8 Brilliant Ways To Decorate With Shades Of Red

Shades Of Red

A beautiful shade of red does not only make your lips beautiful but is also one of the most stunning hues that can wonderfully deck up your home. Bright, vivid, and bold, shades of red are enchanting in every possible way. Whether you have a small or big space, classic red paint makes a statement everywhere in every possible way. But there is no denying the fact that red is not an easy color to pull off. Overdoing this shade can prove to be a blunder. But if you can strategically play around with shades of red, it can magically liven up any space in your interior. Starting from the leaving area to your cozy bedroom to even your pantry. Want to give your house a crimson makeover? Steal ideas from below. 

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Playing up with shades of red is a total act of balancing. Go very little and that drama won’t be created at all and use it too much, your home will become a complete mess. How to use this timeless shade with its complementing shade? And how to choose the other elements of a room when you have painted the walls of that room with a gorgeous hue of this timeless color? To find answers to all these questions, you really need to give our today’s article a quick read. So, let’s dig in. 

Brilliant Ways To Decorate With Shades Of Red:

A Smart Red Dining Room:


If you think that pulling off red paint in a house is not your cup of tea, have a look at this easy to accomplish dining room. This red dining room has no wall art, no theme, but the choices of accent pieces and the color coordination between the wall and the furniture are making everything look so perfect. The white chairs and the lampshade are rocking perfectly over the backdrop of red whereas, the brownish tone of the furniture is pulling off the smartness factor. Very modern and stylish, the shades of red can be incorporated in your house if you know how to perfectly complement it with neutrals, whites, and other dark tones. The off-white color of the floor is so beautifully balancing out the boldness of the red wall.

Understanding Its Complementary Shades:


A complementary color is that color on the color wheel that sits exactly opposite to a particular color. And in the case of red, green is that color. So if you want to know a surefire way to turn your house into a dramatic space, pair shades of red with complementing shades of green. Take inspiration from the image above. Here a very vibrant shade of cherry red has been paired with a glamorous emerald green hue and that is just making this bedroom a piece of luxury. Jewel tones have been used strategically and the white bed, the abstract wall art on the background of milky white wall, and the animal print on the velvety plush green rug – all of them together is screaming ‘vintage luxury’. 

Do Not Use Too Many Bold Shades Together:


Red is a happy and energetic color. So if you are painting your space with shades of red make sure not to make that space too busy by using too many bold shades. Stick to a color palette and play around those two to three colors. If you are choosing primary red to be the dominant color, pair that with blue and black or yellow and green. A raspberry red will look fetching when combined with a damask rose and brown. Any shade of red generally goes perfectly well with black. The idea is to create a colorful and happy space that is not too busy and full of spirit. But it should not be too overwhelming to tolerate.

Go Monochrome:

Do you think it is simple and boring? You are absolutely wrong. Going monochrome with different shades of red makes any room a dreamy place. To pull off a gorgeous monochromatic red room, use different tints of this color and mix and match with different textures. Monochromatic by no means should be monotonous. If dipping everything in the same color shade seems to be really overwhelming for you, consider this beautiful space in the picture which has been done by Janie Molster. It has bubblegum pink, magenta, shades of red, and all of them are going wonderfully well together with the creamy white detailing going throughout. 

Make It Playful:

While red is a rich and bold color, it can also be used in a very playful manner in your home decor. It can be done just by adding pops of red here and there in terms of accent pieces or floor rug or wall art. Steal an idea from this wonderful living space picture. It is retro and fun with a vintage rug and interesting pieces of wall art. The earthy-toned L-shaped sofa is keeping the mood of the space traditional whereas the modern over-the-head lampshade is creating so much visual interest. But you can not deny that the red of the rug and the orange-red of the wall art are adding that extra-needed pop of color to the whole space.

Add A Touch Of Sophistication With Red:

When you want to keep your kitchen mostly neutral and yet want to inject a few touches of sophistication to the space with shades of red, this elegant kitchen can be taken as a beautiful example. This is simple, sober, and will add a subtly sophisticated touch to your kitchen. Go for fabrics like linen as this pattern turns out to be pretty amazing on that fabric. Soothing to eyes and such a statement piece – we love this red-inspired kitchen that is subtle yet elegant. 

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