20 Brilliant Ideas Of Unique Tattoos For Women To Try

Unique Tattoos

A bit of body art does not do any harm rather it adds a unique flair to one’s appearance and it is a huge turn-on for both genders. We now live in a world where getting tattooed is a common thing and according to studies, 59% of the tattooed population in the USA consists of women. Surprising, no? Whether you are a first-timer or are getting tattooed for the second time, there are amazingly subtle and gorgeous ideas of unique tattoos for women that you will just crave for. While flower tattoos, bird tattoos, and animal tattoos are tried by everyone, here we have presented below a number of cool and unique tattoos that will be fun to have inked on your body. 

Brilliant Ideas Of Unique Tattoos For Women To Try:

Snowflakes Tattoo:



A winter baby? In love with the picturesque panorama that the snowfall creates? Then a snowflake tattoo is just the right one for you. Dainty to look at and the undisputed symbol of winter, snowflakes can be drawn with intricate detail and uniqueness. You can get a single snowflake or can wear a band comprising of many snowflakes of different patterns. These pictures attached here will give you major tattoo goals. 

Heartbeat Tattoo:


Smaller tattoos come with a smaller price tag but being small does not mean that they are not unique or creative. For example, take this heartbeat tattoo that nicely embraces the curves of the back of your shoulder.

How about a heartbeat tattoo on your finger? It is small but truly is one of the most unique tattoos that you can get. 

Skull Tattoo:

Not everyone’s cup of tea though, a skull tattoo defines your bold and wild side. Someone wearing a skull tattoo is likely to be a strong-minded one who does not really get scared very easily, especially, death can’t scare them. To make a skull tattoo feminine you can consider adding flowers to it or go for a sugar skull tattoo. Edgy and a symbol of rebelliousness, a skull tattoo is one of the best and unique tattoos to go for. 

Astrological Symbol Tattoo:


Don’t they look cool? Small astrological symbols look really unique and fetching for their minimalistic appearance. Go for a tattoo based on your sign or just choose a random one that appeals to you the most, astrological symbol tattoos are one of the best and most unique tattoos to go for.

Disney Tattoo:

Being an ardent fan of all the Disney characters, having a Disney tattoo is a fun idea. There are so many characters, quotes, and Disney themes that you can get tattooed with. According to surveys, when it comes to theme tattoos, Disney tattoos are the second-most popular tattoo designs just after anime tattoos. Choose from the cult classic ones and they are surely among the best unique tattoos to try. Have a look at the images. 

Ghost Tattoo:


Smaller and minimalist but so unique and edgy to look at, ghost tattoos have become one of the trendiest tattoo designs for girls with edgy choices. If you are someone who does not prefer girly tats and want a small but impactful tattoo that will earn attention for sure, the ghost tattoo is one of the most unique tattoos to go for. They are cool, fun, not too spooky, yet are a crazy way to up your tattoo game. 

Card Symbols:

The Ace of Spades or the Queens, card symbols are great to get inked with. The Ace of Spades is taken as a symbol for people who are both aromantic and asexual. And the Queen of Clubs is considered to be a representative of one’s strength and power. If you can resonate with these things then you must go for a card symbol tattoo. 

Geometric Tattoos:


Unique tattoos can really be your style statement. Don’t believe it? Have a look at these cray beautiful geometric tattoos. They are easy to get inked with and are timeless. Do not burn a hole in your pocket and due to their minimalistic appearance, do not require any cover-up. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo piece that is trendy and timeless, and at the same time very unique then go for a geometric tattoo.

Infinity Tattoo:

Fits in any place and holds deep meaning, infinity tattoos are for those who believe in limitlessness. These tattoos can be incorporated with other designs like heart, quote, feather, anchor, butterflies, and are easier to get at any part of your body. If you are in love with somebody, infinity tattoos can also be got as a couple. It represents the infinite love for each other and is a symbol of your unbreakable love that is never gonna end. So if you are thinking of getting a very simple and easy-to-carry tattoo that is also unique in every aspect, go for an infinity tattoo. 

So these were some of the best ideas of unique tattoos that are sure to attract anybody with a different choice. Select your favorite one among them and get inked. 

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