12 Most Elegant Small Rose Tattoo Designs To Die For

Small Rose Tattoo

Rose is the symbol of love and perhaps it is the most loved flower in this world where we have different pretty flowers. A fragrant rose is the most beautiful thing that you can gift to your loved ones and in the same way, a petite small rose tattoo will add a gentle and romantic touch to your personality. Among all the floral tattoos, rose tattoos are the most iconic, perhaps for their historical significance and unparalleled aura. And small rose tattoo designs being cuter and little are the most versatile tattoo ideas that can be inked anywhere and in so many styles. If you are also in love with the rose tattoo’s ageless beauty and are thinking of getting inked, get inspired by these cool small tattoo designs that are just hard to resist.  

The symbol of love, passion, and the epitome of beauty, pale pink to rich pink, red to yellowish-red, orange, and even black – roses have made us fall head over heels for their matchless beauty. Hollywood celebrities are also obsessed with their rose tattoos. A small rose tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body due to its convenient size and style. Get one on your inner forearm or on your chest. Sport a beautiful tat on your neck or wear one comfortably on one of your shoulders. Rose tattoos can sit anywhere making that body part look stunning and enviable. Now let us just move on to some of the prettiest small rose tattoo designs that will surely inspire you to get your next ink done.

Most Elegant Small Rose Tattoo Designs To Die For:

Black-N-White Shaded Rose:


These small rose tattoo designs on both of your hands look classy and are so minimalistic in their styles. If you are a person who does not like too much drama going on in anything, then this is the perfect tattoo design that you must get. It has a very thin silhouette and you can anytime hide it by wearing a full-sleeve dress or shirt.

Small Rose Tattoo With Thick Outline:


This rose tattoo has a thick outline that makes it more prominent and gorgeous to look at. The thorny stem and small leaves are making the design more holistic and crisp. No-mess and simple – we love this tattoo design for its prominence and minimalism.

Black Contour Tattoo On The Hip:


Your hip is one of the sexiest body parts to get a tattoo done. And nothing can be a more intimate and passionate design for your hip area than this miniature black contour rose tattoo. Show it off when you want to or hide it easily when you feel like it. Sweet, tiny, and provocative  – your partner is gonna go crazy about this romantic floral design once you get it. What say?

Rose Tattoo With Cross:


Make your tattoo design more interesting by mixing and matching it with other designs. Like in this case, you are wearing your symbol of religion with the delicate roses. The geometric lines of the cross are serving as the support to the roses – which has a deep meaning underlying. So traditional and experimental both at the same time, this small rose tattoo design with the cross is for those ladies out there who believe in making a statement.

Red And Green Rose Tattoo On Your Back:


Embrace the beauty of a delicate rose with this soft rose tattoo design on your back. It has a full-bloom rose and a rosebud that signifies life or a budding romance, perhaps. You are free to interpret it your own way and no one is gonna judge you for that. But the only thing that we have to admit is that it is so romantic and beautiful to look at. The thin stem coupled with the not-so-prominent green leaves – feel like a princess when you show off your gorgeous back that is all adorned with this pristine looking small rose tattoo design.

Rose Heart Tattoo:


We are falling short of words while trying to describe the flawless beauty of this intricate tattoo design. A soft pink rose resembling the shape of a heart – it is no less than an incredible piece of art on your body. This design will look good on your arm, shoulder, and also on your chest. Just make sure that you are booking an expert tattoo artist who will do justice to the design. The nicely overlapping petals, the carefully done shaded ombre effects on them – this is one of the most beautiful tattoo designs we have ever found on the internet.

Purple Rose Tattoo:

A purple rose symbolizes royalty and enchantment. This purple or slightly lavenderish rose set on your ankle will make your leg look graceful and so elegant. It is subtle and feminine and would be a good choice if you are gonna get inked for the first time. Why? Because when it comes to talking about ankle tattoos, a bigger tattoo always hurts you more. So the smaller, the better is the motto to sing while getting your ankle inked.

Rose With Quotes:


To make your small rose tattoo more meaningful, pair it up with a quote. A quote that you believe in or a quote that inspires you a lot – this is the finest way to wear your inspiring quote on your body so that, you can see it every now and then and get motivated. It is easier to pair a quote with the stem of a rose. Have some inspiration from this brilliant design.

A Hand Holding A Rose Tattoo Design:


Let everybody stare at your tattoo and admire the beauty of it. This small rose tattoo held by a hand is so aesthetically pretty.  The flower is all colorful and so realistic having a shaded effect and the hand has been kept super minimal with only a thin outline. Small and unique, you can wear it on your forearm or on your ankle the way you want.

Poked Roses Tattoo On The Back:


Small does not have to be less impactful. It can be as stunning as you want it to be. Contrary to the other designs, this small rose tattoo looks more powerful and strong. Two roses traditionally symbolize two persons in love as two roses are the most loving number. And the color black can be taken as a symbol of hope, grief, rebellion, or death. Choose it for its symbolic meaning or just wear it for its fetching beauty – this is one of the exquisite small rose tattoo designs to have.

Roses In A Geometric Shape:


Done in the shape of a triangle, this design of a rose tattoo consists of several roses. Wear the symbol of hope, love, and eternal romanticism with this one of the most unique tattoo designs. This is an amazing tattoo design to get to show off your extraordinary style.

Dead Rose Tattoo:


To finish off with our list of the best small rose tattoo designs, we have this last one that symbolizes your love for someone who is no more. A dead rose pays tribute to a person who has left you but you are immensely in love with that soul. A person who is no more with you physically but is there as your inspiration or pillar of strength – this touching tattoo portrays your love and respect for that departed soul.

Whether you resort to the classic red roses or lean toward the more contemporary styles and colors, small rose tattoo designs are one of the most graceful tattoo designs to go for. An eternal symbol of love and beauty and the most beautiful flower on this planet, there can not really be an excuse for not getting inked with these priceless small rose tattoo designs. So just stop contemplating and go get your body inked.                  

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