7 Shades Of Yellow That Will Liven Up Your Home

Shades Of Yellow

Yellow is cheerful, it is the color of sunshine and the shades of yellow also ooze vitality, spirituality, and cheerfulness. High on energy and joyfulness, yellow is one of the most versatile colors on the color wheel. If you are planning to paint your home in some splashy and sprightly hues of colors, you must consider these shades of yellow. Yellow has a lot to choose from. From subtle mellow shades to warmer and bolder shades, yellow has everything from calmer hues to overpowering alternatives.

Though yellow exudes energy and alertness, there are certain colors that are even appropriate for your bedroom. For your living room or lobby yellow or combinations of yellow shades are excellent. So if you are just looking out for some extraordinary yellows that will uplift the mood of your whole indoor, check out these unique shades of yellow right now.

Shades Of Yellow That Will Liven Up Your Home:

Buttercream Yellow Paint Color:


For the homeowners who are looking for the lightest hue of the yellow color, the buttercream yellow is the right match to suit your style. Not at all overpowering but a true statement in itself, one can never go wrong with this neutral yellow color. This mellow color is one of the perfect shades of yellow for your room that is soothing for the eyes and is so inviting. If you are in search of a neutral color other than that of the usual beige and white, buttercream yellow is a classic option to go for.

For your living room, you can use it for your accent wall where it will act as a nice backdrop to hang all your bold wall-hangings and accents. Also if your room is smaller, the color will add a feeling of a bigger area and will make it feel roomier.



Quite uncommon in indoor decoration, Flax or Flaxen is a very unique yellowish-grey color that is again perfect for warm, cozy bedroom décor. This is also a very fresh color for your living area and will soften your mood when you are anxious and worried. As a combination, taupe or electric blue will go well with this kind of muted shade of yellow. Keep your ceiling white to incorporate more sophistication and this is one of those pretty unconventional shades of yellow that is neither too bold nor too dominating.

Lemon Yellow:


Lemon yellow is such a bright and happy color with a tinge of green to it. The color is so young and vibrant that you can absolutely think of this color while painting your kid’s room. Citrusy and so summery, you can even add floor rugs or curtains that have lemon yellow in it in your interior decoration. Your dull, boring room can automatically be turned into a happy place when you add a vivid lemon yellow side table or some cute accent pieces to that room.

For a lemon themed room, use the fresh lemon color scheme palette that consists of varied shades of lemon, lemon yellow, And laser yellow. For the rooms that face north or do not have access to direct sunlight, this color palette is gonna do wonder.

Mustard Yellow:


Mustard yellow is one of the most trending home paint colors right now. If you find this color to be very bold, try using it as an accent color. Paint your main door in this one of the gorgeous shades of yellow or paint the exterior of the house in this color. It will infuse such a vibrant Art deco vibe to your exterior.

If you do not want to go gaga over mustard yellow, use a mustard yellow rug, curtain or decorative pillows on a cool background of grey or white to add a pop of color.

Golden Yellow:


Want to add a royal touch to your abode? Blindly go for this one of the most elegant shades of yellow. If your indoor is having vintage décor style going on, this color is gonna amp up the vibe even more. Go for velvet finish color for the most luxurious feel of the golden yellow. If you are not too sure about whether this bold and bright color will be suitable for your entire room or not, use it on an accent wall. And go for neutral colors like grey or lighter shades of blue to paint the other walls of the room. It will also give a sophisticated and modern twist to your otherwise traditional style home interior.

For a golden yellow room, dark wooden textured furniture would work the best.

Sunshine Yellow:


Welcome the cheerfulness of the sunshine with this one of the most lively shades of yellow. We won’t recommend this color for your entire room. Rather this happy color is a great companion for your navy blue or grey room. Add a small stool painted in this uplifting color to your room or just install a photo frame that has a sunshine yellow framework.

For wall colors, if you are really a fan of this vibrant color, go for color blocking technique. A color-blocked wall with the colors like pastel pink, navy blue, grey, and sunshine yellow would look so unique and off-the-path. For the other three walls use any neutral shade. Keep your ceiling white to balance out everything.

Sunflower Yellow:


Looking for a shade of yellow that is just apt for your kitchen? Sunflower is one of the best choices for a lively and bright kitchen. Stealing the color from nature and incorporating that into your kitchen will instantly boost your mood and your kitchen time will be happy like never before. Use a pop of sunflower yellow for your base cabinets or go for yellow appliances. For a retro-themed space too, sunflower yellow is a rocking choice.

From muted and subtle to loud and bold, shades of yellow are versatile and fun to play with. Use a bit of your intuition about how to incorporate this color into your home decor and take our color suggestion as a guide book. Yellow is an instant mood lifter and you will love to lounge in your yellow space for sure.

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