7 Best Summer Hair Care Tips To Get That Healthy Mane

Summer is the month of traveling, having fun and all about vacations. But as the summer sun sets in, your hair starts to feel frizzy, unmanageable, dull and dry. Yes, the summer sun takes a huge toll on your hair. Whether you are traveling or not, a tiny amount of sun exposure can damage your hair and can make it lifeless. In addition to that, humidity and pollution cause dandruff and split ends and eventually, you experience thin and flat hair with no lustre at all. So here we are with some of the best summer hair care tips that will help you to maintain a healthy hair and will keep your nightmare problems at bay.

You need to maintain certain hair washing regimes, need to include hair friendly food in your diet, sleep well and need to take really good care of your hair in order to combat against the mighty sun and the damages caused by it. With some little changes in your hair care routine and these summer hair care tips you can actually see noticeable differences in your hair and can get fuss-free, shiny hair.

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Best Summer Hair Care Tips To Get That Healthy Mane:

Cover Up To Protect:



One of the best summer hair care tips to save your hair from the sun is to say ‘NO’ to sun exposure. Cover up your mane with hat, stylish scarf, and umbrella. It will give extra UV protection to your hair and your scalp will be able to retain the moisture. The humid weather and devil pollution will get a lesser scope to damage your dear locks.

Use A Hair Sunscreen:



You surely use a high SPF sunscreen for your face and body but do you use a hair sunscreen? You must invest in a good quality hair sunscreen as it is an uber-important thing when we are talking about summer hair care tips. The hair sunscreens are UV filtering products and create a strong protective layer on your hair strands to diminish the damage caused by the sun rays.

Conditioning Is A Must:



As your hair strands and scalp endure the horrible summer sun, you can pamper them with deep oil conditioning. Massaging your scalp with hot olive oil will ensure locking that extra moisture in your hair and further growth of your hair as well. To de-frizz your mane, try to rinse it with apple cider vinegar mixed with water as this mixture acts as a natural conditioner. You can substitute olive oil with almond or coconut oil as well.

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Be Alert, Swimmers:



Swimming is always a fun activity to indulge in and when the sun is above the head, what else seems to be the better option than diving into a cool pool? But, friends you need to be aware of the after-effects. The chlorine present in the pool water damages your hair like no one’s business. You need to cover your hair with a generous amount of conditioner before you get down into the pool. Dry hair will soak chlorine like a sponge and your hair will become even drier and frizzier. Do not forget to shampoo your strands after you get out of the pool and moisturize it well.

Say ‘NO’ To The Heating Tools:



Summer days are all about exposure to heat and scorching sun so try to minimize the use of heating tools on your hair as often as possible. Reduce the use of blow-dry and ditch straighteners, curlers for these days. Flat-irons will add up to the damage to your already damaged hair. So, go natural and say ‘No’ to the styling and heating products. If you have no other option than using tools at a given point of time, do not forget to use a heat protectant on your strands to minimize the damage.

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Skip Hair Coloring And Dyes:



We all love coloring our hair and love to play with the overall look of our hair but during the summertime, try to avoid coloring your hair. If possible do it one or two months before the scorching summer days arrive. Dyes and colors contain harmful chemical toxins that have unlimited adverse effects on your hair. During the summers it will make your dry strands even drier and eventually, you will experience hair fall and dull hair. If you have color treated hair already, avoid much exposure to sun, use good moisturizer and sunscreen to protect your strands. This is one of the unskippable summer hair care tips we could have ever given.

The Cleansing Routine:



Summer days come with intolerable humidity and pollution making your hair greasy, sticky and frizzy. You feel like shampooing your hair every day but believe us you are doing no good to your hair and just stripping off the natural oil of your hair making it more prone to damage. Shampoo only your scalp and not the strands to prevent dryness and always go for milder shampoos with natural oils and supplements like vitamin E and D.

Great hair is a result of your inner well being. If you are healthy from inside your hair and skin will glow with all the shine and health. So make sure you are on a healthy diet which contains lots of leafy vegetables, fruits and loads of water. Hydrate your body as often as you can and have a good night’s sleep. Keep stress at bay and with our all these efficient summer hair care tips, your hair is sure to shine with life and happiness.

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