10 Most Romantic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

Things To Do On Valentines Day

Can love be celebrated only on a single day in a year? Certainly, not. If you are madly in love with somebody and the almighty has bestowed you with that one person who means the whole world to you, you must celebrate love every day, rather each and every moment. But yes, when Valentine’s Day Arrives, nature is full of spring spirit, love brews in the air. Thought to have originated from a Roman festival naming Lupercalia, now this day has become a worldwide celebration day of love. Want to spend this day in a special way? Below are some of the most romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day to make it a memorable one. In case you do not have any V-Day plans in your head till now, check out this romantic list below and do something unique to celebrate love in your own kinda way.

Going out for a candle-lit dinner or watching a movie together seems to be kinda cliché. And there is really nothing special in that. So whip it up a little bit and explore something super awesome with your partner. And when you are pretty confused about the best things to do on Valentine’s Day and cannot settle for something that is super exciting and cool to do together, there goes our list of the most impressive things to do on Valentine’s Day that both of you will love doing together and will be happy at heart about it.

Most Romantic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day:

Bake Together:

Baking together is one of the most intimate things to do together on V-Day. Bake some delightful sweet treats that will lead to your tummy eventually making you and your loved ones soak in the taste of sweet love. Red velvet cake is an ooey-gooey classic choice to bake on V-Day and celebrate the festivity of the day.

We are swooning over this ultimate red velvet cake.

Get the recipe at ‘Cooking Foodie’ video below:

Taste Wine Together:


They say that wine and romance is a timeless pair. And if you can envision it, you will agree to it that, sipping a glass of wine with your love with slow music playing in the ambiance and a sexy scented candle slowly setting the mood for the night – it is sensual, erotic, and is one of the most passionate things to do on Valentine’s Day.

Plan A Hike Together:


Venture out in the woods or hike up to a fabulous lookout point to admire the serenity of nature. Watch the sunset together or imbibe the majesty of the mountains being hand and hand and closer to each other. It is a fun activity to lose some extra kilos and gain a stronger bonding with your Valentine. Oh, do not forget to click a lifetime picture amidst nature.

Book A Couple Spa:


Getting a pamper session at a spa is not only a girl’s domain. Men equally love being pampered. And what can be a more romantic idea than hitting a spa together and taking the utmost pleasure of a couple massage? One of the most relaxing things to do on Valentine’s Day as a couple that will rejuvenate you and will give you an excuse to forget all the worries and enjoy the moments that you deserve.

Plan A Picnic: Things To Do On Valentine’s Day


How about a happy picnic date with your boyfriend or husband? Planning a picnic is the easiest thing and will take you down memory lane back to your childhood days when every weekend meant heading out for a family picnic out in nature. You do not need to travel around the world in search of a cute place. In the states, almost every neighborhood has a pretty nook where you can lay your picnic blanket and be all cool about that. Dress comfortably and bring food that both of you love. Wine check, wine glass check, spoons, and forks check. Sunglasses and sun hats check – you are all set to spend a good day in a good mood.

Surprise Your Bae:


And that can be done in gazillion ways. If he has been wanting for a long to give his room a makeover, plan a makeover when he is out and about. But for this plan to get executed successfully, you have to know his taste and choice.

There are a lot of other budget and luxury ways to give your love a tremendous surprise. You can compose a song for him or can make some chocolates. Surprising with gifts is also one of the most traditional things to do on Valentine’s Day. Want more unique ideas? Is your Valentine a pet lover and has long been planning to get a pet in the family? Make him smile like a baby when you surprise him with a cute pup or a small kitty. Your boyfriend can also plan for surprises to blow your mind.

Paint Each Other’s Portrait:


Whether or not you are an artist, you can really try to paint your bae’s portrait and vice versa. How it would turn out does not count. What matters the most is the deep-flowing love and passion for each other that makes both of you patient enough to finish each other’s portrait. No matter how good or bad it may turn out, your partner is not gonna judge you for that.

Book A Musical Show:


If both of you are music addicts and share common musical interests, then spend the night together attending a musical show that is having both of your favorite bands or musical icon. One of the most frolicking things to do on Valentine’s Day to spend an amazing night.

Have Your Breakfast In Bed:

If you and your valentine live together then start off the special day with a delicious breakfast spread on the bed and kickstart the day in a good mood. This will be a nice change to break the monotony of daily life and take a break from the swirl-n-whirl of the day. You can order a takeaway and enjoy the first meal of the day together being on the bed.

Spend The Day Doing Nothing:

Sometimes, doing nothing is certainly the best thing to do. And you as a couple can also spend this special day just by doing nothing. By nothing, we mean that you ditch all the office works and just spend the day at home. Rise late in the morning. Be intimate in the bed. Have breakfast in bed. Binge-watch movies. Reminisce the old memories that you made with your partner in the past. Plan a future trip. Connect deeper with each other. And just spend the day like that.

This is one of the best things to do on Valentine’s Day to make your bond stronger and sweeter.

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