20 Brilliant Sunroom Ideas for your Cozy Weekends

Soaking in the sun is truly beneficial for your health but that does not mean you will always have to venture outside to enjoy the goodness of the sun. Sunrooms or solariums or garden rooms are those structured rooms which are attached to your home or office or even to the restaurant so that you can enjoy the rain, the sun and all the goodness of the nature being in it but at the same time you also have a shelter. Today, in this article we will be concentrating on some of the brilliant sunroom ideas and tips about how to get a trouble free and luxurious sunroom. Enjoy the warmth and light of the sun all in a stylish way.

Get Inspired By These Sunroom Ideas:


These brilliant images of sunroom ideas will actually help you to get the cozy feel and will help you out to set up a customized sunroom for your house. There are endless mix and match options for you to go. Every season has its unique awesomeness factor and a decorative sunroom is the best option to enjoy the ultimate beauty of a specific season. Not only enjoying the season, but you can also relax there on your lazy days and can just spend the whole day in the lap of the pretty nature, reading books or just sipping over a cup of coffee.


Sunrooms can easily be built by converting any of your apartment’s room. Just turn the walls of that room into glass windows and your airy and delightful sunroom is ready. Try to decorate your sunroom in accordance with that easy-breezy feel. You can go with an all wooden floor and vintage furniture for that retro feel or you can tone your sunroom down painting it all white. Put some picturesque yellow and pink roses at the corners and lose your existence amidst the green nature.


You can choose to be formal or whimsical. Go for some accent pieces or room layout as this room is all blessed with the natural lighting. What about a rustic brick sunroom? Go for a glass ceiling to enjoy nature to the fullest. You can also insert bright and cheerful colors in the decoration as they look gorgeous in the bright sunlight. Try to maintain the simplicity of the room and don’t go overboard for the sake of experimenting. All you need to feel is homely and nothing more.


Some tips for your sunroom:

  • Use skylights for extra light and admirable views of nature.
  • Insert a fireplace into your sunroom to make it warm and cozy.
  • Always use binds on the windows in case you don’t like bright sunlight at times.
  • Large windows are the best option to go for.
  • A ceiling fan is always a good option to insert in your sunroom.
  • A proper sunroom should have electrical outlets to support floor and table lamps as well.

Any room of your house carries your personality in it and so does the sunroom. Decorate it with vintage pieces or fairy fountains and you can even make your mini bar corner or libraries out there. It can also be used as a transitional green space between the indoors and the outdoors. Go for comfortable seating options and decorate the floor with cozy rugs and floor mats. Enjoy your leisurely living to the maximum and it is like spending a vacation time being in your own home. And we are sure that these beautiful sunroom ideas have helped you to figure out what you want in your own sunroom and what not. You don’t need to invest much and you can easily transform your home extensions into one airy sunroom. Tailor it your own way and spend your ‘me time’ in a more stylish way.

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