12 Absolute Styling Tips And Tricks For The Pear-Shaped Body

Pear Shaped Body

Have you got fuller thighs and big hips? Is your upper body much narrower than your lower body? Do you first gain weight at your thighs, hips, and lower abdomen? Then be sure that you are having a gorgeous pear-shaped body. Believe us lady, that slim waistline, that wider hips, and thicker thighs are just to die for if you know how to flaunt your assets in the right way. You may take any pear-shaped celebrities as your style inspiration. Our very hot Kim Kardashian has always dressed up in a fantastic way to accentuate her gifted pear body. Take the example of famous Columbian singer Shakira, she exactly knows how to define her sexy pear body with a flared silhouette. So, friends, this article is all about the right tricks and tips and moreover a bunch of inspiring outfit ideas for the girl with a pear-shaped body out there.

If you are blessed with a pear or a triangular figure, make sure that you attract people’s attention to your narrow waist and the top half of the body. Do not overdo your lower portion of the body as that will grab more attention to your hips and thighs. Go for vertical stripes, go for solid and dark-colored bottom and always choose silhouettes that have a nice fall and that do not cling on to your lower body. Put more emphasis on your upper body by wearing smart accessories, ruffled sleeves and frills as that will help to maintain the right balance between your upper and lower body. And with a slimmer waist (what you already have got), you can definitely camouflage an hour-glass figure. So gear up all the pea-shaped body ladies and dig into these gorgeous outfit ideas to smartly dress up any day, every day.

Absolute Styling Tips And Tricks For The Pear-Shaped Body:

#1. Go For Structured Tops:


You probably understand why. As pear-shaped body girls often have very narrow and petite shoulders, the idea is to going for a more structured top that can help you to give an illusion of wider shoulder. The structured and well-fitted top will enhance your waistline beautifully, giving your frame more height and definition. Clothing items with padded shoulder or intricate detailing at the shoulder will look stunning. Go for a scoop neck top, team it up with a custom-made structured blazer and go all minimum with a plain black jeans. You are ready to rock.

#2. Layer It Up:


Playing with layers will add drama to the top half of your body. Layer up your silk top with a woolen or viscose jacket with smart checks or prints and team it up with pants with a flared bottom. Your jacket will flatter the top half of the body and your problem area will be less noticed. An A-line dress can be layered with a structured boxy coat that just ends at your mid-thigh. The best way to emphasize your waistline is to opting for a cropped jacket.

#3. The Perfect Neckline To Go For:


If you are gifted with a pear-shaped body, you are actually lucky when it comes to playing up with different neck-lined tops. Go bold, go carefree, and embrace cowl neck, scoop neck, v-neck, plunging neck – you have so many options to try out.

Here are some tips we would like to give you:

  • If you are heavy busted, ditch deep v-neck and deep-round neck tops.
  • Do not go for strapless tops if you are having bigger breast size.
  • If you have a short neck, v-neck tops are your bae.
  • Boat-neck tops look great on wider shoulders.
  • If you have wide shoulders, try not to wear crew-neck tops.

Go for tops that instantly grab attention to your neck area. For that matter, you can choose tops that have lace or frill detailing at the neckline. Halter-neck tops look great on the pear-shaped body and how can we not mention the glory of a one-shoulder top?

#4. Add Colors & Patterns To The Top:

You are free to wear quirky prints, bold and bright colors and elaborate patterns on your tops. Black is your best friend and prints like chevron, gingham, floral, animal prints, color-blocking, one solid color – you can wear anything, actually. Look out for tops that have nice embellishment. Beads, sequins – these elements will easily draw everybody’s attention to your top portion away from your lower halves.

One really important thing to remember always is that vertical stripes will always help you to minimize the appearance of your wider hips. So, ditch horizontal strips and wear vertical shirts and tops to get an elongated effect and pair your shirt with solid colored nicely-fitted pants.

#5. Ditch Baggy Clothes:

One fashion blunder pear-shaped people make is to wearing baggy and slouchy clothes. Baggy clothes make you clumsy and you actually hide your gorgeous waistline unknowingly. You need to pay good amount of attention to the fit of the dress. Wear clothes that have a well-defined waistline. It will resemble a shape of that of an hour-glass figure. You can wear dress that has fitted chest area, fitted wast area and that flares down from the waistline.

#6. Belt It Right:


One accessory that can save you a long way is a nice belt. For a pear-shaped body, a slim belt works the best. Wear an A-line dress and accentuate your waist with a slim black belt. If you want you can wear the belt a little bit higher than your waistline. It will help to elongate your lower body and will create an illusion of longer legs. Wear tan or coffee-colored belts and avoid too much bulky or buckled belts. A skinny belt is a savior for the girls having a pear-shaped body.

#7. Make Use Of Scarves And Neck Accessories:

As we want all the drama to go on your upper body, we want all the pretty scarves and neck accessories in our stash. Just mix and match with those pieces and drive all the attention away from your heavy areas. A long-hanging necklace with extra works makes your bust area attractive and also helps in elongating the upper portion. A loosely put scarf will help to give an illusion of a broader shoulder and will also maintain a better proportion. Accessories, if worn in the right way can make your outfit as perfect as it gets. Bold, bright, full of colors – you want all kind of scarves and neckpieces in your closet.


Try different types of tying variety to see what suits you the best. Infinity scarf or circular scarf works best for you. You can even wear your scarf around your waist or can wear it as a bandana headband. All these techniques will help you to snatch the attention to your upper body.

#8. Dark Bottoms Are Your Savior:


If you are a bottom-heavy lass, dark wash jeans, dark-colored pants are your all-time best friends. Always choose a bottom that is darker than your top. It will easily complement your body shape. Dark wash jeans do not always mean indigo jeans. There are more color options to go for. There are charcoal shades, there are deep blacks, deep olive or burgundy shades – you just need to expand your horizon.


Do not choose jeans that have heavy works on the hip area. It will catch unwanted attention to your heavier areas. You want to conceal your hips area and that’s why make sure that you do not wear any jeans that have bling, sequin work or threadwork detailing at the hip pocket area or waist area.

#9. The Right Cut For Your Jeans:


Now that you have chosen your perfect jean color, let us concentrate on the right cut and fit. A right cut pair of jeans will efficiently make you look slimmer, proportionate and will balance out all the flaws that you have.

Skinny Jeans: You can wear skinny jeans but make sure that it is highly stretchable and the fabric is heavy. Also, choose a skinny-fit jean that is high-rise or at least mid-rise. It will easily tuck in all the fat and will make you slim-bellied.

Boot Cut: A pair of boot-cut jeans is just meant for the pear-shaped body. The slight flare at the bottom and the calf area is the best for you. Your jean should be fitted around your hips and it should flare out as it goes down.

Straight Fit Jeans: These are as good as the Boot Cut jeans. They are also a bit loose at your calf and ankle area and that gives an illusion of prolonged and balanced legs. Always find out a heavy-fabric jean and make sure that the fabric does not hug or cling onto your legs.

There is a term called ‘sculpting’ or ‘shaping’. You should be looking out for this kind of jeans while you are shopping for yourself.

#10. What About The Dresses?…


Now coming to every girl’s favorite outfit option, the dresses. Dresses are comfy, they are easily wearable and go with every single occasion. But do you know what kind of dresses does flatter the pear-shaped body most? Let’s have a look:

A-Line Dress: A-line dress is excellent for you as it gradually broadens as it goes down and is slightly fitted around your hips. You can choose a frilled A-line dress or a dress that has detailing at the bottom. Go for sleeveless or ruffle sleeves, anything – A-line dresses are your all-time best friend.

Wrap Dress: Wrap dresses are perfect for your body structure as they cling onto your waist. A wrap dress with bow detailing at the waist or a dress that has asymmetric hemline or ruffled hem will flatter your body and they are feminine and easy to pull off at the same time.

Skater Dress: A skater dress also cinches in at your waist, defining your waistline. It smartly widens downward giving you a gorgeous illusion of proportionate figure.

#11. The Right Shoes:


One accessory that can make or break your look totally is the footwear you wear.

A heavy hip area makes an impression of a shorter lower body. Always reach out for shoes with pointed toe as that will help to create an illusion of elongated leg. High heels and peep-toed stilettoes are your bae and a pair of black pumps must be one of your fashion staples. Team up a wrap dress with a pair of wedge heels or a pair of pointed-toe pumps and steal the show.

You should never wear flats as flats make your lower body look thicker and wider. A pair of shoe with ankle straps may not also look flattering as it tends to shorten up your legs.

#12. Last But Not The Least: The Perfect Underwears For Pear-shaped Body:

Wearing the right kind of underwear is the key to looking your best. As a pear-shaped body mainly has smaller bust area and heavier hips area, the idea is to using such underwears that can create a visual illusion of proportional upper and lower body area by increasing the size of the bust and at the same time reducing the appearance of wider hips and thighs.


The Right Bras: Wear push-up bras, slightly padded to heavy padded bras (according to your requirement), demi-cup bras as they give your breasts lift and proper support and your bosoms look visually bigger. Bras with underwire are known for giving you the best support.


The Right Shapewear For Your Thicker Area: Invest in some good quality minimizer or shapewear that can smoothly conceal the extra inches on your thighs and hips. Do not shy away to try them. Many celebrities wear them to look their best and so can you. Go to the stores. Buy the right size. Do not buy a smaller size than yours as it will create bulges and too tight shapewear also comes with various health hazards.

The End Note:

Whatever shape you are, with proper outfit ideas, smart strategies anyone can look her best. Whether you are a pear or an apple or whatever, you can look as gorgeous as any celebrity and make the world your runway if you follow these above mentioned simple styling tricks and tips.

Smartly incorporate vertical stripes and vertical drapes into your clothing. Do not overdo your bottom. Wear clean cuts and clothes with heavy silhouettes. Wear the right accessories. Big danglers or hoops can be the perfect pair of earrings for you. And last but not the least maintain a good posture. Hope these simple ideas will help you the best if you are a girl with a pear-shaped body. Let us know what do you think about our recommendations…

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