20 Cute And Adorable Ideas Of Pink And White Nails

Pink And White Nails

White is elegant and pink is feminine. White is innocent and pink is chirpy. And pink and white nails turn out to be so subtle and classy together. If your love for pink and white colors radiate through your choice of outfits and accessories, this time, try out this most elegant color combination on your nails too. The color combination can be minimalistic and you can mix up things to make your nail art jazzier and toned up. Pink is mimicked to be the girls’ most favorite color. And when you pair your pretty pink with the wise white, your nail art reaches up to another level. From polka pinks to classy chevron designs and many more – scroll down below to explore some of the most wonderful ideas of pink and white nails that will make your nails look dreamy and divine.

Pink and white nails look youthful and nicely express the sweetness of your sweetheart nature. From baby pink to shocking fuchsia pink paired with bright or softer shades of white – these flawless nail art ideas will be your most favorite manicures of the season. The softness of this color combination can be toned up by adding jewel-tones and sparkles to the design. Mix and match with designs, play ombre, or go glitter – you will surely love these charming nail ideas that are pretty, poised, and perfect.

Cute And Adorable Ideas Of Pink And White Nails:

Pink And White French Tip:


A classic nail idea that oozes utmost sophistication – this French tip pink and white nails are meant to wear to your workplaces. With no drama and no exaggeration – you can wear this cool design with your white blazer outfit or even with the baby pink floral dress and look like a pretty princess.

Pink Nude With Whimsical White Dots:

Your manicure can be simple but does not have to be boring, right? To whip things up, try painting your nails with this girly nail idea where the base is done with a nude pink color that will go across skin colors. And on top of that, small dots of white have been incorporated to elevate the chic factor of the nail art. The dots are more concentrated at the tip area and the density decreases toward the bottom.

Matte Pink Color Palette:


Matte looks so sleek. These almond-shaped nails look classy enough with the white to hot pink color transition and transform any plain boring outfit from drab to fab.

Matte Pink And Ombre Nails:


These matte coffin nails are attention-grabbing and are easy to recreate. It takes a couple of minutes to paint all of your nails pink and for your ring finger, go for a white ombre design. Simple and sophisticated.

Dusty Pink And White:

Who said pink and white are not winter shades? It is not mandatory to wear only wine and mid-night blue during the winters. This nail art is all trendy with candy stripes, snowflake detailing, and silver accents. Wear this with your woolen jumpers and scarves and you are all set to turn heads at the winter parties.

Valentine’s Nail Idea:


Marshmellow, candy floss or sweet dreams – these pink and white nails are prettiness redefined. The ring finger has a white base and you can write your favorite word on it with a stylized font. Glitters, hot pink, and milky white together make a combination that is beyond glamorous.

Pink And White Lace:


Intricate lace detailing is making this nail art irresistibly pretty. The dusty pink base is superbly complementing the white lacework. For this nail art, you can also use transparent pre-designed lace stickers that are so easy to put on and are pocket-friendly too. When you do not have time to visit the salon and are not confident enough to do the lace detailing all by yourself, resort to these pink and white nails that can be created with the help of nail stickers.

Polka Dots And Embellishment:


A very common shade of pink nail paint can be transformed into a mind-blowing nail art if you know how to do it right and if you have enough creativity to mix and match with the nail designs. This nail art has embellished accents and white polkas that look ravishing with white dots on the other pink nail.

Long-Lasting Gel Nail:


We do not have words to describe this beautiful and dreamy nail art. On the lightest shade of pink, a simple white heart is rightly placed to create all the magic. This is one of the minimalistic ideas of white and pink nails that you can wear to any casual occasion as well as to your office presentation. Choose gel-finish nail polish to do this nail art and it will stay put for a week or so.

With A Glittery Heart:


Anything that has a heart on it is our favorite. Outfits, accessories, or even for nails – we love heart for its cute and romantic shape. You can choose to wear this muted pink and white nail design that has a glittery small heart done on the ring finger. When you are getting ready for a romantic date or for the valentine’s day dinner with your loved one, deck up your nail with this glittery heart nail art that looks all girly and subtle.

Beach Ready Nails:

Have a beach vacation coming up? Want to pair your pink and white nails with the neon pink swimsuit you have? Reach out for this lovely nail art that has all the hotness going on. Hot pink is adding enough drama to the subtleness of the milky white. And the white glitters on the top of pink will surely catch all the attention. Hold a glass of pink lady cocktail in your hand in a stylish manner while you lounge by the sea and let your nail art speak out for your personality.

Anchor Nails:

Nautical themed nails are in trend. And we are eyeing this cute anchor nail design that has stripes, glitters, an anchor sign, and all of these are done with different shades of pink and white. Generally, anchor or nautical themed nails are created using blue and white colors. But when creativity meets fashion, happiness is all painted in pink. SOURCE

Stylish Stiletto Nails:

Long stiletto nails can be transformed into this gorgeousness when you rightly mix glitters, hearts, flowers, and embellishments in a single design. This is the perfect pink and white nail art to choose when you have a wedding party or occasion to attend. The different shades of pink, a white heart, and one accent nail with heavy ornamentation have created a unique and stylish nail art that is so stunning. SOURCE 

Chevron Nails:

When you are in search of a lovely and super girly nail design, these chevron pink and white nails are a must-try for you. It has a very uncommon shade of pink that is neither too dull nor too bright. It is a pink that is mid-way and is incorporating a chevron design on the ring finger that jazzes up the whole game making it more trendy.

Almond Shaped Sweater Nail:

We can’t get over the prettiness of this cute sweater pink and white nails. It incorporates a sweater texture on a nail on each hand. for the other three nails, the lightest shade of pink has been chosen that is so delicate. Moreover, it has a golden dot and bow works done on the pink nails and a nail on each hand has small white textured polkas. In one word, this is an ‘art’ that is so mesmerizing. If you were eyeing something very sophisticated and delicate, this is the best nail art designs to go get. in.pinterest.com

Check out below a few more designs of white and pink nails before we wrap up the show for today.

Stylish Summer Nail:


V-cut French Gel Nail:


Pink Pleasure:


Minnie Mouse Pink:


Exotic pink:


hope you liked these unique and stylish pink and white nails and you will try these designs to give your nails a pretty makeover.

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