31 Best Picture Ideas Of Hand Tattoos For Women

Hand Tattoos For Women

Hand tattoos for women are definitely very bold and rebellious. It takes a lot of courage to go for a hand tattoo. Why? Because you can’t hide it and hands are one of the most visible parts of our body. While ankle, behind the ear – areas are concealable and not that much on the face, the hand is one such area that definitely attracts everybody’s attention. So if you are that much rebellious and do not hesitate to express your feeling or belief to the rest of the world, hand tattoos will be the most beautiful and aesthetic way to express yourself to the world. There are many intricate and elaborate designs and ideas of hand tattoos for women to choose from. according to your personal choice.

There are gorgeous designs all over the internet. And with so many celebrities like Rihanna, Rita Ora, Ariana Grande sporting their hand tats; decorative hand tattoos for women are really trending of late. In this article today we have collected some of the most intricate picture ideas of hand tattoos for women that will give your hands so much of personality. You won’t really need to go for any hand accessories when you have such beautiful hand tattoos going on.

History Of Hand Tattoos For Women:

If you peep into the past, you will see ancient Egyptians decorated their hands with tribal shapes, dots, and designs. Also, there are many pieces of evidence that show that having the idea of getting tattooed was quite regular in those days. In ancient Egypt, mummies have also been found to have hand tattoos on them.

Now let us move on to some of the most gorgeous ideas of hand tattoos for women that will surely inspire you to get your ink done.

Best Picture Ideas Of Hand Tattoos For Women:

Bird Tattoos:

To show the world that you are born free and carefree, bird tattoos are the best things to go for. From dainty designs to strategically placed ones, bird hand tattoos for women are so much in trend. And when you get it done by an exceptionally talented tattoo artist, your design is surely gonna look fantastic.

Bird tattoos are spiritual and inspirational. A flying bird or a flock of flying birds, a bird resting on a branch or a flock of small birds escaping from a cage – bird tattoos are extremely meaningful and denote positivity, optimism, and independence.

If you are looking for a safer option when it comes to getting inked, bird tattoos are one of the best choices for your hand. Keep scrolling for some mind-blowing designs of bird hand tattoos for women.


Hamsa Hand Tattoo:

Hamsa symbolizes the ‘hand of god’. So it denotes spirituality. Hamsa designs have different significances in different religions, especially in Islamic and Jewish faiths. They give you spiritual protection against evil, initiate good luck, and bring happiness and health in your life.

There are some impeccable designs of Hamsa tattoos to go for. Check out below:



When you do not want to go for a single big design and want many small yet meaningful things to decorate your hands, symbolic hand tattoos for women are the thing to go for. A small heart, a Cross, a small geometric shape, an arrow – you are free to choose any design. They together look elegant and also do not carry too much detail. Small symbols are often simple and dainty.

You can try getting Celtic symbol hand tattoos for women. They comprise of simple curves and lines and look so elegant. Below are some path-breaking symbol tattoo designs to suit your taste.

Celtic Symbol Tattoo Designs By Tabu Sam

Quote Hand Tattoo:

A quote that mirrors your soul is the perfect thing to ink on your hand. A quote that matches your personality, a quote that inspires you to the core, quote tattoos can be immensely powerful that way. Choose a short one with captivating font or go for a motivational longer one, quotes are brilliant tattoo ideas to express your beliefs and idealism.

Often certain smaller designs are also incorporated with the quote. Place the smaller design in the middle and ink your quote in a circular manner surrounding that. Obviously, your tattoo expert will guide you with the design and how to place that perfectly. Here are some amazing designs of quote hand tattoos for women.

Quotes With Birds Design:


A Quote Tattoo Design With Red Flower:


Medusa Hand Tattoo:

Want to try something that is fiercely beautiful? Try Medusa hand tattoos for women. Medusa tattoos symbolize female power and are meant for those who love their tattoos to be very impactful and to be of deep meaning. Medusa tattoo is believed to protect one from evil threats too. Elaborate and detailed Medusa tattoos look extremely captivating when done by an expert.


Palm Tattoos:

Palm tattoos are the safest ones to go for when you do not want to show your tattoo to the whole world and yet want to get inked and keep it personal. Note one thing that palm tattoos tend to fade quicker than other tattoos as the skin on your palm re-grows faster than the skin of other parts of your body. Make sure that you choose a design that will stand the test of time. Small, dainty designs are not meant for the palm of your hand. Instead, choose a design that is bold and dark. Consider the designs below.


Leaf Hand Tattoos For Women:

Nature tattoos make for great tattoo designs and they look subtle and show your love for nature. Leaves are particularly associated with the cycle of life. Green fresh leaves symbolize spring, rejuvenation, and youth. On the other hand, fall leaves are symbolic to sacrifice and old age.

A maple leaf tattoo looks irresistibly gorgeous when done in fall colors. A monochrome maple leaf also excellently carries impeccable aura. Show off your patriotism to the country if you are a Canadian or have it for its aesthetic appeal, maple leaf tattoos are a sure head-turner.

Another popular choice is the oak leaf which is a strong Celtic symbol. Get Aspen leaves, Ivy leaves, olive leaves, or any other leaf pattern that looks eye-catching. Check out the designs below.


Cute Tattoos:

Up for some cute dainty ones? Try small hearts, baby elephants, dog paw tattoos, or some more quirky options like a slice of pizza with cheese dripping down from it. Use the side surface of your hand for an elongated design like cute arrow tattoos or a palm tree tattoo. Have a love for supernatural beings? Why not ink yourself with a cute alien tattoo? Small musical notes are also one of the most popular choices of small hand tattoos for women. We are loving these below designs.


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