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8 Brilliant Room Divider Ideas To Smartly Separate Your Space

Having a bigger space which you need to divide into two? Or, want your own private corner but don’t want it to be permanent? Then these clever room divider ideas will definitely inspire you to install your own. A studio apartment where there is no division between the living-dining area and bedroom, a smart, non-permanent divider serves every purpose. And dividers are easy to install, you can customize them according to your budget and preference and moreover, they add a very chic, contemporary vibe to your indoor.

Apart from its functionality, room dividers are also considered as excellent decoration accents. They do not have to be plain and boring. Make them colorful, vintage or a whole new creative piece of work just by going a bit experimental and giving it your personal touch. From folding screens to hanging solid dividers to curtain dividers, here we have gathered some of the most unique room divider ideas that will transform your indoor like no one’s business and will make your space look fun and fantastic.

Brilliant Room Divider Ideas To Smartly Separate Your Space:

A Book-Shelf As A Room Divider:

If you are an avid book lover, this must be the ideal of all the creative room divider ideas here. In a rented apartment you cannot really make any physical changes whatsoever. So, go for a half bookshelf or a ceiling high bookshelf. If you keep it short, it will a create an illusion of bigger space but the later one is more recommended when you are asking for more privacy. Check the quality of the bookshelf before installing it because you won’t want it to be only bookshelf but also want it to double work as a functional room divider.

DIY Jute Rope Wall Divider:

And how interesting is that! A vertical jute rope wall will perfectly add a rustic feel to your indoor not cutting down the light and brightness at the same time. DIYing will also be budget-friendly and jute ropes are excellent if you want your interior decoration to be eco-friendly. Get inspired by this amazing DIY Jute Rope Wall Tutorial.


Re-purposed Old Door Room Divider:

Having some old doors lying idle in your store room? Re-purpose them and turn them into a beautiful room divider. You can join the doors with the help of hinges and can paint them bright with pop of colors to give them unique personality. They will act as a perfect screen divider.

These old door turned room divider will flawlessly suit your bohemian themed bedroom.

Plant Stand Room Divider:

We love every excuse that allows us to plant some green. A plant stand is one of the most creative room divider ideas of all as it acts as a functional separator and as an indoor vertical garden as well. Use thick layers of plants if you want your divider to be light-blocking. Whereas, small pots of plants, nicely arranged on the shelves, will green up the space, won’t block the light and air to move freely yet creating a nice line of separation.

Use Your Headboard As Room Divider:

In a small studio apartment where you are always running out of space, you need to cleverly use your given space, keeping in mind about storage, partitioning every zone, but at the same time not messing up with the open space. In these scenarios, use your bed-headboard as a room divider. Consider a headboard that has enough storage space, where you can store your stuff, and it will also double up as a nice working room divider, separating your bed area from the rest of your small apartment.

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Room Divider:

A room divider made out of plastic bottles is yet another efficient way to reuse your plastics. A creative DIY for which you would get the raw materials very easily. Gather all the bottles, join them with the help of long strings and just hang down from the ceiling or from some wooden panel. You can incorporate transparent bottles or go for different colored bottles to make the whole idea even more interesting.

If you are running a coffee shop or a restaurant, this is one of the best off beat room divider ideas for you.

Curtain Divider:

Curtains are the most favorite room divider ideas for all because they are the least expensive and it is the easiest option to install and remove. You need just a few curtain panels and hang your fav curtains when you need to create a screen of privacy. You can draw it anytime and can also push it back when you need the free space. Great way of hiding the clutter and splitting a huge area into two.

Curtain screens can also be used in bathrooms to differentiate between the wet and dry area.

Wire Mesh Room Divider:

This is one of the most stunning and contemporary room divider ideas of all. If your living area has a modern theme going on with minimalist and sober decoration going on, opt for this amazing wire mesh divider. This is edgy, classy, and so very unique.

Your room dividers need to be aesthetically appealing and they should also be visually pleasing. Now a days, they do not only serve the mere purpose of delineating spaces, they should also be accent pieces. So, hope you got all the inspirations from our room divider ideas list and you will be get going and will install your own customized one. Be creative, know your purpose, and divide your space with some smart room screens. Happy decorating peeps!

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