10 Summer Wellness Tips To Stay All Cool & Fit This Season

The warmest season of the year is all set and it’s the high time to know those holy grail summer wellness tips which will keep you cool during the hot days. We all get that much-needed vacations during this span of the year so we need to stay fit to enjoy the fun and energy of this moment to the fullest, right? And even if you have no plans of traveling and you are just following your same old hectic routine, these few summer wellness tips would help you to stay cool this summer.

There are not many things you need to do to keep yourself strong and healthy throughout this season. Just maintain a healthy routine, good lifestyle, indulge in good food, practice some spiritual meditation and you will be all fine. The mantra is to keep your body and mind out of stress and tension so that your body does not get heated up from inside and it can be all calm and relieved. We are here with this handful of summer wellness tips to keep you going. Let’s check them out.

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Summer Wellness Tips To Stay All Cool & Fit This Season:

Hydrate Yourself:



Being properly hydrated is the most important thing you need to do in summer. Start your day off with a glass full of lukewarm water having half of a lemon juice and a spoonful of honey in it. This is a smart way to kick-start your day as lemon-honey water will keep you energetic throughout the day. Besides, sip into a glass of water every one hour. Try to intake at least 8-9 glasses of water daily. Squeeze some lemon into your water bottle to make your drinking session fun. One of the most important summer wellness tips of all.

Eat It Right:



Do not ever skip your breakfast. Try to plan small meals and have them every two to three hours. Include yogurt and fresh seasonal fruits in your diet. Try to avoid foods that are rich in protein as your body creates more metabolic heat while breaking down the protein-rich foods. Remember that, coconut water, watermelon, cucumber, onion, mint, melons are best as the cooling foods. So make delicious fruit salad and stay cool while the sun is up.

Sleep Tight:



If you don’t get a decent night’s sleep, your days in summer are going to be even more difficult. Stop over-heating your bedroom during daytime by keeping your windows and curtains closed. Have a cold water bath before getting into the bed. You can wash off your feet with cold water or run your wrists under the same and you will surely get a positive result.

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The Yoga Effect:



Indulge in some early morning outdoor yoga practices as that will keep you energized and full of life throughout the day. This is one of the best summer wellness tips you can follow. There are some cool yoga poses which are really helpful for your overall well being during the summer months. Let’s go through them.

The Right Dress Code:


Always wear lightweight, breathable and comfortable clothes. Wear monotone or pastel-hued clothes as they are soothing to the eyes and reflect the sun’s radiation. Make cotton your favorite fabric and avoid synthetic fabrics. Try to cover yourself up when you are out in the scorching sun. Use sunglasses and umbrella when needed all the time.

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SPF: It is a must mention and all of us are aware of the importance of applying a good quality sunscreen nowadays. Make sure that your sunscreen has at least an SPF of more than 30 and it is both UVA and UVB protective. The trick here is that, the fairer you are the greater your sunscreen’s SPF should be.



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Avoid Over-intoxication:



During summer, reduce your amount of alcohol consumption as you are going to dehydrate yourself by having more alcohol. And it consequently causes you to perspire and urinate more. So even if you are drinking alcoholic beverages, try to reduce the amount of it and drink plenty of water between the alcoholic beverages.

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Keep Your Home Cool:



After a long hectic day, when you head back to your home, you really need a cool environment to calm down all your summer fatigues. So you need to know how to keep your house cool.

  • Keep your curtains closed during the daytime.
  • Fill a bowl with ice and keep it at an angle in front of a big fan. When the fan is on, your room will be feeling extra cool, try it.
  • Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise. It works wonder.
  • Turn on the exhaust fans of your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Let sufficient air enter into your home during the evening and night time.
  • Change your bed sheets to the cotton ones and use cool shaded curtains. 

The Chrysanthemum Tea Effect:



Chrysanthemum tea is well known for its cooling properties. Whether it is cold or hot, this tea lowers down the body temperature and gives us the best cooling sensation in summer. It is also famous for soothing the heat rashes.

Ditch Those Junk Foods And Cold Drinks:



Avoid those fried and packed junk foods and cold aerated drinks during summer in terms of staying cool and fit. These foods end up making you obese and you feel more stressed and heated up throughout the day.

Calm Down Your Mind With Meditation:



Make time for meditation every day. You really need to soothe and calm down your mind in order to stay cool during summer. Listen to good music and take a walk alongside the pool to have some ‘me-time’ and soothe your mind and body.

So these were some of the really beneficial summer wellness tips which are really helpful to keep yourself refreshed and composed during the unforgiving summer. Try to maintain them religiously and keep your nerves cool and stress-free. Summer is here with the bright sun and the golden days. Stay healthy and enjoy the happy vibe of the season to the fullest.

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