7 Fresh Nail Polish Shades To Flaunt Summer-ready Pastel Color Nail


A nicely-painted pastel color nail screams FRESH SUMMER! And a glass full of Pina colada suits the best when you have refreshing pastel hues on your nails. A subtle baby-pink or a slightly brighter color like yellow, these shades can any day, break the monotony of your boring nails and can make your hands appear like freshly-bloom flowers. A pastel color nail is minimalist yet so stylish. Whether your style is sober and classy or peppy and cheerful, springy pastel shades would complement you any day, any time. Delicate, muted, soft, and chirpy – below are some of the most stunning nail color recommendations for you guys if you want to flaunt that perfectly manicured youthful pastel fingertip.

Some people consider pastel color nail to be very immature. But in reality, they are not. Rather pastel shades help your hands appear more elegant and clean. They are no-fuss and if rightly picked-up, they complement every age group. What is more important here is to choose the right shade according to your skin tone. Nail polishes, in general, can make your hands look fairer, tanner, slimmer, or even can make your nail bed appear bigger or smaller. So be sure that you are choosing the right shade for yourself and just look all spring or summer-ready with these dreamy pastel nail colors available in the market.

Fresh Nail Polish Shades To Flaunt Summer-ready Pastel Color Nail:

Go Ginza by Essie:

It is probably the prettiest shade of lilac that you would love to have in your arsenal. This shade was launched in the Spring 2013 collection and got popularity in a jiffy. This creamy pastel lilac shade has a pink undertone and would complement fair to medium skin tone. The formula is so creamy and needs two coats to get completely opaque. Has a shiny finish to it and is just a very flattering shade for all the pastel purple lovers.

ZOYA Nail Polish In ‘Leif’:


Zoya describes this beautiful color to be a gentle and harmonious light sage green cream.

A warm toned, opaque, cream finish, pastel green color that is so unique, ‘Leif’ is sure to be your next favorite uncommon shade that will make all the difference. Also the brand does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate so that’s a big YAY.

For the best wear, clean your nails first and apply 1 thick coat of the base coat. Then wait for some time to let it dry and apply 2 coats of the nail polish. Finish off with the topcoat for the most beautiful opaque pastel color nail.

Dior Vernis Pop ‘N’ Glow Limited Edition Scented Nail Lacquer in Tutti Frutti:


Take the spring-summer look to your fingertip with this absolutely happening pastel shade of yellow that too is scented. It has a very fruity raspberry kind of smell in it that is so delicious. It is a mellow yellow from the house of Dior that will brighten up your blah mood in a second. The shade is so gorgeous stealing the hue from a setting summer sun and would make your pastel color nail look bright like a sunflower.

Formula-wise it is having a very cream-jelly kind of consistency that is comfortable to wear on the nails. Get ready for a summer brunch or casually spend your summer afternoon by the pool and admire your yellow fingertip so dearly.

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Deborah Lippmann In Peaches & Cream:


The shade apart from being so soft and pretty would suit the olive to medium skin tone perfectly. The color is again very off-the-path having a slight milky-creamy undertone. It is a very dreamy shade if you want to flaunt a subtle pastel color nail. An everyday wearable shade that has a wonderful color pay-off and gel-shiny finish. Lasting power is quite handsome and is a very versatile shade for almost all the skin tones. The price is on an expensive side but for the quality you get, it is worth investing in such a pretty nail shade. The shade comes in a 15 ml quantity and is free of formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate.

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O.P.I Nail Lacquer In Alpine Snow:


The color white is a summer staple and so is this timeless shade of pastel white. White is crisp, it is so clean and can easily be your go-to color for every day. This divine shade from the house of O.P.I is sophisticated and is the best to pull off a classic French manicure. The color is one-stroke pigmented and gives opaque coverage in a single swipe. Gives a rich glossy touch to your fingertips and is one of the best pastel color nail polishes of all. Seal it with a top coat for the best wear.

O.P.I This Cost Me A Mint:


We love O.P.I’s nail colors. And this pastel color nail polish with a lovely mint color is so summer appropriate. This is a cool-toned mint shade that would suit the paler complexion people the most. Has a very comfortable crème finish. The shade is so versatile that it can be worn alone and can also be used in various levels of nail-art designs. For the best opacity, wear two coats of the nail color and seal it with another coat of topcoat.

Londontown Lakur Enhanced Colour in Dolly Mix:


This pastel color nail polish is a moody shade of purple that is best suited for the boss ladies among you. The formula of the nail color is vegan and its high-gloss and high-shine finish are just to die for. Apart from giving your nails that super-amazing look, it also ensures hydration and strength of your nails with every application. Now you do not need to choose between nail health or nail color, as you can pick both in one!

Dusty blues, subtle coral, or chirpy yellow, pastel color nail polishes are in trend. Add an unexpected pop of color to your look by flaunting some brilliant shades of pinks and frosty blues. Pastels are young yet having a considerable amount of maturity in them. Wear them with your flowy maxis or beloved pair of jeans and hold the macaroni in your hand in the prettiest way.

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