7 Yummiest Vegan French Toast Recipes To Die For

Are you a vegan and being skeptical about how to make a perfect egg-free vegan French toast? Well, quick and easy vegan French toast recipes are perfect for your next Sunday brunch and they are lovely as tea-time snacks too. For a super crispy French toast, you need thick bread so that you can slice the pieces easily. As you are going vegan, use Almond milk or Soya milk instead of the dairy milk and to have that ‘eggy’ consistency in your bread, what matters the most is the batter. So with all the helpful tips and various ingredients option, here are some of the most delicious vegan French toast recipes for you to try as your breakfast or brunch dish.

You can definitely opt for gluten-free bread if you want it to be healthier. In the place of eggs, you can use any egg replacer. To make crispy French toasts, you can use either chia seeds or flax seeds or you can go for the flax egg. A flax egg is a very good egg replacer. You can add any nutritional yeast to your batter if you are up for experimental cooking. So, let us now move onto these delicious, ‘yum-in-the-tum’ vegan French toast recipes to get some inspiration.

Yummiest Vegan French Toast Recipes To Die For:

Flaxseed Egg & Almond Milk Vegan French Toast:

This recipe is super easy and takes 20 minutes to get prepared. To make your batter, mix the flaxseed egg and almond milk together and whisk really well. You need to let this mixture sit for a few minutes before you add the other ingredients into the batter. Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract make the toasts more crunchy and flavorful. Once you are done with the cooking, garnish your toasts with blueberries, raisin or cranberries, maple syrup, and serve on the breakfast table.

TIP: Almond milk has very strong flavor, so keep that in mind.


Banana French Toast:

To make your toast taste more fun and healthy, you can add a banana to the recipe. This, one of the most creative vegan French toast recipes uses wheat artisan loaves that are themselves very flavorful. You need one ripe banana, 3/4th cup of almond milk to make the batter. Spices used in this recipe are almost the same as the previous one. Mash your banana until you get a creamy, gooey texture and this recipe guides you all the way. The recipe uses banana and almond milk so it is healthy and heart-friendly. A good snacking option for your kid too.

TIP: Do not soak the bread in the batter for long to avoid soggy toast. Just dip them to give your slices a nice coat.


Soy-free Classic French Toast:

For all those readers who do not like soy milk in their food, here is a soy-free recipe for them to look at. You need chickpea flour/gram flour to make the batter base and this recipe comes with a twist of pumpkin pie spice mix. For milk, you can use Almond milk. Use any wholegrain braid, again examine the toughness of the bread beforehand. All the other steps are pretty much similar and the cute garnishing of maple syrup, cooked berries, and coconut yogurt is making the dish look irresistible and yummilicious.

TIP: French Toast tastes best when fresh.


Vegan French Toast With Tofu:

Dump all the chia seeds and flax seeds and try something very experimental with this recipe that uses tofu instead of other egg replacers. You need a good blender here. Gather all the ingredients like tofu, non-dairy milk, vanilla essence, cinnamon, sugar etc and blend all of them really well to make a silky smooth batter. You can even refrigerate the mixture and just use it to dunk your bread when you need French toasts in a real hurry. Tofu makes your toasts really crunchy and it feels like heaven on a plate when served with a huge dollop of vanilla vegan yogurt and a dash of little sweet maple syrup.

TIP: Brush your griddle plates with some oil or vegan butter to achieve that rich golden brown texture.


Soy Milk & Chickpea Flour French Toast:

Going vegan is never impossible when you have such delicious vegan French toast recipes around. Soy milk, vanilla, and cinnamon powder give a subtle sweet taste to the batter whereas, the blend of flour and nutritional yeast will pull off the ‘eggy’ flavor efficiently. Use coconut oil for frying and get that perfectly crisp breakfast toast with softer and tastier inside.

TIP: You can also use date syrup instead of maple syrup to whip up the taste.


7-Ingredients Vegan French Toast:

This 7-ingredients French toast is a real treat. The recipe has a special surprise. It uses cashews to add that smooth creaminess to the batter. You can use white bread or any Gluten free bread of your choice and just go crazy with the topping. Fresh fruits, maple syrup, raisins – feel free to add anything.


Orange French Toast:

Okay, so this is definitely one of the most unique vegan French toast recipes of all time. Have you ever imagined French toast to be of orange flavor! A delightful recipe with loads of healthy orange and a generous amount of cinnamon and vanilla flavor. You need sourdough bread, almond milk, squeezed or pure organic ORANGE JUICE, and obviously the spices. The recipe is so simple and utterly delicious, loaded with the goodness of sweet-n-sour orange.


Munching on some immensely delish French toast is like feeling the heaven in your mouth. We’ve got all of these amazing, out of the box vegan French toast recipes for you to try. As we mentioned, you need to be careful about the bread you use, the combination of milk and egg replacer will decide how much crispy your toasts will be and choose your oil or butter mindfully because that will decide how much golden-brown your toast will be. You are free to choose your preferred toppings and last but not the least vegan French toasts are a good source of protein, carbohydrates, and provide you with moderate calories. So, a great breakfast option to kick start the day as well.

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