7 Pretty And Simple Summer Hairstyles To Try Right Now

When scorching and humid summer days are all around you definitely won’t prefer to leave your hair open during all day long. That sweaty and frizzy hair does not look amazing and needs to get styled in such ways so that you can be fuzz-free and comfortable throughout the day. If you’re a working woman, you’re definitely in search of some cool and simple summer hairstyles which are easy to accomplish and stylish at the same time.

First of all, you need to take good care of your hair during this time of the year as the burning sun squeezes away all the life from your mane and makes it limp and dull. Here are some of the best hair care tips for the summer months. And to add to that, you need to go for some cool hairstyles which are appropriate for summer and do not need much involvement of straightening, curling or heat treatments, as these will make your already dry hair even dryer. So without further ado, let’s get into some really easy to try summer hairstyles which will make each of your days the best ever hair day.

Pretty And Simple Summer Hairstyles To Try Right Now:

The Chunky Top Knot:


The best way to combat against humid summer is to style your hair in a really top knot. These are versatile and will go with any outfit. Go for a Chignon Bun or a really simple out-of-the-bed messy knot when you are running late for your work. Go for minimum makeup and wear breathable fabrics to beat the heat all day long. This tutorial will help you out in case you are finding problems to make a perfect top knot hairstyle.


The Feminine Fishtail Braid:


This braided hairstyle is one of the easiest hairstyles to make and the best part is that it will give you that all dressed up look in a very easy way. This is again a very versatile option which you can wear with your comfy t-shirts and jeans and with your feminine floral dresses as well. Easy maintenance, impressive and one go to hairstyle for the long summer days. Check out this tutorial.


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The Wrapped Ponytail:


The wrapped ponytail can be your go-to hairstyle for the summer days. You just need an elastic band to secure all of your hair at the back and then take a few strands of hair from the ponytail and wrap them around the elastic and secure them with bobby pins. You can get this easy breezy hairstyle in just two minutes and you are just sorted for rest of the day. You can add cute summery floral accessories to your hair to tone up the hairstyle.


The Pixie:


Pixie cuts are cute yet classic. You can flamboyantly flaunt your gorgeous pixie hairstyle in the summer. Just go to your hairstylist and ask for a suitable pixie which suits your face type and personality. You can opt for bangs on the forehead or you can add some feminine curls for a girly girl look. Just style your pixie well when you are getting out of the house. Use volumizing products to add some texture to it or just go for a messy day hair look. Pixie will rock in everything.



The Braided Bun:


Braided bun hairstyle is perfect for the summer brunches or the date nights. You can make your braid loose or tight to give a distinct personality to your bun. For a messy look keep your braid loose and that will add a subtle feminine edge to your entire look. This sleek bun hairstyle is perfect for your beach vacation looks as well as for your summer daytime outing with your girl gang.


The Milkmaid Hair Braid:


Looking out for some dressy kind of braided hairstyle to flaunt this summer? Milkmaid Braid is the one for you. Looks vintage and elegant yet very easy to accomplish. This hairstyle will keep all your hair up from your shoulder giving your shoulder the chance to breathe. This summer hairstyle goes well with your dressy gowns or floral maxi dresses making you prettier and chic.


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The Sleek French Twist:


This hairstyle often seems to be very difficult to create but it is actually not. If you have shorter hair, you can rock this hairstyle in the best manner. Just adding some texture to your hair, parting it, securing it with bobby pins and twisting and securing the hair along the length of your hair, and you are done. Perfect for the prickly summer days and perfect for your all long working days. Flaunt it and look pretty.


When the temperature is soaring high and the humidity is making things even worse, you need to manage your mane in such a way so that it remains healthy and looks stylish. Open hair is a big NO, NO as it attracts more dirt and dust and your hair tends to get frizzier and stickier. Take good care of your locks during the summer and style them accordingly. Choose any of these above-mentioned summer hairstyles and put your best foot forward.

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