15 Gorgeous Short Acrylic Nail Ideas You Will Fall In Love With

Short Acrylic Nail Ideas

Long acrylic nails look pretty but they can give you a hard time when it comes to maintaining them. Although long nails are trending, short acrylic nails can also look all glam and cute as there are so many design ideas to embrace on your short nails. If you think that you can not get your works done properly with long-ass nails, these cute and neat short acrylic nail ideas must suit your taste. You won’t even believe, how many designs are there to deck up your short nails. From bold animal prints to cute summer acrylic nails – short nails can be chic, subtle, and there are innumerable designs to go with your outfits and various occasions. 

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In the list, you will get inspiring glam and party-appropriate short acrylic nail ideas and we also have added some really sophisticated and daily wear short nail ideas that are both stylish and can be worn year-round. So if you do not like long nails and want some short nail ideas to inspire your next manicure, these are the pretty ones to have a look at. 

Gorgeous Short Acrylic Nail Ideas You Will Fall In Love With:

Pretty In Pastel:


Summer screams for short and sweet nails and after you see this pastel manicure, you really can’t get your eye off it. A different shade of pastel colors for each of your nails and you are ready to say hi to the summer sun. Go for pretty shades like lime green, powder blue, lilac, and let everybody adore your nails.

Glitters And Gold:


This is one of the best glitter gold short acrylic nail ideas that prove that short nails can also look as gorgeous and party-ready as long coffin nails. Add some golden sparkles to your nails and going for acrylic nail art will also ensure that your glitters stay in place.

Green Affair:


Steal the color from the woods and embrace this plain and simple moss green acrylic manicure that is appropriate for the cozy sweater season.

Light Pink Short Acrylic Nail Ideas:


A light pink shade or a baby pink shade is one of our favorite colors and pink short acrylic nail ideas can be done in so many styles. Go for a pink French manicure or plain matte pink acrylic nails or add glitters and embellishments to it to make it more festive – light pink nails look effortlessly pretty. If you are still confused, have a look at these pretty pink nails that we have cherry-picked for you.

All-black Short Acrylic Nail Ideas:


Minimalism gets the full marks if you can do it the right way. If you want to keep it short, simple, and no-fuss, go for an all-black matte or glossy acrylic nail that is both mysterious and intense. Perfect to wear to your workplace and also apt to wear with LBD to the party, these pretty all-black acrylic nails will make your fingers appear fairer, longer, and so powerful. Accessorize your fingers with diamond rings and make your hand look like a whole piece of art.

Matte And Magical:


When you want different textures in single nail art and yet do not want to try anything too experimental, this matte short acrylic nail art idea with heavy glitters only on a single nail will surely draw everybody’s attention. It is black, matte, and has a subtle twist.

Fun And French Tips:


If you are a girly girl and are always up for some cute, fresh, and short acrylic nail ideas, these fun French tip nails will secure a special place in your heart. The base of the nails has been kept all-natural and the 3 layer pastel tips and sparkly hearts are adding more flirty and girly character to this pretty nail art.

Dreamy Gold Foil:

When you want your nail art to be dreamy and glammed up but do not want to try designs that are too bold or overwhelming, go for this dreamy and edgy gold foil French tips short acrylic nail idea that hugs the curve of your nails and adds brilliant visual interest. Source 

Stars On White:


If anything and everything with stars on it attracts you like a magnet, then this is one of the best short acrylic nail ideas to suit your taste. On the canvas of white, pretty shades of pastel have been used to create the stars. Mint green, coral, baby pink, and a very light shade of yellow are doing all the tricks in making this subtle yet very captivating design stand out. 

Marble Talks:


Marble nails are there to remain in trends and their elegance and sophisticated look make them one of the most chosen nail art designs across ages. They look ravishing and at the same time, they are very easy to apply on your nails. It just takes dipping your nails in a bowl of water with marbled nail polish floating on the top of the water surface and nothing else. This marble nail idea in the ever-charming black and white combination is a sure attention fetcher.

Green Pearl Acrylic Nail Art:

Summer-fresh, retro, and so colorful – this is one of the most serene-looking short acrylic nail ideas that is all jazzed up with green pearls and small rose detailing. The green pearls are strategically placed to resemble the leaves of the roses. The pastel blue base color and the green and pink of the pearl and roses look decadently charming and so pretty.

Blue Polka Dot Short Mani:

Would you like to provide your nails with that extra something that will make them stand out? Then add simple and effortless polka dots onto your nails and admire their beauty. Short, simple, and so smart – polka dots add an instant refreshing touch and style to the short acrylic nail ideas. 

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