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8 Essential Rooftop Garden Ideas and Tips For Your Lovely Terrace

In today’s densely populated urban areas and cities, having a small terrace or a space specifically to grow a garden is just a dream come true. If you have one such little bit of space, you are blessed and you really need to try some amazing rooftop garden ideas in that area. Your rooftop garden will not only help to purify the surrounding air but it will also add that fresh green charm to your entire roof atmosphere.

We have some really essential rooftop garden ideas and tips for you if you were truly in search of something like this. Make a ravishing space of your own and enjoy the pure bliss of greenery.

Rooftop Garden Ideas and Tips:

Choose Diverse Plants:

By diverse plants we mean that don’t go monotonous with the sizes and variants of the plants. You can border your garden with the tall plants like maples or spruces and for the second layer, go for the shrubs or small trees like lavenders or Gold Flame Honeysuckles, and many more. Put some annuals and ground covers to pull off the maximum beauty out of your garden. You can place some occasional planted pots here and there for the added colors and fragrances.

Nice Flooring:

Your rooftop garden must have a nice flooring which matches the plants out there and with the entire theme of your garden. Waterproof membrane is gaining high popularity these days and you can even go for wooden flooring if you want to relax over there, but again wooden roof needs plenty of maintenance and the installation cost is also higher. Tiles or Sandstone floorings are the best options as they give beautiful look and they are affordable and easy to maintain as well. We love this flooring idea up above.

Go For The Right Soil Type:

Your rooftop garden pots need another kind of soil altogether unlike that of the soil type used in the backyard or ground garden pots. Ground garden pot soils are heavy and they hold water for longer time. So always go for lightweight artificial soil if you are planning for a good rooftop garden. They will drain the excess water easily.

Sensible Furniture:

Your rooftop garden furniture should be chosen very carefully as they are going to combat open environment. Open sunlight, harsh winds, and rainfall everything should be considered while going for the furniture options. Go sensible with teak, aluminum or wrought iron furniture and accessorize them with good covers and decorating stuff.

Well-Lit Rooftop Garden:

You are definitely gonna spend some quality time with your friends and family on your self-made rooftop garden. For that, make sure you have sufficient lighting arrangements there and for that you can go for beautiful chandeliers, pot lights, and many more. You can use light garlands to make your rooftop garden a celebration destination. All the drama you create with the lights gonna exert that magical spell to your entire space.

Add An Exciting Accent:

Adding something interesting or a statement accent to your space will instantly make your rooftop garden more praiseworthy and gorgeous. Like, you can add a fountain or a statue or can install some colorful big pots together. You can even think of anything eye catching and interesting according to your choice and style and see the difference.

Mix And Match With Color:

Your urban rooftop garden looks the best when it has lots of colors into it. Go for pink, violet, red colors of flowers, colorful furniture covers, warm hues in your garden decoration and let it laugh into burst of colors. There are ‘n’ numbers of varieties in the selections of railings and wall arts. Go for them and jazz up your terrace.

A Cute Bird Feeder:

A homemade bird feeder can add that extra cuteness to your rooftop garden. During the winter months or even on an year long basis you can hang some beautiful bird feeders at different corners and in that way you will invite petite birds and squirrels to nibble their food and that is fun as well as beautiful.

A well planned urban rooftop garden is a calming retreat in the hustle and bustles of the city life. It will purify your surrounding air and will welcome guests like the butterflies, birds, and squirrels. Your outside refreshing time will be even more relaxing and you can make your small kitchen garden there too. So planning for a well designed rooftop garden is surely an intelligent effort. We hope that our ideas and tips have satisfied much of your queries regarding this issue. So, go ahead and get expert’s help and have a lovely green terrace of your own.

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