9 Most Beautiful Design Inspirations For Star Nails

Star Nails

If you love to steal patterns and motifs from nature and want to use them as inspirations in your fashion statement then the stars must be one of the most favorite natural patterns for sure. Star nails look can be accomplished using a lot of colors and designs and they look both elegant and cool. The best part about the gorgeous star nails is that they can easily be styled at home without any requirement of visiting the nail salons. So if you are looking out for some great star nail designs to deck up your nails this festive season, below are some of the best ideas that you must check out. From fancy to simple and from elegant to quirky, you must find your favorite style among these wonderful ideas. 

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Also, pretty stars are associated with good lucks and everything positive. Star nails can be done in different creative ways and each way it will make your nails stand out. If you are a creative manicure addict by heart and want to feel like a star, consider getting these star nails that are brilliant and bright.

Most Beautiful Design Inspirations For Star Nails:

Blue And Beautiful:

Star nails give you infinite space for personal creativity and this unique metallic blue nail art is nothing but beautiful. The metallic blue nail paint is creating the perfect background for the white outlined stars to stand out. It is an easy peasy idea and anyone anytime can accomplish it. No professional skill or knowledge is required here and your nails will be ready for the upcoming event in literally just no time.

Let’s Talk Minimalism:

Minimalistic fashion has its own appeal and when you do not want to try nail art that is too over the top and jazzy, resort to minimalism. This minimalist nail art is easy to replicate as it needs a clear base to be done. And on top of that, you can either add black star stickers or can also create a stencil. When you are running out of time but want something classy and super impactful on your nails – this is one of the best ideas of star nails to copy. 

Give Me All Colors:

When you are in love with all the pretty colors and do not want to leave any one of them, go for this bright and colorful star nail manicure which is an ideal pick for holidays too. It has all the colors in it and star motifs have been painted in an infinite pattern. The iridescent silvery sheen is adding a brilliant effect hard to ignore. 

Gold Star Nails:

If you have short nails and if you love simple designs, this gold star nail art is a major pick. It beautifully lets you show your natural nailbed and it is delicate and subtle. The base has been kept neutral and glossy and six small pieces of gold stars have been placed along one side of the fingertip. It is easy to accomplish and will quickly transform your nails into a piece of art. 

Summery And Sugary:

Have you ever seen a nail art that is as cute as this one? Summery, sweet, and sugary, everything in this one of the cutest ideas of star nails is oozing beauteousness. Suitable for a young girl and also suitable for adults, this star nail art is all about creating a beautiful piece of art using soft pastel colors and candy stars. Just go for it and feel like candy. 

Moon And Stars:

Moon and stars are indivisible and you will have so much fun creating this gorgeous nail art that has both the elements – the moon and the stars. First, you need to use 2 coats of a good matte black nail polish. On top of that, use 1 coat of Fairy Dust. Now it is time for sponging on a white circle for the moon and then precisely black out a curve to demarcate the silhouette of the earth. The stars look amazing that are done using a detailed brush. Seal everything with a good quality matte topcoat. And you are done.

Purple And Sky Blue Stars And Dots:

This is one of the most eclectic ideas of star nails where two beautiful shades have been used together to create sublime nail art. It has a lighter shade of purple, rather lilac, and a very unique shade of sky blue. Two of the nails are painted using blue and purple dots and stars are used to elevate the nails. Similarly, the opposite has been done on the other two nails. It is soft, delicate, and a perfect nail art pick for the summer days. 

Neon Clouds And Stars:


When you want your holiday nails to be cute and fun, embrace this brilliant idea of star nails. It uses an ombre effect beautifully done over cloud and star design. And the neon colors and fun patterns make this manicure look so interesting. 

Christmas Stars:


Christmas star has great significance as it symbolizes the star of Bethlehem. So getting Christmas stars drawn on your nails is a great idea to invite good luck. You need a beautiful dark shade of red to create the base. Now take a milk-white polish to dip a thin brush into it. Create the white stars on the red base with that brush. Now with pointy stick creating those white polkas is a kid’s task. These small dots represent other smaller stars around the guiding Christmas star. Elegant, easy to do, and full of a Christmas vibe. This is one of the best ideas of star nails for Christmas to copy. 

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