8 Of The Rare Dog Breeds From Around The World

Rare Dog Breeds

You must have heard about limited-edition shoes, bags, even lipsticks, and nail polishes, but have you heard about limited edition dogs? Yes, like all the other things in the world, limited edition dog breeds also exist. You might be an impassioned and crazy lover of dogs, but we bet, you must not have heard about these rare dog breeds from around the world. You will be surprised to know about these dogs about whom we are just about to start discussing today. Some of these dogs are found in such few numbers that even the American Kennel Club becomes unable to acknowledge them.

Every other dog owner must be posting their pictures with their Labrador Retriever or Beagles, but it is very uncommon to spot owners who have these rare dog breeds as their pets. Want a unique canine friend in your life? Scroll down below and get to know about these unique doggos.

Rare Dog Breeds From Around The World:



If you are done astonishing over their looks, let us declare here that, Puli is one of the rare dog breeds that date back to thousands of years. Puli is a herding dog and their lively and cheerful nature makes them a great pet. During the second world war, the breed almost faced a near extinction situation and their numbers were drastically lowered. Their numbers started to increase later, thanks to the specially controlled breeding program that was conducted by breeders around the world. Smart, friendly, and unique, you must consider bringing a Puli dog in your house that fits in an apartment too. Fondly called the mop on spring, puli is a sweetheart dog.



Have you ever heard about this dog breed? Bred in the White Mountain of New Hampshire, the Chinook dog breed also made it to Admiral Byrd’s first Antarctic expedition in 1928. An amazing sled dog that is high on energy level, Chinook is a multipurpose dog that is also one of the rare dog breeds in the world. It is also the official state dog of New Hampshire and is an extremely devoted dog toward the kids. Chinooks are so rare as only about 150 chinook puppies are born each year.

Kai Ken:


A Japanese dog breed, Kai Ken was not even officially recognized in Japan until 1934. A rare breed even now, Kai Ken was bred to be an outstanding hunting dog that can even hunt a large animal like a bear. Athletic, intelligent, this is one of the rare dog breeds that can even climb trees to catch small animals. One of the most ancient dog breeds in Japan, today, many devoted breeders are working tirelessly to increase Kai Ken’s population. You can adopt them as they are very loyal and affectionate towards the family they get in.

Canaan Dog:


Israel’s national dog, Cannan Dog has survived Israel’s desert climate for thousands of years. It is believed that the Hebrews during the biblical times petted these dogs to use them as hunting and guarding dogs. Independent, intelligent, and easily trainable, Canaan dogs can be adopted easily and will shower love and affection on you selflessly. You will be intrigued to know that in addition to being one of the rare dog breeds, Canaan dogs are also one of the oldest dog breeds in the world.



It may take a lot of practice to pronounce their name correctly, but you will be surprised to know that their root dates back to the ancient Aztec civilization. The dog was considered sacred and was worshiped as the dog of gods in ancient Aztec civilization. They are also called Mexican Hairless and are one of the fairly rare dog breeds that you can adopt if you are finding for a loyal, alert, and calm dog breed. Some consider them to be weird looking, but they are one of the most extraordinary dog breeds to be found around the world. Pronounce their name as ‘show-low-eats-queen-tlee’.

Bedlington Terrier:


Looks like a lamb, right? They also share similarities, bro. These small dogs who were named after the town of Bedlington in North East England were bred to hunt. They are quick, they are great swimmers, and love snow too. Highly enduring and athletic, their cute size and look does not mean that they are not speedy and agile.



One of the rare dog breeds in the world, this rare hound first appeared in England back in the 1200s. They look like muscular Beagles and they are very vocal. They bark, they make different sounds, and noises to covey different levels of emotions. Harriers are outgoing, love to chase, and need a lot of exercise to stay fit and free from anxiety. Harriers are pure-bred and are excellent as pet dogs.

Golden Dox:


The last one on our list is this guest who is a cross between Golden Retriever and Dachshund. They are sweet, playful, loving, and also is one of the rare dog breeds that you won’t come across very easily. Great companions and suitable for apartments, Golden Doxes are of mixed temperaments. They are having the stubbornness of Dachshunds and are also as gentle as the Retrievers. Raise them with love and care and they will grow as one of the friendliest and loving dogs that you will adore to have.

Dogs are happiness and these rare dog breeds are rare happiness. Having them in your life means you have something that not everybody has. If you sit down to count the number of total dog breeds in the world, it will be a heck of a job, you know. From English Bulldogs to Chihuahua to our very favorite Golden Retriever, the world of dogs is so unimaginably huge. And in this world of many dog breeds, there are these very rare dog breeds that are also lesser-known and so unique. We hope you have enjoyed learning about them. Come back again for more such wonderful posts.

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