7 Proven Sleeping Tips To Make You Fall Asleep Faster In Night

After a long, hectic day you are tired, you want to fall asleep but due to some unknown reasons you are not able to sleep. Our stressful lifestyle, eating habits, the urge of always winning the race make our nerves restless and the result is – you just can’t have a good night’s sleep without any worries or stress. Your health suffers the most when you sleep less or your sleeping pattern is irregular. As we all know ‘sleep is more important than food’ – you genuinely need to make some efforts to ensure your nighttime proper sleeping.  Today we will be sharing with you, some sleeping tips, which, if followed religiously, are bound to give you good results.

You don’t need to use any sleeping pills or anything as they have long-term side effects on your health. Just follow some natural sleeping tips, make a few changes in your day to day lifestyle and you will see noticeable differences in your sleeping habit. Less sleep makes you restless, less productive and invites lots of health hazards. So, let’s have a read and these sleeping tips will come handy for sure.

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Proven Sleeping Tips To Make You Fall Asleep Faster In Night:

Exercise Regularly To Rule Out Insomnia:



The first and foremost effort you can make for a better night’s sleep is to exercise regularly. Studies reveal that regular exercise helps in falling asleep faster and it also helps to elongate the total time of sleeping. Exercise is actually better than the sleeping pills if you are fighting against insomnia. Some easy bodyweight exercise, muscle stretching, and breathing exercise are best to help you fall asleep faster. Make sure you do not exercise before going to bed and you do it regularly during the daylight for a better result.

Increase Melatonin Intake:



Melatonin is a hormone which is responsible for making us sleepy. Our body (the pineal gland) produces this hormone during the night and we get a signal that it is the time to sleep. So the idea is to naturally intake melatonin by having some foods like cherries, corn, tomatoes, pomegranate, cucumber, rice, rolled oats, tart cherries, walnuts etc. increase the intake of these foods and you will definitely notice the changes in your sleeping pattern.

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Make Consistent Sleeping Cycle:



This is one of the best sleeping tips you can ever get. The consistency of the sleeping cycle plays a pivotal role when it comes to talking about regular uninterrupted good night’s sleep. Your body is like a clock and it will function properly if you maintain a certain sleeping time. So, go to bed at a fixed time and get up also at a fixed time. An irregular pattern of sleeping will interrupt the rhythm of your body clock and that will hamper timely release of melatonin affecting your brain to produce a sleeping signal.

Say ‘NO’ To Alcohol At Night:



There is a popular practice of indulging in a couple of drinks before diving into the bed. But it really harms your hormonal activity and eventually interrupts your night’s sleep. Your melatonin production is affected and as you don’t get a deep sleep in the night, you get up grumpy in the next morning. You may doze off to sleep quickly but your sleep is often shallow and less restful due to consumption of alcohol.

Make your Bedroom Sleep-Friendly:



It is very important that you make a sleep-ready ambiance in your bedroom. It is all about psychology and when your body gets that comfort and your senses are calmed down you are likely to have a better sleep. Set a comfortable temperature in your bedroom as temperature affects sleeping quality profoundly and throw soft bed sheets and pillow covers for a comfortable sleep. Darkness is very necessary for your circadian rhythm of the body. So you need to be very careful about these arrangements in your bedroom. Make sure that your bedroom smells good also.

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Stop Eating Late In The Night:



Eating late at night interrupts with your sleeping pattern and the natural release of body hormones are affected. Always have your meal 3 to 4 hours earlier before hitting the bed. Not only that, late night eating makes you obese, contributes to acid reflux and your overall health is eventually hampered.

Take A Shower For Magical Result:



Our last but not the least sleeping tips for you is, try to take a warm water shower before you go to bed. Night time shower can calm down your nerves and helps you to relax to the maximum. It will lower your body temperature and eventually make you fall asleep faster.

Good sleep is the most important factor behind healthy living and productivity. If you are deprived of a good night’s sleep you are bound to feel tired and irritated throughout the day. Your skin and hair is sure to get affected and will lose that healthy shine in no time. So, you need to follow these simple sleeping tips in order to say bye, bye to insomnia. Make certain changes for the ultimate betterment of your life.

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