Reuse your Old Musical Instruments

8 Creative Ways to Reuse your Old Musical Instruments

Repurposing and reusing your old things is always a challenge and a fun project to accomplish. And when it comes to reusing our old musical instruments it is such an emotional thing to do, right? We all have some sort of emotional attachment with our old instruments and hence, throwing them out is always a painful task to do. But if you have a creative mind and ‘take on a challenge’ attitude then this project is going to be a must try for you. This article presents before you with some creative ways to reuse your old musical instruments. They are fun, quirky, and so gorgeous. Just dig into the article and keep your favorite musical instrument in your sweet home in a more exciting way altogether.

Creative Ways to Reuse your Old Musical Instruments:

Violin Clock:

If your most favorite violin is not working anymore, you can yet make it stay with you in a different way. Just apply a little bit of creativity and turn the violin into a violin clock. You have to incorporate the clock mechanism into it and you can easily apply some quirky clock face image to your violin. Then just install the hands and your repurposed instrument is all done to be an offbeat home décor item.


Drum Chandelier:

If you want to reuse your old instruments and want to add a jazzed up look to your living room at the same time then this drum chandelier is a win-win for you. At first, decide how you would like to give your décor piece the final look. Usually, Kick drum comes on the top and Cymbal looks best at the bottom. Put the right kind of lighting you want into that and hang the total fixture.


Trumpet Vase:

If you are up to something fresh and simple right in your home and want to repurpose your old trumpet, trumpet vase is the coolest thing you can go for. It will add up to the aesthetical feel of your house and will freshen up your house’s mood as well. Just mount your old trumpet on the wall, you can repaint it if you want, and then just put some fresh fragrant flowers into it and you are sorted.


DIY Guitar Shelves:

Guitars can be the most versatile old instrument when it comes to repurposing it. You can either use it as a guitar clock or even as an array of shelves. Simply cut the body of the guitar and install some wooden racks in it at varying heights. You can paint the guitar to lift up the total look. And then keep anything from books to small accent pieces on the shelves, and preserve your musical friend forever. And this DIY is so simple that you don’t even need any tutorials to reuse your old musical instruments.

French Horn Fountain:

Fountains are awesome exterior or interior décor items and if you have one spare French Horn, you are really having an awesome item to play with. Just place it at your courtyard or backyard and install the fountain mechanism in it. Make the base with some glossy pebbles and your garden area will look like no less than any fairy tale.


Violin Case Table:

Sorry violinists, but if you are not in love with your violin anymore or a spare violin case is just lying in your home, make an awesome DIY décor item out of it. A violin case table looks chic and stylish and gives you a gorgeous tabletop to work with. Such a Simple yet useful way to reuse your old instruments!


Guitar String Bracelet:

Are you always up for some quirky accessories? Then why not try this cool guitar string bracelet? At first glance, it may look a bit complicated but believe us it is pretty simple. Go for the acoustic strings as they are easy to work with. Go with this tutorial and at the end, have a stylish string bracelet to wear around your wrist. Stunning!


Piano Turned Planter:

Customizing an old piano is the easiest thing to do. Make a piano bar or piano study table to reuse your old musical instruments in a fun, new way. But among all these ideas, this piano turned planter is the cutest thing to make. If you want an outdoor planter then seal it properly against humidity and rain. Fill it with some orchids and succulent, and ditch the cover.


Musical instruments are always close to our hearts. It is really tough to throw them out even if they are not in their proper working condition. Now selling them online might be one of your choices but if you want to keep them with you forever then reusing them in a creative way is the best option to go for. These above-listed ways to reuse your old musical instruments, are surely going to help you out in your mission. Stir up your artistic side and make a wonderful piece of creation.

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