8 Mouthwatering Valentine’s Day Recipes To Crave For

Valentine’s Day is never complete without a scrumptious valentine’s meal with your sweetheart. A romantic candle-light dinner or a quick brunch with your loved one – it is gonna be a cute experience altogether. If you are searching for some last minute savory and easy to prepare Valentine’s Day recipes, your search is over my friend. Whether you want to surprise your partner with a handful of chocolaty indulgence or you want to spend some quality time over a full course meal, here are some simple yet delicious recipes for all of them.


You can definitely go out for dinner or brunch, but making something or the other by your own hands means a lot. Your love, affection, the personal touch makes the food more delicious, right? So, here are some of the most impressive Valentine’s Day recipes that include some starter item, main course, appetizer, desserts as well as refreshing juices. Treat your love with some mouthwatering recipes this Valentine’s Day and feel the romance in the air.

Mouthwatering Valentine’s Day Recipes To Crave For:

Marry Me Chicken:

The name is the very first thing that we just love. This creamy chicken recipe is the perfect valentine’s treat you can gift your partner. The sun-dried tomatoes add a tangy twist to the dish where as the combination of spices give the recipe a rich flavor. It is on the healthier side of the dishes as this recipe uses olive oil. Serve hot on the table and enjoy the creamy delicacy together.

Simple Sirloin Steak:

This easy steak recipe gets ready in just a few minutes and it is also very easy to prepare. The gluten free recipe is high on protein and will keep you going for the day. The garlic and herb laden steaks cooked in sunflower oil and butter will make your mouth water like anything. Dress up in a pretty red dress and enjoy this one of the best Valentine’s Day recipes with whiskey or wine .

Sweetheart Salad:

A perfect affair to share with your sweetheart. Sweetheart salads are nothing but the colorful slices cut into the shape of hearts. Remember that sugary heart candies from your childhood? It is just the same but it is far healthier than those candies. Use small cookie cutter to get the exact shape from the kiwis, pineapples, and strawberries. You may dress your salad with Greek yogurt and herbs if you like it that way. Engage into Valentine’s intimacy with the sweetheart fruits.


Proscuitto Melon Bruschetta:

This is one of the best valentine’s day recipes you will ever come across. Bruschettas are our favorite finger foods. This recipe is sweet, simple, and savory just like your partner. This specific bruschetta recipe is an exception of the classic tomato salad, herb, and balsamic vinegar topped ones. It has the perfect combo of melon and prosciutto instead. Prepare some grilled bruschettas and make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

Amarula & Eve:

What about a sexy vodka martini? Amarula & Eve will set the right mood for your Valentine’s Day intimacy. It is a blend of perfect amount of creaminess and fruity flavor. The Amarula cream liquor will balance the sweetness of lychee. You can even use a dash of red grapefruit juice in the recipe. Garnish the glass with some lychee fruit and your glass full of exotic romance is ready.

Paprika And Thyme Steaks With sautéed Potatoes:

We love steaks and these beef sirloin steaks taste absolutely different from the other steak recipe given in the list above. It has a perfect twist of paprika, thyme, and black pepper. The crispy sautéed potatoes and cooked spinach accompany the dish so well and it can be considered as one of the most healthy Valentine’s Day recipes too. Easy to prepare and one of the most delicious dinner dishes for two of you.


Chocolate Raspberry Crescent Ring:

The morning shows the day. If two of you start the day on a sugary sweet note with this chocolaty-raspberry luxury, your V-Day is gonna be the sweetest anyway. The recipe includes some crescent rolls, chocolate chips, frozen raspberries and is equally stunning as a breakfast or brunch dish for any other day. Embrace the V-Day charm with this sweet sin.

Rotisserie Chicken Ramen:

Not a big fan of sweet stuff? This Chicken Ramen recipe will suit you the best. Gets prepared in short time, is very much filling and has everything from chicken to noodles to eggs to mushrooms. The chicken and beef broth increase the flavor factor of the recipe whereas scallions and chilli garlic sauce add the colorfulness to the healthy and tasty lunch recipe.


You might have planned for delightful gifts which you would surprise your sweetheart with on the love day. But a hand-made dish can make a big difference. If you are a girl, then impress your man with some off-beat Valentine’s Day recipes or if you are a guy who has made it to the last, we definitely suggest you to try one of the above recipes for your lady love. Prepare it, serve it on the table, surprise your bae and wait for a fat, plump kiss on your cheek.

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