8 Prettiest & Most Unique Tattoo Ideas For Girls To Try

Planning to get inked? Searching for some cute tattoo ideas for girls to get inspiration from? You are at the right place. Gone are those days when tattoos were only a male thing. Now things have changed. Today’s fashion world raves about tattoos. Singer Rihanna’s love for the tattoo is very well-known. Her star tattoo on the back is just a fashion goal. David Beckham, Angelina Jolie – all of them have pretty much the same affection for the tattoos. Tattoos reveal your personality, speaks out the person you are. Leave the bags, the shoes… it is the time to have a love affair with the prettiest tattoos.

Tattoos have a long history. Before it became a fascinating fashion trend, they were always a part and parcel of the tribal people and their way of life. They used different tattoos as symbols or even as measures of protection. Every tattoo has a deep meaning and they are powerful representatives of your soul. Now let us move on to some of the prettiest tattoo ideas for girls so that you can choose the best for you and can get yourself inked the way you want.

Prettiest & Most Unique Tattoo Ideas For Girls To Try:

The Blossoming Rose:

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Roses are the epitome of beauty and rose tattoos are an all-time hit among the girls. The concept of blossoming rose is unique and full of optimism. It speaks about life, how a budding life can be nurtured to the ultimate success. This one of the best tattoo ideas for girls is so dainty, minimalistic, and stylish at the same time. Get this tattoo done on the inner side of your arm and get praised every time you roll your sleeves up. 

Bow It Right:


Are you fond of more petite, dainty stuff? Then this ensemble of tattoos is gonna attract you the most. We love the bow on the middle finger and how all the tiny tattoos are complementing each other. Bows generally signify female power, a loving hug or sometimes a token of love. You can just get a single bow on your finger or can go for a collection of tattoos. Your hand will look pretty and edgy.

Black Tribal Lotus Tattoo:


For those people who love intense, elaborate tattoos, this tribal lotus tattoo is gonna suit their personality the most. The flower lotus has a different meaning in different cultures. In Buddhism, the lotus is the symbol of purity. In western as well as Egyptian culture, lotus defines the beginning of new life, inception. This tattoo design is carrying a perfect boho vibe with very intricate works going on. Flaunt your boho side up with this one of the most exquisite tattoo ideas for girls.

Dog Paw Tattoo:

This is one of the most irresistible tattoo ideas for girls or for anybody who feels a strong connection with his/her furry friend. Starting from the simplest designs, dog paw tattoos go up to many elaborate designs wherein you can mix and match paws with heart or with any other meaningful designs. A small one would look lovely on your ankle or wrist area. For the bigger designs, the most suitable place is your back or even your arm. Dog paw also symbolizes protection and friendliness. So if you were looking for a meaningful and sweet tattoo design, go for it.


This cute tattoo idea signifies your infinite love for your pet.

Winnie The Pooh Tattoo:


In sheer love with this most adorable cartoon character? Why not get your love inked then? If your personality matches with this ever adventurous cuddly bear, then go for it. A small black and white beer outline works best on your ankle or you can customize your design anyway. Winnie the Pooh is a symbol of hope, finding positivity in life, and learning from every small thing in life. Make friendship with this little buddy by having a fun tattoo of this honeybunch.

We have got some very simple to colorful versions of Winnie the Pooh tattoo ideas for girls here.     


Mandala Art Tattoo:

Mandala tattoos are for the mystical souls. In ancient times, Mandala art was used to emblematize the universe. It is also spiritually associated with Buddhism and Hinduism. Apart from these art and historical aspects, Mandala tattoos are eternal fashion obsessions. Mandalas consist of geometrical shapes like squares, triangles, and circular patterns and generally require a wider canvas. So get them done on your back or on feet or even on the forearm.

Get inspiration from these awesome Mandala tattoo ideas for girls.


Show off your sexy back with this one.


Musical Note Tattoo Ideas For Girls:


This is one of the easiest tattoos to start off with. If the idea of having a more complex tattoo is inhibiting you from getting one, get yourself a musical note tattoo. A single note will fairly sit on your finger, behind the ear or on the back of your neck. Else you can draw a few notes together to have an anklet kind of design around your ankle. A stylish fashion statement that showcases your love for music.

This behind the ear tattoo is sexy and chic at the same time.


Flower Bouquet Tattoo Ideas For Girls:


Moving on to something more elaborate and bold, we have these amazing flower bouquet tattoo recommendation for you. choose the color palette you are comfortable with. There are designs with bright purple flowers to nudish-mauvy pink ones. Spread the flowers over your back or under the boobs or wherever you want. Have fond love for the cherry blossoms or the divine roses or for delightful daisies? Do not over think. Get all of your favorite flowers together while you go for a flower bouquet tattoo.        

Be experimental or try safe fashion, there is something for everybody when it comes to talking about tattoo ideas for girls. nowadays there are plenty of techniques and treatments to remove them partially or fully. So, no inhibitions, no guilt feeling – use your body as a canvas and express your personality by getting inked with some divine tattoos.

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