41 Brilliant Picture Ideas Of Simple Butterfly Tattoo

Simple Butterfly Tattoo

Decorate your body in the prettiest way with these cutest and ideas of simple butterfly tattoo. Butterflies symbolize freedom and femininity. They epitomize eternal beauty. They look heavenly with their colorful wings and ever agile nature. And when you choose them to decorate your body, you embrace the subtle beauty that they have. A simple butterfly tattoo looks pretty awesome on almost every part of your body. A very versatile tattoo idea that comes in limitless designs and sizes too. Have them in small or bigger size and choose them to be colorful or black, simple butterfly tattoos look serene on everyone. Are you readying yourself for your next tattoo venture? Go through some of the coolest simple butterfly tattoo picture ideas below and settle for the best design.

Brilliant Picture Ideas Of Simple Butterfly Tattoo:

What Does A Simple Butterfly Tattoo Mean:

Butterflies signify freedom, femininity, and also change. Each butterfly has a different meaning and that depends on the color and placement of the body you choose to have the ink on. But in general, a simple butterfly tattoo is a symbol of the transformation of body, mind, and soul during the course of one’s life. It symbolizes dignity and gracefulness. A butterfly is an expression of your inner beauty and it also is a symbol of rebirth and getting back into life after a certain loss or hard days in one’s life. Butterflies are joyous, confident, and are one of the most spirited insects around. So getting them inked on your body means, you are welcoming change in your life, you are flexible to whatever comes your way, and you believe in the resurrection. Butterfly tattoos also strongly symbolize overcoming addiction and also leaving the shells and expressing yourself as your truest self.

Famous Celebrities With Simple Butterfly Tattoo:

Butterfly tattoos are quite popular among celebrities too. Among so many creative designs around, these celebrities have chosen butterfly tattoos over all the other ones. It seems that no one can overlook the innocent beauty of this particular tattoo design that looks so flattering on any part of your body. Check out these celebrity pictures with their stunning butterfly tattoos.

Butterfly Tattoos Across Culture:

Butterflies have deep association with many of the world’s rich cultures.

In Greek Mythology, they are thought to be the carrier of the human soul. It also has a word to describe it in Greek Mythology and that is ‘psyche’. In Chinese mysticism, a butterfly is the epitome of eternal life. Coming to the Japanese culture, a white butterfly is the symbol of a departed soul. Butterflies represent a confident young woman and marital peace and bliss in the Japanese culture. Universally speaking, this soft and pretty insect exemplifies transformation and soul.

In Chinese culture, two butterflies flying together are the perfect symbol of love.

There are many tribes across the world who believe that butterflies carry the heart-felt wishes to the god and wishes whispered to the butterflies get approval. Butterflies have a long history when it comes to talking about their association with different cultures.

Also Has Significance In Aztec Culture:

They were also given great importance in the Aztec culture. A divine being named Itzapapalotl has been represented by the Obsidian butterfly on the Aztec calendar. An Irish butterfly tattoo done in Celtic designs symbolize the human soul too.

A simple butterfly tattoo is a metaphor that represents everything from a change in life to transformation to rebirth to life itself.

Simple Butterfly Tattoo Designs:

Amongst all the creations of mother nature, butterflies are one of the most regal-looking ones, and having them inked on your body is not only significant but also is an elegant way of adorning yourself. They can be incorporated with many other designs for a more relevant meaning. A simple butterfly tattoo looks gorgeous when designed with flowers and other feminine and subtle elements. Adorn your butterfly with stars, laces, other tribal patterns, go for crazy colors and go for a 3D butterfly tattoo if you feel like it.

Best Body Placements For Butterfly Tattoos:

A butterfly tattoo can be worn anywhere on your body. For the smaller designs, choose the adorable places like the ankle, behind the ear area, wrist, finger spaces, neck area, and side of your shoulders. If you want an elaborate design, you need a big canvas for that. For such designs, your back can be a comfortable area. It is an ideal place for big but a simple butterfly tattoo as it requires immense work to be done by the tattoo artist. Your under the breast area is another exciting area to get a butterfly tattoo on. Use your chest, collar bone, and lower back area to get unique and sexiest butterfly tattoos.

If you want to go for almost hidden and concealable ones, wear tattoos with thin and small lines so that they are barely noticeable. Go for unique colors, exciting geometric shapes, and you can even customize your own creative simple butterfly tattoo design.

The End Note:

There are almost 28,000 species of butterflies in the world. Their presence in our garden makes our mood happier and lighter. Their beauty awes us every time. Bring happiness to your soul by getting a simple butterfly tattoo on your body and let the world envy your tasteful choice. Merge other beautiful designs with them, add a refreshing twist, and for a change, be a little more unexpected. If you are looking for a pretty tattoo design that also has a powerful meaning associated with them, butterfly art is the best thing to go for.

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