20 Most Gorgeous Thigh Tattoos For Females You Must Try

Thigh Tattoos For Females

Do you have thunder things and you show them off often? Then you have to give a look at these gorgeous ideas of thigh tattoos for females. The best part about the thigh tattoos is that you can hide them or flaunt them just the way you want. Bold, badass, and next-level sexy – thigh tattoos are your best bet if you want to flatter your curves the most feminine way. There are several styles and designs to choose from that range from seductive to subtle.

Whether your workplace allows you to have a gorgeous ink or not, you can get a large thigh tattoo anyway. Let them peek through when you wear your hot pants or cover them with clothes when needed. Check out below these most provoking thigh tattoos for females that will teach you a new definition of being sexy.

Do Thigh Tattoos Hurt?:

Whether or not the thigh tattoos hurt is a question of all. Well for that, let us tell you that, if you want to be it the least painful, go for an outer thigh tattoo. Depending on the area that you choose, thigh tattoos can get very less to utterly painful. The outer thigh area has very few nerve endings that make it the least painful area to get inked. On contrary, the inner thigh area is very sensitive with more nerve endings. The area over the quadriceps is again mildly painful. If you are very sensitive to pain, go for the upper outer thigh area that is heavily padded with fat and has less number of nerve endings. Now let us just move on to some of the most alluring thigh tattoos for females to get inspiration from.

Most Gorgeous Thigh Tattoos For Females You Must Try:

Front Thigh Tattoos:


This sexy tattoo design that is placed just below the hemline of your dress is next-level gorgeous.


Do we really need to say anything about this tattoo design that itself is so sexy?

This is one of the most popular placements to get a tattoo on. Choose designs that are small or large, this area perfectly flaunts tattoos of every size. Go for a handwritten quote or wear a geometric small pattern, and this will be one of the most sensual tattoo placements to get your first ink on. Get a flower design inked or go for something very meaningful or sweet and simple – your tattoo expert will show you tons of various designs of front thigh tattoos for females to choose from according to your taste and personality.

Garter Musical Note Tattoo:


This is probably one of the most unique thigh tattoos for females we have ever come across. Your passion for music can be expressed in the most unique way when you take the decision to go for this garter tattoo design that you will be placing somewhere on your mid-thigh. It has strings flung around your thighs that take a shape of a cute bow at the front thigh area with all the musical notes placed whimsically over it. So aesthetic, subtle, and so feminine it is .

Floral Tattoo On Thighs:

3D Rose Thigh Tattoo For When You Want It To Be More Realistic:


Colorful Floral Tattoo With Butterfly:


Consider this one of the big and colorful floral thigh tattoos for females that has a blue butterfly in the design too making it more feminine. This tattoo design will look the best when you place it on your side upper thigh area. Rock your beach days when you show your sexy bod and this gorgeous colorful tattoo.

Sweet Floral Tattoo:


Floral thigh tattoos can’t get any cuter than this one that has everything from cute colors, air balloons to sweet flowers in the design.

Thigh tattoos for females get more attractive when you choose to ink yourself with a gorgeous floral design. From realistic floral designs to contemporary geometric ones, floral thigh tattoos can vary from subtle to intense. Mix and match with other symbols like snake or sword or your most loved quote to make it more meaningful. Choose bold colors like red, purple, and even black, and just kill it with your unique tattoo design. Take inspiration from the above elegant to funky floral thigh tattoo designs.

Moth Tattoos:


When you want to ink yourself with something deeper and more meaningful, wear a moth tattoo. Moth tattoos symbolize dreams, knowledge, and wisdom. In another way, a moth tattoo when accompanied by someone’s name signifies that the person will never be forgotten. If the moth is your spirit animal and you want to get something that symbolizes strong determination and strong faith in following something constant, go for a moth tattoo that is one of the most powerful thigh tattoos for females to get.


Mandala tattoo design has been incorporated in this moth tattoo design giving it more significant meaning and look that is more ornate and royal.

Tribal Thigh Tattoos For Female:


This tattoo design starts just from the hip area and stretches till the upper thigh region sensually embracing the curve of your body. Tribal tattoos are generally very significant and each of their designs has deep meaning. This very design consists of many small motifs together making a bigger picture that is so gorgeous and elegant. Certainly one of the most beautiful thigh tattoos for females to go for.

Dream Catcher:


Dream catcher tattoos look the best when you ink them on an expansive area. And your thigh is one of the most spread out areas to have a large tattoo on. Get a dream catcher tattoo and drive away all the nightmares from your life and invite the sweetest of the dreams in your sleep. You can try them in so many colors and sizes and decorate them with birds, laces, beads, feathers, or any other symbol. Watercolor dream catcher tattoos also look amazing and visually very appealing.     

Angel Wing Tattoo:


Not a very common tattoo design to get on your thigh, an angel wing tattoo can be a sure unique design to consider. It can be a symbol of someone whom you loved the most and have lost. And you can wear it as a protective amulet too. It is motivating, inspiring, and for the ones who love to touch the sky. If you do not want to go deep into the meaning, even then, angel wing tattoos are one of the most subtle and more popular thigh tattoos for females that you must go for.

Minimal And Symbolic:


Although thigh tattoos often tend to be huge and bold, you can also choose to be minimal with this linear symbol tattoo that will flatter your curve and will also make your leg look longer.

Provocative Personal Thigh Tattoo:


Mmmm….well for those ladies out there, who are seeking ideas of thigh tattoos for females that are very provocative and are personal at the same time meant for that special one in their lives – you will love this sexy tattoo. It does not have anything explicit and is very minimum but will make your man crazy for you in the bed. Try the design to believe it!

Check Out Some More Random Thigh Tattoos For Females:


Colorful Butterflies:


Guns And Roses Thigh Tattoo:


Leopard Print Tattoo On Thigh:


There was a time in the distant past when people used to get tattoos for a reason. But now, tattoos have become a very essential part of fashion. From celebrities to young girls to women – all are eyeing different meaningful tattoos to wear in different areas on their bodies. Thigh tattoos for females are gathering popularity for their varieties and the fact that they can be hidden under the cloth anytime. Thigh tattoos will make your leg look more sensual and are one of the most attention-seeking tattoo designs to get that are incredibly eye-refreshing.

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