Spanish Style Homes – Your Ultimate Design Inspiration

Spanish Style Homes

Spanish style homes embrace a classic, old school beauty that is so luxurious and have a full-on Mediterranean influence. Spanish style homes are romantic and exude warmth and utter richness. Nowadays, for their aesthetically pleasing appearance and uniqueness, this architecture style has gained a lot of love and many people including Americans are eyeing this style for their homes. If we talk about the exterior design of Spanish homes, it is characterized by curved red-tiled roofs, stucco walls, a unique asymmetrical facade, tiled stairways, arched doorways, and arched windows.

Most of the time, it has a very ornate courtyard entrance, lush green garden as you would see in the Mediterranean architecture. Those small yet beautiful roofed balconies with wood or iron railings are to die for. Coming to the interiors, Spanish interiors are always warm, very comfortable, and have a rustic feel to them. If you are planning to build your house taking inspirations from the Spanish style homes, you certainly need to give our today’s article a quick read. And we also have provided you with some excellent pictures of homes for you to gaze upon.

Spanish Style Homes – Your Ultimate Design Inspiration:

Spanish Style Homes – Exterior:

Style Of Roofs:


Traditional Spanish homes always have low-pitched red-tiled roofs. The roofs can generally be of three types. Side-gabled, cross-gabled, or combined hipped-and-gabled roofs. Roofs are often with short or no hangovers. As Spanish homes are often built in harsh climatic zones, the material used to make the tile roof is clay or terra cotta. You will usually notice ‘S’ shaped or solid barrel-shaped tiles. These tiles make sure that the house from the inside feels comfortable and cool when the weather outside is harsh and unbearable. Towering chimneys atop the gable roofs are also common characteristics. The roofs look minimal yet so classic with these traditional touches of Spanish elements.

Stucco Walls:


You need to go for textured stucco walls if Spanish style homes are on your mind. The walls are usually thick with light-textured stucco all over the wall. The walls are always kept very simple with minimal detailing and only they are of a white or an off-white color. Stucco walls look excellent with the earthy-toned roof and darker beams, doors, and windows. The walls are generally extending into the gable without interruption.

Arched Windows And Doorways:


Half-round arched doorways and windows are quintessentially Spanish. Doors and windows are typically made up of solid woods with minimal ornamentation. These are often dark or earthy toned and front doors are often bigger with large stone surrounding the entryway. Arched entryways are also a prominent characteristic of luxurious Spanish style homes. The use of glasses and wrought iron in doors is also very common.



Spanish homes incorporate different elaborate features. Like you get to see courtyards, small gardens, and you also always notice a beautiful sheltered porch that leads to the main entrance of the building. These porch areas are made in half-circular arched style and have wooden or tiled or brick-made columns. Most of the houses have stucco columns to match with the exterior walls.


One of the main features that a Spanish home carries is a very beautiful courtyard. It can be small but is full of landscaping and full of elements. These courtyards are very private and often are decorated with water fountains or other water elements. Generally square or rectangular in size, the courtyards are decorated with beautiful tiles. If you are living in an area where winter is harsh, add a fireplace to the courtyard. Or for the hot and warm regions, shaded sitting areas would be perfect. Use colorful and decorative patterned tiles to beautify your fireplace and sitting area.




Many Spanish style homes have open staircases that are full of Mediterranean character. Often you will see patterned tile works along staircases. And staircase railings are either made up of wrought iron with sophisticated designs or are made up of woods. You can also try using the metal railing. Wooden curved metal railings where the wood is dark and in contrast with the neutral-colored stucco walls, look outstanding. On the outside, there are often several stairways leading to different levels of the house.



Spanish homes have small but very decorated balconies. And they do always have either wooden railings or railings made up of wrought iron.


All over, the Spanish exterior is alluring with some special elements and carry minute Mediterranean detailings. It has rustic tones, earthy notes, classic wooden elements, and at the same time, the courtyard is very colorful with ample greenery and charming water fountains. The homes sometimes can be small but they use the vertical space very well. Asymmetrical layout, red roofs, arched entryways, walkways, doorways, and windows – Spanish style homes are unique and have alluring elements that make them look so traditional and sophisticated.  

Spanish Style Homes – Interior:

Taking the exact feel from the outside, now we are entering into the interior of the perfect Spanish style homes. We have discussed in detail about every aspect of the interior. The interior is warm, uses again Mediterranean elements of decoration, and feels rustic and traditional.



Like the exterior of the house, the interior also uses neutral colored stucco walls. Walls never use a very splashy color and it always feels crisp and has a depth to them.

Domed Ceiling:


Spanish style homes incorporate exaggerated domed ceiling instead of a flat and conventional ceiling.



Many Spanish homes feature a beautiful stucco fireplace as the centerpiece of the living room. It is a functional element of the room and also is an integral part of the interior that looks fabulous with the wooden furniture and off-white stucco walls. To give a nice contrast to your stucco walls, you can border your fireplace with tiles or stones.



Spanish Revival style homes always use stoned, tiled, or wooden flooring. Stone flooring keeps the interior cool and adds personality to your space. This kind of flooring goes wonderfully well with the open wood beam interior and the total neutral theme of the room. Talavera tiles are also one of the most popular choices.  

Rug And Carpet:


Spanish homes are neutral in nature does not mean that you can’t play up with color. You can cover your wooden flooring with a colorful textured rug. If you are not fond of too much color, opt for knotted weaved carpet or carpets made up of natural fiber to strongly embrace the rustic theme going on. Wooden beam, stucco walls, stoned fireplace look perfectly in harmony with the floor carpets that use natural fiber and earthy tones.   



Darker toned wooden furniture is what you need to perfectly decorate a Spanish themed home. Textured wooden furniture carries a very rich vintage vibe that these kinds of homes need. Wooden beam, wooden floor, and wooden furniture – you can clearly get what it really takes to perfectly decorate Spanish style homes.

If you are not a fan of wooden furniture and want to keep your indoor fresh and crisp not compromising the Spanish theme, you can use off-white, cream, or beige upholstery for your furniture. Definitely, your floor rug can also be of neutral shades. If you have a small space to work with, ditch the wooden theme and hold on to monochromes. Go for wrought-iron furniture if you want to be on a budget.

Bed Linen And Curtains:


Spanish homes mean warmth, richness, and a rustic-vintage vibe. Choose your upholstery, bed linens, and curtains that match up with the theme. You can choose an all-white theme or can go with neutral finishes to make your space feel airy and fresh. An all-white room with a bright-colored rug looks stunning and eclectic.  

Accent Pieces:


Your room does not get a strong character and personality, unless and until you add some accent pieces to the room. If you are planning for a Spanish style house, add some accent pieces to your interior. Wooden wall décor would look amazing on the stucco canvas of the wall. Consider adding a wooden bookshelf full of books. Install metal decorative pieces. A huge wrought-iron chandelier adds the right mix of elegance and vintage spirit to the room. Wooden or metal framed mirrors can be installed in the foyer area. A lot of greenery will liven up your space and will give you a breath of freshness. Ornamental ironworks can be incorporated in your home interior too. Use decorative Spanish-influenced motifs in your decor game. Ornamental features are an integral part of Spanish decoration.  

We are sure that you have certainly found this article useful if you were in search of some ideas of Spanish style homes. If you weren’t even searching for it but wanted to give your home a stunning makeover, go for a Spanish themed home. It looks luxurious, sophisticated, and so stylish. Take inspiration from the pictures and transform your house into a warm, inviting, and amazing abode.

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