8 Red, White, And Blue Outfit Ideas For Any day And Every Day


As a 4th July outfit or as an outfit at a red, white, and blue dress theme party, these three colors are so cute and quirky to wear together at any time. You might have clothing pieces in your closet in these three colors but maybe you never wore them together as an outfit, or maybe you never really realized how cool your white t-shirt might look with a pair of denim blue jeans and a quirky fun red clutch in your hand? From your accessories to jewelry to your dress, we have collected these amazing red, white, and blue outfit ideas that are dripped in patriotic shades and you would look gorgeous wearing them.

Apt as your 4th July outfit and also would work for the entire year, team up your red, white, and blue pieces to make a perfect ensemble. Are you a bit skeptical about how to flaunt these three colors together without looking like a clown? You do not even know, how beautifully these colors can be sported to create a new look every day. Play with patterns, stripes, stars, use your creativity to customize new attires, and with these interesting tri-color outfit ideas, you are going to look so good on the Memorial Day and every other day. Not believing? Scroll down below for the outfit inspirations.

Red, White, And Blue Outfit Ideas For Any day And Every Day:

A Blue Denim + White Fitted Tee + A Laid-back Red Blazer:


Blue denim and white tee is a classic combination to go for. Perfect as a back to school outfit, cool as a brunch outfit, and equally fun to wear on the Memorial Day, just reach out for a good quality blue denim to go with your crisp white tee. And to make your look feel instantly put together, just throw on a red jacket. Red has different shades. There are cherry red, tomato red, blue-mixed red, rust-red, and the list is never-ending. Pick up a color according to your skin tone and wear these three pieces together to create a chilled out outfit. So summer-appropriate, casual, and easy to put together, this idea of the red, white, and blue outfit is never going to be out of trend.

Red Straight-leg Trousers + White Tee + An Oversized Denim Jacket:


Red is the trendiest color of the season and on the Memorial Day, no one is gonna judge you if you wear RED head-to-toe. But as we are talking about outfit ideas that can be worn year-round, it is very necessary to balance out the hotness of red by some basic and neutral colors. And there, faded blue and white come at your rescue. This outfit option gives you a very high-street fashion kind of feel and it is so versatile that you can wear it to your college or can carry as a pretty airport outfit too. besugarandspice.com

Straight-leg trousers will give you a more relaxed feel and white tee will complement the look totally. An oversized denim jacket is extremely comfortable and looks the best when teamed with a fitted top underneath. A pair of good sneakers, oversized shades, and a catchy red sling bag will complete the overall look.

White Sundress + Blue Headband + Red Lipstick:


When you feel lazy and just do not feel like dressing up, just take out the white sundress that you have kept in your closet dearly to wear to the beach destination and just slip into that. Breezy white instantly uplifts your mood, doesn’t it? Now get in front of the dresser, apply one flashy shade of red lipstick, and look how your look changes instantly. Missing something? Wear a chirpy blue headband around your head and look as pretty as a fairy. This red, white, and blue outfit combination works year-round and you just need to finish off the look with a simple, red pair of sandals.  

A Red & White Striped Dress + Denim Blue Long Shirt + Red Clutch + White Boots:


First of all, let us just appreciate this outfit as a whole as it has mixed and matched casual elements with party elements so flawlessly. In spite of having so many elements in just one outfit, this red, blue, and white outfit is so wearable in real life. It is such a comfortable outfit option with bold statement pieces like that red clutch and white boots. Keep your makeup minimum with that outfit and try pulling your hair up in a top knot. That layering of denim blue long shirt adds more casual personality to the whole look and we don’t really have enough words to justify the beauty of this outfit. In one word, it is quirky in its own way.

Red Dress + Electric Blue Peep-toe Heels + American Flag headband:


We have got this cute and sexy red, white, and blue outfit idea from ‘Style Tab Blog’. If you have a party to attend on the special day or when you are going to meet your boyfriend for a date night, this look just can’t go wrong. The high bun styled with that statement American flag headboard, sexy red dress, and that pair of cute peep-toe heels, can a dress get any prettier? Add that white clutch to your outfit in which you carry all your knick-knacks. Clean, sleek, and no fuss – you can carry this outfit to any occasion. It has oomph, femininity yet is so comfortable to carry.

White Polka Dot Navy Blue top + Red Slim Fit Pants + Blue Handbag + Blue Heels:


Recreate this cute outfit that you can even wear to your office. This is a such a style-savvy outfit that has incorporated both the cuteness of polka dots and the sassy-ness of the red trousers. The blue heels are just so on-trend and the big blue bag is the only accessory you need to finish off your look. Show your patriotism in a stylish way that can double up as your formal wear in the future too.

Denim Shorts +T-shirt + White Sneakers:


When you do not want to look cheesy yet want to sport that perfect 4th July outfit, this is the best red, blue, and white combination you can choose. It is smart, a lazy girl’s favorite pick-up outfit probably. Go for a brunch with your girl’s gang or hang out with your best friends in this laid-back attire. This ensemble can be pulled off for the entire day. The best pick for the free-spirited soul we guess.

That Pretty striped Swimwear:


If you have planned for a beach vacation, check out this pretty piece of swimwear. Gigi Hadid is looking pretty as candy in this striped one-piece in one of her throwback pictures. Hit the water in style if you have a pool party organized somewhere and let the temperature rise. To complete the look and to fight against the rising sun, pair your swimwear look with a cat-eyed sunglass just the way Gigi has nailed it. Her patriotic nail ring and red and blue wrist bands are not to be missed.

Celebration day is for dressing up in the right way, digging in good food, spending time with family and friends, and showing love for the nation. Although we should love our nation every day, every moment, we feel. So if you were just looking out for some last-minute suggestions on how to style the perfect red, white, and blue outfit to look fantastic on a special day or on any other day, these were some of the lovely outfit inspirations you can try for yourself. Get ready and celebrate the day in your own way.

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