10 Catchy And Most Unique Summer Nail Ideas To Try

Summer Nail Ideas

Summer is here and it is the time to revamp your look with all those summer-ready fresh colors and bright hues of summer. Apart from clothes and shoes, your nails can be dressed up in such a way so that they reflect the summer trend to the fullest. Stick to your one-color manis or go glamourous with edgy floral designs or animal prints – these hot, on-trend summer nail ideas are going to make your nails all bright and chic. A huge fan of unique manicure styles and designs? Just keep your scrolling game on to explore all those chic summer nail ideas that are waiting right below.

Summer is the time to flaunt all those lilac, powder blue, peach, and lemon. Whether you hit the most beautiful beachside or just join a pool party, let your nails do all the talking with all these cool summer nail ideas. A glass full of sexy cocktail looks even sexier when you have long perfectly manicured nails to show off, right? Let your gorgeous nails catch all the attention and be the talk of the season by dressing up your nails with the pop of colors and hint of tints. We have a bunch full of interesting and adorable summer nail ideas below that will transform your nails from boring to beautiful.

Catchy And Most Unique Summer Nail Ideas:

Peach Please:

Peach is delicate, peach is fresh, and peach is pretty on all hands. Don’t believe us? Have a look at all these images and you will adore how beautiful they look. Peachy hues give your nails a subtle sophistication and you can mix and match shades from peach to coral. Choose a matte one or go for holographic hues, peach is on trend this summer. Add glitters or rhinestone detailing on some of the nails to add all the drama.

Peachy Salmon Nails With Grey-N-Floral Pattern On One Finger And Rhinestone Detailing
Peach Nails With Glitters
Simple Peach Summer Nail Ideas With O.P.I Nail Lacquer Selection

Leopard Mani:

Bringing in the wild vibe in the summer fashion is not a bad idea at all. And while many of you may think that animal prints are solely autumn-winter stuff, they are absolutely not so. Leopard manis look classy and sophisticated on most of the women who love off-beat fashion.

You can create bright and colorful animal print designs with colors like pink and royal blue. Or stick to classic beige, black and white combinations and add some gold or silver accents for double effect. The image below shows an experimental way of putting on leopard designs on nails. It has a nude base, and on top of that, rich wine color and black have been used to get the leopard print design. The other nails look gorgeous with the mix and match designs of glitters, quotes, and sequined accents. This is one of the boldest summer nail ideas to try for sure.


Summer Beach Nails:

Get the tropical punch on your nails and set off for your beach summer vacation. Match your nails with your bikinis or say hello to the summer sun with lots of aqua and turquoise hues on your nails. To complement the tan hands, white manicures will be perfect. For a sunkissed look, paint your nails with lots of oranges and rusts. Aqua blue nails look playful and unexpected in the summer holidays and if you want something extra on your nails then go for ombre nails. Or try some floral designs or palm trees or tropical prints that are funky and fresh.


Ice Cream Nails:

When it is scorching hot outside and everyone is dreaming of a blackcurrant or mango ice cream, wear your own ice creams on your nails. Refreshing to look at and so so adorable! Go for colors like mint, baby pinks, white, lemon yellow to do all the designs as they scream summer. This is one of the most unique themed summer nail ideas that is gonna catch everybody’s attention. Let your nails be the summer respite.


Fun Summer Nail Ideas:


There is no rule of styling and prepping up your nails for the summer. Make your nails everything but boring when you try all the quirky motifs on your nails. From mushrooms to ice cream cones to whimsical colors to word puzzle boards, your nails are the canvas and you can paint your heart out on the canvas the way you like it. We can tell one thing for sure, kids are gonna love your nails and everybody around you are gonna envy your off-beat and rare summer nails.

Marble Nails:

This is one of the most popular nail designs that is loved all through the year irrespective of the seasons and time. They are so artsy and add sheer elegance to your nails. If you don’t want too much drama on your nails, stick to muted nude colors, and white, and taupe colors. Experimental souls will love to try some watercolor style marble nails where there are pops of pinks, oranges, mints, and aqua. Use your own imagination to paint your nails with more gorgeous marble designs.


Lemonade Nails:

The best things about summer are those juicy fresh lemons. And when life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of them. And when life gives you options to paint your nails, paint them with lemonade prints. What say? Every time you look at your hands, you will feel that citrusy summer freshness.

Photo Courtesy: INSTAGRAM: stormilahuillier

Stripe Themed Nail Art:

Uniform stripes look amazingly classy on matte painted nails. They are so minimalistic but have maximum effect on your eyes. Simply paint your nails with colors of your choices and fill the canvas with black stripes. This is one of the most minimalistic summer nail ideas that has the maximum effect. It is versatile, can be teamed with any of your summer outfits and will suit all the personalities.


Vintage Road Map Nails:

If summer means vacation and traveling to you, show off your love for traveling with your nail designs. It looks so quirky and so unique but believe us, you can DIY it in your own home. Just gather a map, white polish, clear polish, and some rubbing alcohol. We are just digging this nail design.


Polka Dots:

Best for the teenagers and the girls who love simple yet colorful nail arts this summer. Suitable for day to day wear and can easily be worn with any outfit or attire. Easy to carry, very feminine, and an eternal fashion element – polka dots would never go out of fashion.


Boost your mood with these chirpy summer nail ideas and paint your nails with new designs every day. Summer is all about freshness, bright sunny colors, cheerfulness, and life. Celebrate the sun and livelihood with these fun nail designs and wear a sparkling smile on your face. Let’s go summer!

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