15 Brilliant Ideas Of Phoenix Tattoo For Women With Every Taste

Phoenix Tattoo

If you are looking for a symbol tattoo that in addition to being visually appealing, holds a deep inner meaning to it, you must go for a phoenix tattoo. It is one of the most popularized designs in the world of tattoos and has a deep-rooted history and annotations in popular culture and legends. A tattoo is not a clothing item or a lipstick that you can try on yourself and then can ditch. It is going to stay with you for the rest of your life. And that is why choosing a perfect tattoo design that brings your vision to life is really important. Fiercely beautiful and a representative of strength and rebirth, here are some of the most incredible ideas of the phoenix tattoo. These would look magical on every woman out there.

This bird is a mythological bird that was believed to live in the ancient past and it was also believed to live for about 500 years. This bird was associated with the worship of the sun and when it was approaching death, it set its own nest on fire and was consumed in the flames to ashes. From that pyre of ashes, a new phoenix was born. This myth is so captivating and for the longest time, a phoenix tattoo is considered an emblem of rebirth. This tattoo is associated with fire and the sun and also is considered a symbol of femininity in Chinese folklore. A popular tattoo among men and women as well, you have to check out these unique ideas of phoenix tattoo below to help you choose the right one for you.

Smaller Phoenix Tattoo Ideas:


Small, sweet, and brief, smart females with a delicate choice of tattoos will love to have a small phoenix tattoo on their wrists. While big and elaborate tattoos always look good on a wide canvas, a pretty and simple tattoo design will fit at smaller and narrower areas on your body like the ankle, behind the ear area, and on the wrists. They are subtle and look very elegant. Wear your luck and prosper in life while you choose to have a small phoenix tattoo inked on your body.


This small tattoo has been done so brilliantly in blue.


The outline of the bird has been drawn to perfection with a shadow effect and looks gorgeous on the upper back area.

Contemporary Phoenix Tattoo:


There are a few tattoo subjects that can be drawn in both traditional as well as contemporary ways. And Phoenix tattoo as a subject is that versatile. You can creatively design them and can have them as a sign of reincarnation. If you have faced a lot in your life and have a never give up attitude in yourself that always inspires you to fight back, a phoenix tattoo is just meant for you. A contemporary design may be comprised of a few geometric shapes or a few lines and stand out among the crowd. Combining this tattoo with other tattoo elements is so much fun and you can really have a very strong and impactful phoenix design on your arm or neck or shoulder if you have a contemporary choice of style that is not overdramatic and yet very elegant.  

These tattoo designs are so trendy and they are a class apart. Chic, classy, and so sophisticated, these ideas of phoenix tattoo will buy you overwhelming appreciation.

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo:


Tribal tattoos have a cult following. Whatever design you choose to have on your body, it can always be done in a tribal way whatsoever. Black dots, lines drawn in a specific pattern – a phoenix tattoo, done in a tribal way looks so captivating and impactful. Tribal designs would look aesthetic, can be drawn in abstract shapes, and you can merge them with your personal style as well. If you want to do your phoenix design in a more traditional and ethnic way that gives it a more vibrant and brave appearance, go for a tribal phoenix tattoo.

Watercolor Phoenix Tattoo Design:


Watercolor tattoos are one of the most aesthetic tattoos to have. So many colors blended together to perfection – these are way too gorgeous. Choose any visible part of your body and get a tattoo in bright and pastel shades. Mix and match with bold designs and fill the outlines with ravishing hues of colors.


Phoenix symbolizes a new start, overcoming acute misery, and taking the control of life again. You can think of a design as you want. Choose fiery colors to paint those large wings and go dramatic with the tail – a watercolor phoenix tattoo is interesting as your imagination and creativity want it to be.


Intertwined Ice Dragon And Phoenix:


Two is better than one. And if you often utter the phrase ‘rising from the ashes’, get yourself inked with a brilliantly intertwined ice dragon and Phoenix tattoo that ensures more power to you. A powerful symbol of strength, renewal, and eternity, this intertwined tattoo will be one of the most unique tattoo designs to have. You get the protection of an ice dragon that symbolizes wisdom, longevity, spirituality, and strength, and a phoenix welcomes prosperity and eternal happiness in your life.

Here the ice dragon is done in brilliant blue hues and the phoenix looks so contrasting as done in fire red color. Often people misinterpret this design saying that it is a tattoo of two intertwined phoenixes. But in reality, there is one ice dragon and one phoenix. A tattoo design that has such a deep-rooted meaning, women with a powerful taste must embrace this phoenix tattoo design.

Abstract Phoenix:


Japanese Style Phoenix:


In Japanese culture, a phoenix tattoo represents justice and strikes a balance between harmony and disharmony. But Japanese style tattoos are not the usual ones. They often incorporate big designs and are done in vibrant colors. They depict the rich history and tend to be bigger than usual. If you resonate with the theme of a Japanese phoenix tattoo design, go and get yourself inked in one. The designs might seem a bit overwhelming, but they are worth trying. They need a wider canvas to draw a very compelling tattoo design. So your back will be the best placement to have a Japanese style tattoo on.


Fire And Phoenix:


There are many more Phoenix tattoo designs that you can try according to your taste and style. We really hope that you loved our compilation and will surely try one out of these designs. Fighting back and getting back into life is always a great thing to do as the world is so beautiful. Do not give up on the situation no matter what you are going through in your life. Always be a phoenix and rise from the ashes. Remember that bad patches of life are temporary and not the ultimate thing. Believe in yourself and shine through. Sending a lot of love your way…

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