Top 10 Smartest Animals In The World You Need To Know

Smartest Animals In The World

Yes, human beings are intelligent and superior but believe us we are not the only ones. There are many more animals present in the world that are surprisingly intelligent and smart. The animal world surprises us in many ways. And today’s article is going to astonish us a little bit more as today we will be concentrating on some of the smartest animals in the world. Some of them are even smarter than humans at performing many tasks. Research has proved that there are so many animals in the world that are way smarter than we may even imagine.

From showing breathtaking cognitive abilities to even being capable of using tools and doing math, today we have listed below 10 of the smartest animals in the world that you will be surprised to know about. So hold your breath and let us see, who are the human being’s greatest competitors in the matter of intelligence. Finger crossed and here we go…

Smartest Animals In The World You Need To Know:

The Great Apes:

Yes, they top the list. Great apes are considered to be the second most intelligent animal in the world after human beings. Apes have a distinct social life and they show different emotions at different times also. The Great Ape family includes all the orangutans, gorillas, and chimpanzees. The DNA of gorillas has similarities with that of humans.

Some of their Special intelligence that make them one among the smartest animals in the world include:

  • Defending potential threats by using tools.
  • Acquiring great communication skills.
  • Highly socializing and special ability to make their own home using different tools.
  • Special ability to learn different words and that includes the human language too.


Researches confirm that a mid-aged pig is as intelligent as a three-year-old human kid. They tend to learn new things easily and can easily accommodate to a new environment.

Some of their special intelligence include:

  • High adaptability.
  • Ability to learn new skills.
  • Highly social and smart.
  • Have good long-term memories and can even understand who is nice to them and who isn’t.
  • They are emotionally and socially active and aware.

Bottlenose Dolphins:

Put your hands together for this awesome and beautiful aquatic friend. They are used by humans in many aspects of solving mysteries across the ocean. They are truly one amazing creation in the world of animals and are one of the smartest animals in the world.

Some of their intelligence include:

  • Excellent ability to express different levels of emotions.
  • They have their own distinct vocal signature and they use distinct whistles to communicate with other dolphins.
  • Show strong social attachment.
  • The only aquatic animal to pass the mirror test.
  • They help the fishermen by driving the fish catches towards the shore. Not only that, they signal the fishermen once the catches are nearer and that helps the fishermen to efficiently snatch them into the nets.


With the largest brain among all the other land animals, elephants secure a noteworthy position in our top 10 ‘smartest animals in the world’ list.

Some of their intelligence include:

  • They are largely social and they are full of helpfulness, compassion, and empathy.
  • They use seismic signals to communicate with each other.
  • Can recognize hundreds of individual sounds and can also mimic a wide range of sounds.


When talking about intelligence, several whales are more like dolphins. They are social, can communicate with each other, and are very prominent in learning necessary skills.

Some of their intelligence include:

  • They can learn about the migratory routes and they can presume about the coming danger.
  • Are extremely social.
  • They use complex vocal tones for successful communication.
  • Beluga whales can even mimic humans.


Like really! Hell yes. Rats are extremely intelligent animals with special thinking ability, which is termed as ‘metacognition’, just like us. and they secure a bright position on the list of the smartest animals in the world.

Some of their intelligence include:

  • They are able to make decisions on the basis of their periphery of knowledge. (sounds funny, but true).
  • They are self-aware and social, form great bonding with their owners.
  • They are very good at solving different problems and they just love to solve different puzzle games.
  • They have also a keen sense of smell and hearing and thus are used to detect landmines and bombs.
  • They are much-hated rodents but do you know that they also show strong signs of excitement, loss, and stress?


How can we forget these black-feathered babies? Crows are considered the smartest birds of all. The New Caledonian Crows have been reportedly found to create knives to cut leaves and grasses! Crows, the great craft men out there!

Some of their intelligence include:

  • If an Avian IQ test is conducted, they will top the list.
  • They are capable to count, differentiate between complex shapes, and are magnificent observers.
  • They can remember your face.
  • They have a very good tool and problem-solving ability.


Though they don’t have a large brain, their level of intelligence is just beyond our imagination. Well, these people are our grandpas as they evolved in the era of dinosaurs and still running steadily in the run of ‘struggle for existence’.                  

Some of their intelligence include:

  • They are the oldest farmers of the world as they started ‘fungus-farming’ by forming fungus in the leaves for their diet long before human beings even came into existence.
  • They can carry 50 times heavier objects than their body weight.
  • They are the oldest social animals as they formed well-planned social colonies and different sections of working groups.


They have the largest brains of any existing invertebrates and to be more surprised, common octopuses have 130 million neurons in their brains. Their intelligence is termed as ‘Cephalopod intelligence’.

Some of their intelligence include:

  • Three-fifths of the neurons are present in their arms and that’s why each arm has a mind of its own.
  • They can slip their whole body through a very small hole.
  • They are capable of opening a closed jar from inside the jar.
  • They are capable of making tools out of shells and coconuts.


They are the man’s best friend but to add to that, they are intelligent too. They are excellent guards and can learn complex commands and so they get the 10th position in our ‘smartest animals in the world’ list.

Some of their intelligence include:

  • Researchers say that dogs are as intelligent as an average 2-year-old kid.
  • They are even capable of learning up to 250 words and gestures, can count, and can perform easy mathematical calculations.
  • They are arguably the most successful mammal beside us as they have spread to almost all the corners of the world.

 In between our day to day household chores, knowing these funny and amazing things sometimes feels so good. It makes us more fond of our planet and its animals. And we tend to become more kind and respectful to the other animals that share this world with us. Isn’t it? So these members of the animal kingdom are pretty smart and intelligent among all the other animals out there and thus they secured the positions in our ‘smartest animals in the world‘ list. Hope you had a great time knowing a little bit about all of those animals.

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