16 Small Meaningful Tattoos You Would Love To Embrace

Small Meaningful Tattoos

Apart from being a great style statement, your tattoos are also representative of your personality and are reflections of your soul and your belief. And that is why the tattoos you get must bear some deep meaning in addition to being eye-catching and visually appealing. Tattoos are the marks for a lifetime and they must be chosen for their meaning and not only for their look and design. If large, oversized tattoos with exaggerated designs are not your thing, try these small meaningful tattoos that are dainty and discreet.

A semicolon tattoo is so meaningful for someone who has given her life a second chance. Tattoos are your secret keepers. They silently reflect your true self and are capable of reminding you of a special event in your life. A tattoo done on your body is intimate, a representative of your thought process, and also is a permanent reminder. So if you are thinking of getting tatted and are in search of some small meaningful tattoos that are easier to cover and are metaphorical in nature, read on and pick up the best one for you from the below-listed tattoo ideas.

Small Meaningful Tattoos You Would Love To Embrace:

A Semicolon Tattoo:

A semicolon tattoo bears a very deep meaning and symbolizes strong affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues. When an author chooses a semicolon in a sentence, it signifies that the author could have finished that sentence there with a full stop but chose not to. So, the semicolon in many senses means a second beginning, a new start. It is, thereby one of the most motivational small meaningful tattoos of all.

There are a whole lot of unique semicolon tattoo designs to choose from. 

The picture shows a very artistic galaxy print semicolon tattoo.

Your Motto Of Life:

Small meaningful tattoos are subjective. For some, it can be a special date and for others, it can be the name of her husband’s name. If you believe in any special quote that celebrates life and will change your view of the life for better, a ‘motto of life’ tattoo can be the best meaningful tattoo that you can ever get. When you feel a bit low and the situation surrounding you is trying to get you down, look at your tattoo, take a deep breath, and restart your journey. Discover these best motivational motto of life tattoo ideas below.


Ampersand Tattoo:

There are small tattoos that mean big. And the ampersand tattoo is one of them. It is symbolic of so many things. It may symbolize the continuation of life for you. If you think that nothing in life is permanent and nothing lasts forever, the ampersand tattoo is completely your thing. It is basically a typographical symbol (&) and can be done in various styles and using various fonts. An ampersand is futuristic and it always teaches you to stay positive and hope for the best to come.


This is such a dainty and meaningful tattoo that will even fit on your wrist area.


An Infinity Tattoo:

Fits in any place and holds deep meaning, infinity tattoos are for those who believe in limitlessness. These tattoos can be incorporated with other designs like heart, quote, feather, anchor, butterflies, and are easier to get at any part of your body. If you are in love with somebody, infinity tattoos can also be got as a couple. It represents the infinite love for each other and is a symbol of your unbreakable love that is never gonna end. So if you are thinking of getting a very simple and easy to carry tattoo, go for this one of the most delicate small meaningful tattoos.


Yin Yang Tattoo:

When you believe in peacefulness and harmony, you need to pick up the Yin Yang tattoo for you. It is one of the most important symbols of Chinese Philosophy and is representative of the perfect balance of life. If you believe that positivity and perfect harmony can only come into life when the perfect balance of Yin Yang is attained, you need to go get a Yin Yang tattoo.


Musical Note Tattoo:

If music is the first priority of your life, musical note tattoos are one of the best small meaningful tattoos for you. Your sincere love and passion for music can rightly be expressed when you ink yourself with a musical note tattoo. A small music tattoo can be got on your arms, neck, ankle, or fingers. There are different types of musical notes and you can either get a single note or can opt for a group of notes of different sizes when you want to fill up a wide space. Below are some inspirations for you.


A delightful red heart has been incorporated with this tiny Treble clef tattoo.


Hamsa Tattoo:

Hamsa symbolizes the ‘hand of god’. So it denotes spirituality. Hamsa designs have different significances in different religions, especially in Islamic and Jewish faiths. They give you spiritual protection against evil, initiate good luck, and bring happiness and health in your life. If you have faith and you believe in the spirituality of a Hamsa symbol, this would be one of the best small meaningful tattoos to go for. 

An Anchor Tattoo:

An ankle tattoo has a deep-set meaning and also looks impressive. According to Christianity, the anchor symbolizes hope. For others, it represents stability, a strong foundation, strength, and security. If you have a passion to set sail without looking behind, an anchor tattoo is just meant for you. plus it adds so much power to your personality. Can be inked in so many designs and styles.


This anchor tattoo is one of the most sophisticted and unique small meaningful tattoos to gift yourself. 

Alchemy Tattoo:

One of the most meaningful tattoos for creative souls. An alchemy tattoo symbolizes love, balance, and artistic beauty.


Simple Circle Tattoos:

Circle tattoo means wholeness and totality. So simple to look at and so appealing, circle tattoos are lovely choices for the ladies on the go. You can also add additional elements to your circles like a wreath, tiny flowers, or even celestial bodies.


Ocean Wave Tattoo:

Have a love for the ocean? Adventurous enough to ride those wild waves? Express your strong will through this impeccable roaring wave tattoo that is nicely fitted inside a circle.


Got some inspiration? These were some of the most motivating small meaningful tattoos that will rightly express actually who are from inside. Choose designs that you can relate to and make them a part of your identity. 

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