20 Owl Tattoo Ideas You Would Love To Have On Your Body

Owl Tattoo

Have you ever thought of getting an owl tattoo? A symbol of intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge, an owl tattoo can be worn for its meaningfulness and uniqueness. In many cultures, they also symbolize mystery, magic, and are also worshipped as spiritual guides. Also, there are cultures where owls are not considered a symbol of wisdom. Rather, they are considered unlucky. So, this is evident that owls are quite mysterious and complex and bear deep meaning, and conform to different things in different cultures. If you can relate to its symbolism and want to wear a tattoo that is quite intense and resonate with your personality, below is a bunch of some of the most unique and out-of-the-box ideas of owl tattoos that you will love to have on your body. 

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Show your love for this nocturnal bird with beautiful feathers and adorn your body with these inspiring owl tattoos. Owl tattoos are not always intimidating or bold, there are tattoo ideas too that are super cute and even if you are a girly girl, you will love to get tattooed with that. From colorful ones to cute little ones, these are the best ideas of owl tattoo that you will have your heart on. 

Owl Tattoo Ideas You Would Love To Have On Your Body:

Owl Tattoo On Back:

If you are looking out for an elaborate and wide owl tattoo, your back is the best placement for that. This tattoo represents a flying owl with feathers spread and the watchful eye, who is holding a daunting keep of the surroundings. 

Sharp-Eyed Owls:

The first thing that you notice on an owl’s face is its eyes. And this tattoo focuses on that feature only. The sharp eyes are full of fierceness, it is always on the lookout. 

Black And Grey One:


Here we have an owl tattoo that has been done in black and grey. He is with a heart lock and key which signifies that he is the guardian of secrets and wisdom. The tattoo has rightly been placed as an upper sleeve tattoo and looks perfectly fitted.

On The Branches:


Who said owl tattoos can not be cute? These colorful baby owls are sitting quietly on the branches keeping a watchful eye on everything. Get them on your forearms and often stare at the tattoo in admiration.

Cute And Big-eyed:

Source: @robcarvalhoart

Though a few cultures portray an owl as a symbol of near-death, this cute guy with big beautiful eyes is sure to melt your heart and would look amazing on everyone. Go for a big one like this or you can also choose to wear a smaller version for a cuter look. 

Owl And Moon:

Source: @robmissiontattoo

Owls are representative of pure souls and they have a close relationship with the moon. Owls are nocturnal and the moon is the queen of the nighttime. And when you choose to wear both of them together, it becomes a stunning piece of art. This pretty owl has unique feathers and the moon in the background adds to its beauty and significance. Small and sweet and can be placed in a variety of areas, we are loving this owl tattoo. 

Tribal Owl Tattoo:

Owls are the undisputed rulers of the night and the tribal way of depicting these wise birds is one of the best. This tribal owl has been drawn using many ornamental patterns and has beautiful eyes. It is creative and also is open to a lot of customization. 

The Intimidating One:

Do you have the courage to get up close and personal with this fierce-looking owl? I mean look at those eyes. Intimidating, fearless, and wise, get this owl tattoo on your upper sleeve and ward off any bad omen.

Feminine And Unique:

This beautiful owl tattoo is quite different than the normal ones and will surely make a head turn. It is softer, dreamier, and a more feminine option that is ideal for subtler souls. The dreamy touches of beige and brown to the feathers and ash and grey shading on the body make this owl look real and so sober. The owl is in flight and looks majestic in its side profile. 

Cute Owl Tattoo On Shoulder Blade:


Splashes of color make this small guy appear cuter and brighter. The eager eyes, small stature, and beautiful use of color make this shoulder blade piece stand out.

Floral Piece:


Another watercolor-inspired tattoo that looks all charming and dreamy with the usage of subtle colors like light blue and pink. The addition of small flowers goes on reciting a beautiful story that you will love to listen to.

The Keeper Of Skull:

This owl with his sad eyes is probably reminiscing the good old days when everything was good. It is wearing a necklace with a locket shaped like a heart and is guarding a skull. Perhaps it is trying to tell us that no one can escape from death. It always awaits.

Twin Owls And Blue Flowers:

Source: @laystattoo

This owl tattoo can be a representation of you and your sister. Or you can wear it as a couple tattoo too. Perched on pretty blue flowers, these owls are looking at you with inquisitive eyes. If you are wishing to get an owl tattoo that is quirky and creative, consider getting this one. 

Also, check out below some more pretty ideas of owl tattoo that might intrigue your interest. 

Finger Owl Tattoo:


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