7 Gorgeous Ideas Of Vacation Hairstyles That Are Easy To Copy

Vacation Hairstyles

Planning for a vacation is fun and it is the time to experiment with your outfit and hairstyles too. whether it is a beach vacation or a mountain escape, you really need some cool hairstyle inspo so that you can stay all carefree and still can enjoy gorgeous hair days every day while on vacay. So below we have some of the cutest ideas of vacation hairstyles that will allow you to get ready in just a few minutes and your vacation selfies will come out lovely too. From top knots to a few experimental ones, here we go with our recommendations of some of the loveliest vacation hairstyles that you must love.

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Gorgeous Ideas Of Vacation Hairstyles That Are Easy To Copy:

Loose Beachy Waves Hair:

This loose curls hairstyle is perfect to sport during your beach vacation. You need to apply a leave-in conditioner to your freshly washed hair and just blow-dry it. Middle part hair to get started with the hairstyle. You use a heated tool in this hairstyle and this is a good curling iron. Take small sections of your hair starting from behind and go on curling them. In this hairstyle, you curl the mid-portion of each hair section and then loosely go till the end away from your face and just pull the curler away slowly so that, it makes a loose straight end.

Thus you get a very subtle and soft beachy wave in your hair. Repeat the procedure for both sides of the hair as well as for the back. Use some good dry shampoo to give your hair a more textured and volumizing look. You can even go for a texturizing spray. It is certainly one of the best vacation hairstyles to try.

This video tutorial from Allana Davison will teach you the steps thoroughly.

Go Teal:

Experimental souls will love to dye their hair in teal when they are heading the sea retreat. Teal hair is a sure head turner and this shade of teal is a mix of green and blue where the blue is dominating the green shade. Thus it is having a cool tone that will suit pale and fair skin tone girls perfectly. Whether you have short slightly curled hair or long and shiny super voluminous locks – this shade of pretty teal will make you look like a mermaid on your vacation.


Shag is sexy, shag is retro, and it is outrageously gorgeous. It is one of the best vacation hairstyles to sport right now that works on pretty much every hair type. Thick or thin, long or short, or even curly and straight – a shag will transform your look totally framing your face so beautifully.

Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have embraced this hairstyle and looked their charismatic best. If you have thin hair, shag will add volume to your locks. If you have curls, a shag will add a carefree messy touch to your hair and you can also play up with fringes and bangs while you embrace this, one of the most beautiful hairstyles.

Big And Bold Braids:

Go for extensions or work with your natural braids, big chunky lemonade braids look amazing on everyone. These braids curve to the side and give your head a crowing look. You can add sophisticated pieces of accessories or can wrap the braids with wires to make them look more regal. A super sexy way to show off thicker mane at the same time protecting them from breakage and damage while you are out and about in the sun, big braids are one of the most striking vacation hairstyles to try.

Half-up Top Not:

We give the lazy girls the utmost priority. Jokes apart, but this hairstyle is just meant for the lazy lasses. For the days on which you just want to roam around the new city in your comfy clothes and want to be all messy and undone, this is one of the perfect and cute vacation hairstyles to copy. Whether you have short-length hair, medium-length hair, or long hair – this hairstyle is gonna suit everybody. Pose a no-makeup look with this hairstyle and pull of that messy and carefree look perfectly. this hairdo will also do justice to your hiking outfit.

Hairstyle With Head Scarf:

No vacation is a perfect vacation if you do not elevate your hair game. And when the sun is ablaze and pollution is everywhere, it is a smart idea to style your hair with trendy head scarfs. So that you can any time use your scarf to cover up your head if needed. also, when the sun is ablaze above the head and you are sweating, you can hide your greasy and sweaty hair roots with these clever easy hairstyles for long hair. Incorporate smooth, lightweight, and brightly colored headscarves preferably in silk or satin material. They easily glide into your hair making the hairstyle steps comfortable to work with.

Windswept Long Hair:

This hairstyle is as appealing as its name sounds. Gone with the wind; let your strands casually dance with the winds. It is carefree, so delicate, and feminine. When you do not want any imposing and sleek hairdo to personify your taste, this super minimal hairstyle will help you look like an easy-breezy adorable lass. Takes only a couple of minutes to style and you stand out as a ‘miss’, not to ‘miss’. Certainly one of the easiest ideas of vacation hairstyles that can be styled in a jiffy.

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