8 Best Small Fluffy Dogs That Are Too Much Adorable

Small Fluffy Dogs

How about bringing home a little snuggly cute buddy who will always have your back? Certainly, adorable right? Having a little canine friend who is fluffy enough to cuddle with and is charming and loyal, can change our life. They are the ultimate happiness givers and will suit to apartment living too. Yes, they require a little more grooming than the others to maintain their adorable fluffiness, but that’s simply worth it. Just give your fluffy far balls regular brushing and just fluff out their coat. When the hairs are nicely separated and entangled, they look more soft and woolly. Do you also want a fluff ball in your life too? Then these are the best breeds of small fluffy dogs that are charming and will fill your life with immense joy. 

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If you can satisfy their grooming needs, these small fluffy dogs are gonna be a nice addition to your family. One misconception that is associated with the fluffy coated dogs is that they shed the most. But that is not how it always works. Some short-coated breeds can even shed more than some furry breeds. So just swear by regular grooming and be a happy dog parent to these fuzzy cuddlers.

Best Small Fluffy Dogs That Are Too Much Adorable:

Shih Tzu:

This is one of the sweetest small fluffy dogs that will make an adorable pet. Though Shih Tzu means little lion, there is nothing lion-like in them. Rather they are small, sweet, and such a great companion. Obedient, affectionate, and very gentle with kids, their amiable personalities make them the most loved. 

To keep them groomed, you just need to give them a regular brushing so that their coat does not get tangled and also do so to keep their coats away from matting. Also, give them an occasional bath and trim their coats when needed. 

Bichon Frise:

We can never get enough of their cuteness. They are fur balls and one of the most snuggly-sweet small fluffy dogs. They have toy faces and they pack in enough personality. Their cheerful and loving nature make them the owners’ favorite and their affectionate nature is coupled with a lot of mischiefs. They are a double-coated breed and are always white in color. Resembling a snowball, their coats do not stick to their bodies, and that gives them a powder-puff appearance. 

They need a lot of maintenance and grooming as they have double coats – one thick undercoat and a curly topcoat. So if you are in for that, then only bring one Bichon Frise into your life. 


Gentle, affectionate, trustworthy, and intelligent – Maltese is so much fun to be around. They are elegant toy dog breeds and generally are of milky white color. Very rarely, you will see a cute Maltese dog with a slight hint of ivory color mixed in the white. Silky long coats, very petite build, and agile and cheerful personalities make them one of the cutest small fluffy dogs to bring home. They are really tiny and an average Maltese male dog weighs only 3 to 4 kilos. Their petite appearance and small stature do not mean that they are of no worth. Maltese are highly intelligent and can prove to be a great watchdog if proper training is assured to them.

Toy Poodle:

Toy poodles were developed in England during the 18th century. They are really tiny and come in all sorts of colors. Really intelligent and very easily sociable, they make excellent family dogs. They are adaptable to a variety of atmospheres and are born funny. Make sure that you bathe them and clip them regularly and after a clip, brush their coat with a wire slicker. Toy poodles are also over-excited. So to curb their over-enthusiasm, give them regular training and ensure mental stimulation. 

Yorkshire Terrier:

The perfect showstopper of the family and full of entertainment and personality, Yorkshire Terriers are single-coated and have a fluffy topcoat. Ensure regular grooming to maintain their fine, soft coats. Give them an occasional shower, trim the hair and then brush it to maintain the desired fluff. They are really finicky when it comes to their owners and do not always welcome strangers around their owners. They are crazy barkers and will chase anything and everything. They are feisty, a loving companion, and are one of the cutest small fluffy dogs to bring home. 



Papillon means butterfly in French and they probably got their name due to their wide, winged butterfly-like ears. They are also known as Continental Toy Spaniel and are one of the oldest toy spaniels. This single-coated breed has a long straight and silky topcoat and their butterfly-like ears make them noticeable from a distance too. Grooming these single-coated fur balls is more convenient than grooming the double-coated ones. So chill and bring them into your life to get a happy, alert, and friendly companion. 

Coton De Tulear:


Soft, fluffy, and cheerful, Cotons originated on the island of Madagascar and are loved for their cotton-like coats. Mostly they are of white colors but sometimes, can be grey, black, or tricolored. These fur balls have soft voluminous hairs and not fur. They are non-shedding and hypoallergenic. Groom them regularly as their coats tend to be matte. Thorough brushing and combing will make sure that their cotton ball appearance is maintained for a long time. Sweet, calm, and quite intelligent, Coton De Tulear is one of the best small fluffy dogs to bring home. 



With their curled-over tail and really little weight, Havanese dogs are sure to melt your heart with their puppy face and sociable nature. The Havanese dog breed comes in so many colors ranging from black to tan and black to grey to white and you are free to choose your mate in whichever color you like. Their cuddly size, expressive eyes, silky coat buy them a ton of praises and they also adapt very well to apartment living. Don’t leave them alone for a long period of time as a Havanese dog can’t tolerate being alone. They are one of the best small fluffy dogs to bring home if you have kids and other dog breeds already there in your house.

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