak, and walnut furniture were most preferred by the people of the Victorian Era.

Accessories Are Of Major Importance:


Dainty accessories can help you a long way in pulling off a great Victorian interior. Gold accents, beaded showpieces, ceramic wall hangings and vases, a tapestry that has floral works on it – these can be excellent accessories. Get more of carved lamps, frames, and marble accent pieces. They look aesthetic and also provide a rich Victorian vibe in your house.

A massive chandelier, sconces are some of the coziest Victorian elements.

Add A Fireplace Mantel:


Either buy an old vintage fireplace mantel from a flea market or else you can buy an electric one and can give it all vintage look of a Victorian-style wood-burning fireplace. Decorate with paint, ornate tiles and make it the center of focus in your all gorgeous Victorian house.

A Victorian house is exactly the opposite of a minimalist house. If you love plain, sober decoration, the Victorian interior is certainly won’t fit in your choice. It is all about big, overstuffed areas. It is loud and heavy. People during the Victorian era were all about showing off their opulence. And their houses were a medium of their show-off. So you need to keep that in mind and have to make every corner of your house an accent corner full of drama and romance. Go for layered window treatments, Victorian draping style and fill in every nook and corner with warmth. Make your house larger than life and celebrate royalty. We hope you got some brilliant ideas about how to give your house a great Victorian makeover. So start transforming it into a den of luxury and tag us when you upload a picture of it.

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