16 Brilliant Ideas Of Small Tattoos On Wrist You Will Adore

Small Tattoos On Wrist

The wrist is one of the most common areas to get a tattoo on. Wrist tattoos are versatile and they can easily be shown or hidden the way you want. From simple to complex they are gazillions of tattoo ideas that are suitable for the wrist area. In many cultures, wrist tattoos have different meanings. Wearing a wrist tattoo symbolizes power and it is also believed to exude spiritual energy. If you are a newbie in the world of tattoo and are just going to get your first ever tattoo of life, consider these ideas of small tattoos on wrist that look so cute. Pick a design that is meaningful because you are going to see it every time you look at yor wrist. So the small tattoos on wrist must be really meaningful and should reflect your personality so that you don’t get bored with them.

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Types Of Wrist Tattoos:

Now wrist tattoos according to the positioning on the wrist can be grouped into six categories. ‘Inner wrist’ is one of the most common categories that falls just below the palm of the hand. And it is one of the best placements to consider if you are looking to get small tattoos on wrist

‘Outer wrist’ is the bony side of the wrist. You can consider the ‘side of the wrist’ too and it is also a good area to get a small tattoo.

‘Bracelet’ tattoos are another type of wrist tattoo and they generally wrap around the wrist just like the bracelets. The other two types of wrist tattoos are ‘half-glove’ tattoos and ‘glove’ tattoos. 

Now let us just quickly move on to some of the most adorable ideas of small tattoos on wrist that will surely inspire you to get your maiden tattoo.

Brilliant Ideas Of Small Tattoos On Wrist You Will Adore:

Small Geometric Tattoo:


geometric tattoos are really unique and come in different shapes and sizes. Starting from just a linework tattoo to a tattoo that consists of many geometric shapes, you can go for anything that appeals to you. The best part about these tattoos is that you can execute anything from a cat, a bird to a floral design as well with some simple lines or shapes. So contemporary and so out of the box, a geometric tattoo can be one of the best bets if you are searching for ideas for small tattoos on wrist. Consider the images to have inspirations.

Cute Small Tattoos On Wrist:


Who does not love a cute kitty on the wrist? And how about getting a cute dog paw tattoo inked on your wrist? If you always go ‘aweee…’ over every cute little thing, it is time to get those things on your wrist. It can be an animated slice of pizza, a small cute caterpillar to even a smiley tattoo. Quirky, extraordinary, and worth showing off.

Musical Notes:


Musical note tattoos never go out of fashion and they are one of the safest tattoo designs to swear by if you are into music. Even if you are not associated with music, nobody is stopping you from getting you a musical note tattoo on your wrist. You can just wear a single note or can go for multiple notes. Incorporating a musical instrument with a note will also be a beautiful take on the whole conception.

Bracelet Tattoo:


They simply look like real bracelets. From a single and narrow chain bracelet to a wide one with more ornamentation, bracelet tattoos are one of the most gorgeous ideas of small tattoos on wrist that get full marks for being dainty and decorative. Choose the decor detail thoughtfully and you can also get multiple bracelets. So romantic to look at and so captivating, a bracelet tattoo is the only accessory that you need to prettify your hand.

Yin Yang Tattoo:


When you believe in peacefulness and harmony, you need to pick up the Yin Yang tattoo for you. It is one of the most important symbols of Chinese Philosophy and is representative of the perfect balance of life. If you believe that positivity and perfect harmony can only come into life when the perfect balance of Yin Yang is attained, you need to go get a Yin Yang tattoo which is one of the most meaningful ideas of small tattoos on wrist.

Moon Tattoo:


Be it from the sky or be it on your wrist as a tattoo, the beauty of the moon never ceases to amaze us. If the celestial bodies influence you and if you are a worshipper of aesthetics, love, romance, and femininity – a small and delicate moon tattoo will suit your personality in the best way.

Bird Tattoos On The Wrist:


A bird tattoo symbolizes freedom and courage and is an example of true natural beauty. In other way, bird tattoos are an excellent choice for you if you love to travel. In many cultures, birds are even considered as a connection between heaven and earth. Leave all these discussions, does not a cute bird look beautiful on your wrist? Choose a style that suits your taste and simply go for this one of the safest ideas of small tattoos on wrist that is so special and exciting.

A Cartoon Ghost Tattoo:


If you are a woman with choices that are not too girly, you would definitely end up loving this cartoon ghost tattoo. It is fun, easy to hide, and is not too spooky to get afraid of. A tattoo like this is sure to buy you the attention and you can effortlessly reveal the quirky personality you have. Simple to get and so smart and fun to look at. This is one of the most loving small cute tattoos of all to get on your wrist.

Quote Tattoo:


Quote tattoos are excellent choices if you are looking out for a tattoo design that you can customize your own way. Quote tattoos are powerful and getting one on your wrist is the best thing to do if you want to remind yourself of something every time you look at it. It can be anything ranging from a phrase to even a short quote. Obviously, you need to stick to shorter quotes as the wrist area does not allow you to write a bigger one. And making it too clumsy is not at all a good idea. You can decorate the quote with other ornamentation to make it look visually more appealing.

So, friends, these were some of the best and most beautiful ideas of small tattoos on wrist that you must have adored. Get inked with your favorite one and send us pictures so that we can give your compliment for your unique selection. Stay happy and stay safe. 

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