7 Sexy Swimsuit Ideas For Your Next Beach Vacation

This is the perfect time to go out for a vacation and you must have planned your beach vacation already. And a perfect beach vacation is just incomplete without a perfect sexy swimsuit. When you will be lounging at the poolside or will be soaking in the sun with your loved one, you need to have a cute and sexy swimsuit with you. If you are just packing your beach bag and are in search of some versatile, comfortable and sexy swimsuit ideas then check this article out.


These days swimsuits are so much in trend and they have become an important part of fashion. Whether you are skinny or curvy, no matter what shape you are, there are swimsuit options for every body type. They come in never-ending styles and colors and you will just have to choose the right match for you depending on your body type and comfort level. If you are not comfortable with deep necklines then go for sporty swimsuits and so on. Be sexy and feminine in your own style. Now as we have made a longer introduction, let’s not waste much time and let’s jump into the article to check out all the sexy swimsuit options we have here for you.

Sexy Swimsuit Ideas For Your Next Beach Vacation:

The High-waist Two Piece:


If you are on the curvier side of the body type, always go for swimsuit options that have a higher waist. It will tuck in your tummy and give you a feeling of slimmer waist and tummy. You need to choose darker shades of color as dark shade camouflages those extra pounds.

This black vintage high waist bikini set is your perfect option of sexy swimsuit.

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Block The Color:


As we already mentioned in our summer outfit ideas article, color blocking is one of the sexiest options to style your summer and vacation clothes and swimsuits are no exception. If you are going for one-piece, choose a minimalistic style, clean cut, and just color block it. You can play with black and white or combine any two pastel shades and flaunt your sexy swimsuit. Choosing dark shades will help you to appear slimmer.

This black-white color-block swimsuit looks so attractive and will make you look insanely sexy if you can carry it with poise.

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Flirty Floral:


Bloom like a fresh flower with the extremely feminine floral swimsuits. Choose warm and fun colors and be experimental with the sleeves and neckline.  A halter neck floral bikini with some interesting detailing in the back looks extremely high on style and you are sure to rock your beach days with your flirty floral bath-suit.

We instantly loved this black floral halter padding bikini for its rose detailing and fresh light green and pink printing all over. Stylish and perfect for your tropical vacation.

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The Lacy Talk:


Lacy details are one of the sexiest designs of all. They are feminine, subtle, and mystical. Choose a pretty bikini with intricate lace detailing on the neckline or if you are not confident enough to wear a bikini, go for a one-piece swimsuit and cover that up with a sheer shirt with some lace detailing on the sleeves or so for an instant style-boost.

This one-piece sexy swimsuit with a plunging neckline and lacy frilling has a crisscross detailing at the neckline making it extremely pretty and attractive without much effort.

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Go Strapless:


Now you need to be a bit more confident and bold to pull off this sexy swimsuit idea. Go for a strapless one-piece with a slimming waistline or get a strapless bikini and team that with some interesting neck pieces of jewelry. Strapless is wonderful as you don’t get that nightmare tan lines while you bask in the sun but if you have a large chest, we will suggest you to skip this option.

This minimalistic one-piece bandeau swimwear from the house of Calvin Klein just cries out for extra attention without being over the board. Sober and extremely sexy.

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Retro Ruffle:


For the large breasted people out there, who said you cannot rock a sexy swimsuit? Your simple bikini can become super amazing when you add a layer of ruffle to it. Go for an off-shoulder ruffle bikini top and pair that with favorite bottoms. They come in every possible colors and pattern. Accessorize your swimsuit with a casual straw hat and a pair of sunglasses and you are good to go.

This monochrome ruffle bikini with polka dots is appropriate for those who want classy pieces with minimum detailing. Pair this sexy swimsuit with a statement accessory and indulge in some memory making on your next beach vacation.

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One Shouldered Wonder:


This style is high on trend and is perfect for them who don’t want to dare an off-shoulder bikini yet want to cut the boredom of a plain bikini. An all black one-shouldered swimsuit will make you look like a beach goddess whereas a floral one-shouldered one piece will increase the happy girl-on-the-go quotient in you. choose your comfortable style and cuts and be a head-turner.

This coffee-colored one-shouldered swimsuit is damn gorgeous and one of the must-haves in your closet. The frill detailing is just to die for.

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Swimsuits become even more stylish when you know how to accessorize them the right way. You need a cute pair of flip-flops, the right sunglasses, the comfortable cover-ups, and straw hats. And obviously, a cool glass of cocktail in your hand while you cherish your vacation moments at the beachside. These are all the mantras to make your vacation time one of the best times of your life.


Swimsuits, these days are not only mere garment pieces wearing which you can just swim in pools or have fun in the sea, They are essential style statements and if you can not pick up the right option for you according to your body type and comfort zone, they can be one of the worst fashion blunders of all time. So now that you have got plenty of comfortable options for yourself, choose the right sexy swimsuit for yourself and fly to your next beach destination.

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